Waterproof: What is it & how does it work

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Water-proof or water-resistant describes objects relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions.

Such items may be used in wet environments or under water to specified depths. Waterproofing describes making an object waterproof or water-resistant (such as a camera, watch or mobile phone).

“Water resistant” and “waterproof” often refer to penetration of water in its liquid state and possibly under pressure, whereas damp proof refers to resistance to humidity or dampness.

Permeation of water vapor through a material or structure is reported as a water vapor transmission rate. The hulls of boats and ships were once waterproofed by applying tar or pitch.

Modern items may be waterproofed by applying water-repellent coatings or by sealing seams with gaskets or o-rings.

Waterproofing is used in reference to building structures (basements, decks, wet areas, etc.), watercraft, canvas, clothing (raincoat, waders) and paper (e.g., milk and juice cartons).

Water: a powerful agent that penetrates everywhere

Water can cause leaks and how do you stop the water by waterproofing immediately.

I regularly come across it: leaks in houses, circles in the sauce work due to water.

If you notice this, I always say that you must first tackle the cause where the water is leaking and then repair the work, otherwise it is pointless.

Even if your walls break through, you have to deal with water.

This is often rising damp.

Read the article about rising damp here.

Solutions to stop water from entering from outside.

If you have found the reason why water is leaking somewhere, there are many products in circulation to prevent this leakage.

However, there are many of those products that only have a short lifespan to keep the water out and after a few months you have the same problem again!

Instantly waterproof – reliable, whatever the weather!

I often work with instant waterproof (wasserdicht), a product from Germany, which is great!

It is a durable elastic sealant that adheres even to damp and wet surfaces.

You can even apply it while it’s raining or even snowing.

Cracks of up to 1 cm can be solved with immediate waterproofing!

Adheres unimpeded to all fabrics!

Adheres to roofing materials, roofing felt, fiber cement building materials, tar, aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, slate, shingles, plastic, PVC, polyethylene, pond liner, cast iron, wood, etc.

You can apply it with a brush or with a putty knife, depending on where you apply it.

It is durable  and UV resistant and easy to apply.

Also ideal for your motorhome or caravan.

I highly recommend this because it dries quickly, is instantly waterproof, a low price and what weighs most for me is that it is very long lasting.

To date, never had to reapply this to any customer.

This says enough for me!

You can order it on different sites, all you have to do is type: wasserdicht. Good luck!

Do you have any questions about this product?

Or have you also discovered such a product that also immediately stops water?

Leave a comment below this article so that we can share this with everyone.

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