Sigma paint, a variety of choices

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 13, 2022
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The many choices of sigma paint and the wide range of sigma paint.

Sigma paint has been around for quite some time.

Sigma paint is good for me, and they are also reasonably priced.

Sigma paint

I think you should always test it yourself before you can judge it.

Have not only tested sigma paint, but also the well-known types such as Sikkens paint.

Wijzonol, which is known for its stain.

In addition, also had a look at: Koopmans paint, Drenth paints   and Relius paint.

I will therefore describe them per article what I think of them.

Sigma paint has a wide range with many product groups.

Sigma paint has a decent range with the associated product groups.

The product groups that sigma paint has are the following:

Opaque wood finish, transparent wood finish, wall and ceiling finish, facade finish, metal and plastic finish and floor finish.

In addition, they have wood renovation and sealing.

There are many products in each product group.

Sigma known for SU2

In the opaque wood finish, I think the SU2 line, consisting of a primer, semi-gloss, satin and gloss, is a great product.

Have customers where I painted the house more than 10 years ago and until now still well in tact.

The paint itself has good opacity and flows and irons perfectly. The color remains intact after a long time.

I don’t have much experience with the Nova line, which is water-based. I must confess that it is a very good covering paint.

I find the sigma superlatex to be a definite recommendation for the wall finish and ceiling finish.

The price is decent, but you get what you pay for.

A very good covering wall paint does not splash at all and has a long open time, by which I mean that it takes longer than normal for the latex to dry.

What I also find a big advantage is that it is completely odorless.

Consumption is also good.

On a smooth wall you can easily achieve 8m2 with 1 liter.

For the transparent wood finish I prefer the sigmalife and especially based on alkyd resin. (The VS-X Satin)

Have used this a lot on fences and sheds in the transparent form.

It is, as it were, an impregnation stain.

Flows well and you can even apply with a small fur roller.

My experience with this is that you don’t have to pickle every two years, but even every 3 to four years, depending on the sun, wind and rainy side.

I have no experience with the product groups facade finishing, plastic and metal finishing because I have used other brands for this.

I will describe these in another article.

Buy Sigma paint

Buy Sigma paint? Sigma paint is a great purchase. Sigma is one of the better paint brands available. (just like Sikkens) For this high-quality paint brand you pay a bit more than the average paint brand, but then you can enjoy a beautiful finish and a long life. The most well-known types of paint from Sigma are S2U Gloss (high gloss), S2U Allure Gloss, S2U Nova, Clean Matt (Matte paint) and Sigma switching paint.

Sigma paint offer

Because Sigma is firmly priced, you naturally prefer to buy Sigma paint on sale.
You can of course search all advertising brochures from hardware stores, but personally I always look at the Sigma paint range on Why do I do that? On Sphere, several suppliers sell Sigma paint, which is why the prices are always competitive. In addition, your order will be delivered quickly and for free at home. How beautiful is that?

Cheap alternatives

Sigma paint is not affordable for everyone. If you want to buy paint on a budget, there are plenty of alternatives. Personally, I think Koopmans paint is a very good paint brand with an excellent price-quality ratio. I therefore sell the Koopmans range in my online paint shop. If Sigma and Koopmans are outside your budget, you can always choose to buy paint at Action. This paint is usable and certainly offers a conceivable solution for little money.

Sigma wall paint is odorless

is easy to work with and sigma wall paint gives a nice and sleek result.

Sigma wall paint is a wall paint from sigma paint and it is suitable for use within your home.

This wall paint is a water-based latex.

You can paint this Sigma wall paint over old existing layers, but also over new walls and ceilings.

When you go over new work you should always use a primer latex.

Because these are new walls, they absorb the latex enormously.

The primer also has a function that the latex adheres better.

This latex can be used on concrete, plasterboard and walls and ceilings.

You can use the latex in different colors.

It is a matte wall paint which gives a super nice result.

Sigma wall paint: Sigmacryl Universal Matt with the properties.

A known product of a sigma wall paint is the Sigmacryl.

This latex paint has many good properties.

One such property is that it is completely odorless. You smell absolutely nothing.

The advantage of this is that you can be in that room immediately after delivery of the painting.

A second advantage is that it does not yellow.

In addition, this latex is scrub-resistant.

You can clean it well afterwards.

This latex has another good property. He breathes.

This means that water vapor can escape.

So the chance of mold formation is nil.

Wall paint without solvents.

Another good thing is that white and lighter colors do not contain any solvents.

This latex is available in one litre, 2 ½ liters, five liters and ten liters.

The consumption is between 7 and 10.

This means that you can paint between seven and ten square meters with 1 liter of sigmacryl.

With a super smooth wall you can do ten square meters and with a wall with some structure it will be lower.

After three hours the latex is already dry and after 4 hours you can paint it over again.

So all in all a good product.

Have any of you ever used sigmacryl?

If so what are your findings?

Do you have any questions about this article?

Or do you have a nice suggestion or experience on this subject?

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