Sigmapearl Clean Matt

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Sigmapearl Clean Matt

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Sigma Pearl Clean Matt

gives a sleek finish and Sigmapearl Clean Matt scores excellent in practice.

Sigmapearl Clean Matt from Sigma paint is a matte wall paint that makes it possible to quickly remove dirty stains.

You often know.

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Especially in the kitchen, where you spend a lot of time cooking.

There is a chance of stains there.

Or you have small children who sometimes cause stains.

If you have regular latex paint and you see a stain, you’ll want to clean it.

Afterwards you often see a shiny stain or discoloration on the wall, which bothers you.

With Sigmapearl this is over.

Sigmapearl Clean   scores excellently for cleanability in practice.

Sigmapearl Clean Matt saves maintenance costs.

Sigmapearl clean Matt makes a significant difference in your maintenance costs.

Previously, a transparent lacquer or floor coating was often applied over the latex, to prevent a stain from adhering to the paint.

That works well, but costs time and extra material and therefore money.

Now I recommend Sigmapearl Clean Matt to customers.

It is a simple solution that makes it possible to quickly remove the most dirty stains.

The Sigmapearl Clean Matt is scrub-resistant class 1 and covers in 1 go.

Another good feature is that the product is solvent-free.

In addition, it is completely odorless, which is pleasant to work with.

If you apply this Sigmapearl, you have to wait at least 30 days before it has completely cured.

It is worth the wait.

After this curing, no water and grease-like substances can penetrate into the coating.

Sigmapearl Cleaner has been developed for really stubborn dirt such as coffee or wine stains.

Do you have to deal with a lot of stains or young children?

Then Sigmapearl Clean Matt is a recommendation!

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