Sikkens paint: long gloss retention

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 24, 2022
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Sikkens paint and what are the properties of Sikkens paint.

I also regularly painted with Sikkens paint.

The names were different then.

Sikkens paint

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However, they still remain on the label.

Only with additives.

What I am always very satisfied with is the long gloss retention.

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I even have customers who still don’t need maintenance after 10 years.

My first question is always to the new customer: what paint was painted with?

In most cases I will continue with this system.

If   has previously been painted with sigma paint, I will continue with that.

If it has been painted with Sikkens paint, I will continue with it.

If the customer does not know which paint has been used in the past, I choose Koopmans, also a great paint.

I will of course write an article about this later.

Sikkens paints have top quality products.

Sikkens paint also has a range of products.

In addition to the many latex types, they have excellent paints for outside.

I myself recently painted with Sikkens Rubbol XD Gloss at the Nekeman family in Borger.

The paint flows excellently on the surface to be painted and is easy to work with.

Not a drop falls from your brush, the viscosity can certainly be called good.

For example, when you have painted one side of a window frame, you immediately see the shine on it.

It is important that you do not iron with your brush after this!

The Sikkens Rubbol XD is very durable, maintenance-free between 8 and 10 years! (I experienced it myself, then under a different name)

Sikkens paint has a range of lacquers.

Sikkens also has a range of paints with a very strong scratch and wear resistance, called: Sikkens Rubbol AZ Plus.

I have often used this for stairs.

I often use exterior lacquers for interior use in my painting work.

I am also very positive about the old well-known Onol, a well-filling primer.

I think it’s called Rubbol primer now.

As far as the latex is concerned, I have personally always worked with 1 product: Sikkens Alphalux SF.

I made this choice because this latex has no smell at all, which is great.

It is also a good covering latex.

In addition to the fact that this latex is odorless, consumption is good.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with the water-based products.

My general impression is that Sikkens paint is good.

You can only give a good assessment if you have of course used all the products.

Is there anyone who has more positive experiences with Sikkens, let me know by leaving a nice comment under this blog.

I would really like it.

Thanks in advance for this.

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