Remove rust before painting

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 13, 2022
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How do you do that and removing rust can be done with many means.

We are talking about removing rust from metal.

When painting a house you sometimes come across metal and there may be rust on it.

Remove rust before painting

Rust is simply created by a connection with water and oxygen.

It’s an oxidation process.

There are many remedies on the market that claim that you actually remove the rust.

I grab a wire brush and go over it just as long as the rust is gone.

If you don’t want to do this with a wire brush, you can always use a grinder.

From grandmother’s time many tools were also used to remove the rust.

Including vinegar, lemon juice, a potato and baking soda.

Remove rust with a unique solution

Actually, you should start with the basics to avoid getting rust.

There are products that prevent that.

It is then in the form of an additive.

Owatrol is a very well-known player in this.

When you add this to the paint, you prevent rust from forming.

Or if you are left with bare metal with rust removal, you should make sure that you take a multiprimer that is suitable for that.

This prevents rust from forming, provided the preliminary work has been carried out properly.

Removing rust is of course not always easy.

There is a product on the market that removes the rust automatically by immersion or rubbing.

This product called Rustico is known for this.

In our case we cannot immerse the object but let it work with a gel so that the rust softens and you can then scrape it off the metal.

You could also use this for painting a radiator, for example.

Removing rust therefore has a range of options.

Remove rust with Rust-Killer

Remove rust and how to easily edit this rust with a brush stroke!

It’s actually a big annoyance, every time you see that that place only gets bigger.

The annoying thing is that you have to remove that rust every time
which is very labour-intensive, this is best done with a metal scrubber.

I regularly come across this in my daily work.

Not with wood types, but often with metal types, which have subsequently turned out not to have been properly placed in the multiprimer.

Applying a primer beforehand is therefore a first requirement before you start painting!

There are many ways to prevent rust!

I have therefore tried many resources to find out which one works the best.

I therefore always test everything to be able to give good advice.

The content is just as important as the durability.

There has been a product on the market for years that is good against rust and that is the well-known Hammerite.

with this product you can paint directly over the object with the brush.

The product is suitable over metals such as trellises, barbecues and radiators.

Also read the article painting radiators.

Remove rust in 1 operation, simply by brush stroke!

It couldn’t be simpler: This sensational RUST-KILLER not only stops the rust, but turns it into a stable paintable protective layer!

Gone are the days when you have to remove the rust before you start painting!

You can apply the ‘killer’ to all metal surfaces with a regular brush.

It binds the rust, and you get a durable, rust-resistant universal primer, which you can easily paint again!

Compared to Hammerite, this is also much cheaper and you can just use a regular paint afterwards, definitely worth a recommendation!

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