Painting wood: why it is essential for long-lasting woodwork or furniture

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2022
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Painting on wood function and painting on wood gives a nice look.

Painting on wood is necessary for several reasons.

Firstly, to exclude weather influences.

painting wood

By that I mean that rain, dust or sun don’t get a chance to affect the wood.

So painting on wood has the function of protecting the wood.

Secondly, it gives a nice look to your home.

When refurbishing a house, you always see a neat end result.

Third, when your home is painted to perfection, it adds value.

After all, poor maintenance reduces the value of the house.

Or if you want to buy a house and the maintenance is in bad condition, the buyer wants the price down.

Then you have a depreciation.

You also have to want it for yourself of course.

It always gives a good feeling when your paintwork is in top condition.

Painting on wood, which paint should you choose.

Painting on wood is a matter of knowing what to do and what paint to use.

When painting outside you have to take an outside paint.

This is often a turpentine-based paint with a long durability.

If you also choose high-gloss paint, you extend your durability.

For indoor use, choose a water-based paint or also called acrylic paint.

It contains almost no solvents.

The advantage of this paint is that it dries quickly.

At the time of writing, water-based paint is also used outdoors.

These are then paints in combination with other solvents and additives.

Paint on wood with alkyd paint.

Painting on wood with alkyd paint is the same as painting on wood with turpentine based paint.

Alkyd paint is more resistant to weather influences.

For example, it contains substances that block UV light.

Or do they contain substances that regulate the water balance between the substrate and the painted layer.

This is also called moisture regulating.

The products include stain or a 1 pot system.

This is also known as EPS.

There is a paint for every type of wood.

You can now find out all this yourself online.

Treat wood with acrylic paint.

Treating wood with acrylic paint is the same as painting on wood with water-based paint.

This paint is applied indoors.

After all, you won’t be bothered by the weather here.

The solvent is water.

When you start painting with this, you have a quick drying time.

This paint also has no odor.

I even like the smell of some acrylic paints.

So painting on wood with acrylic paint is a quick method.

Silk gloss is often chosen for this.

You will see the irregularities less quickly.

The method on painted wood.

The method  on already painted wood also has a procedure.

First, you need to scrape off any chipped wood with a paint scraper.

Then you start degreasing.

Then you will sand and make everything dust-free.

Then paint the bare parts with two primers.

Finally, apply a coat of lacquer.

Don’t forget to sand between coats.

How do you paint new wood?

New wood also has a set procedure.

You start with degreasing first.

Yes, new wood also has a grease layer.

Then you will sand it with sandpaper of 180 grit or higher.

This is because it is new.

Then dust off.

Then apply the first primer coat.

Then sand and dust again.

Then apply the second base coat.

Then sand and dust again.

Only then do you apply a third layer.

This is the final coat.

This can then be done in a satin or high gloss with alkyd paint or acrylic paint.

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