Tesa paper masking painter’s tape: paint straight lines every time

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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For indoor use and tesa tape for outdoor use.

Tesa paper masking painter's tape: paint straight lines every time

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Tesa tape comes from Germany.

It is a manufacturer of adhesive products and it is applied for industry, commercial and home use.

If you want to paint yourself and you can’t make a straight line, tesa tape is a solution.

It depends on what you want to cover.

If you want to paint a frame and mask the double glazing, there is special tape that will not stick to your glass.

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It is a tape with the well-known purple color.

Or do you want to paint a wall and cover the ceiling with tesa tape.

There is also a special tape for this, which ensures that you do not pull dry latex with it when removing.

Sticking masking tape in a special way

You can stick the tape in different ways.

I will now discuss with you my method which is always 100% correct and you always get a straight line as a result.

In this example we are going to cover a ceiling with tesa tape.

First measure the distance from the ceiling to 7 centimeters.

Put a small pencil mark every meter and in this way you work from right to left.

Then you tape off.

Use the tesa 4333 Precision Masking Sensitive for this.

This tesa tape has been specially developed for application on sensitive and vulnerable surfaces such as wallpaper or fresh paintwork.

Stick the tape exactly on the pencil marks from right to left.

When the tape has been applied, take a narrow putty knife of 2 centimeters and a soft cloth.

Put the cloth around the putty knife and press the tape with it, go 1 time from left to right and vice versa.

After this you start painting the wall.

First go all the way with a small wall paint roller so that it is well covered and then immediately remove the tesa tape.
You will see that you get a razor sharp paint edge.
The ceiling then continues slightly, which gives a really nice result.

You can of course also choose to make a wider border.

Tesa also has tape for outdoor painting

tesa also has a tape for outdoor painting.

For this you have to use the 4439 Precision Mask outdoor.

The tape is UV resistant and easy to remove.

The tape is also moisture resistant.

This tape also gives razor-sharp edges, which gives a nice end result.

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