Why you SHOULDN’T paint over marble: Read this first!

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Painting marble is “in principle” not recommended, but it is possible

Marble painting

why would you do this and paint marble what are the possibilities.

Why you SHOULDN'T paint marble

I can’t really imagine painting marble.

I am now talking about painting a floor marble.

So I would never recommend this.

You walk on this floor every day and you have to deal with wear and tear, among other things.

Marble is after all very hard and has no wear at all.

In addition, it gives a luxurious look.

Once you’ve taken marble, you’re set for life.

Of course you have to clean and maintain it regularly, but that makes sense.

You should therefore assume that you cannot paint this marble floor.

The alternative is to remove the floor and install another floor.

Or you can leave the floor as it is and adjust your interior.

Of course they want something different I can imagine.

But you just have to stay away from a marble floor and leave it that way.

What is possible is that you have a pole or column in a room and that you want to change it because it no longer fits your interior.

Of these, there are possibilities to paint marble.

I will discuss these possibilities in the following paragraphs.


Painting marble is not always necessary.

There are simple methods to have that column or post changed, without having to paint it.

After all, you can also cover it with a kind of adhesive plastic.

This can then be glossy or matte.

Another alternative is that you stick glass fabric wallpaper on it.

Degrease well beforehand and coarsely sand the marble.

You should also apply a frosty coating to get a good bond with the glass fabric wallpaper.

What you can also do is make a paneling around it.

The paneling can then be made of MDF, for example.

You can then paint this mdf later.

Read here how to paint MDF.

Painting marble with an acrylic paint.

You can paint marble in different ways.

One such option is painting marble with an acrylic paint.

The main thing is that you degrease well beforehand.

You do this degreasing with benzene.

The next step to do is to apply a primer or multi-primer that is suitable for marble.

Then ask the paint shop which one you should take.

It must be a primer for non-ferrous metals.

When this primer is completely cured, you have to sand this mat.

Then make everything dust-free and you can apply a latex on it.

Then paint at least two coats.

Treat marble with a 2-component primer

Marble can also be painted with a 2-component primer.

First degrease well with a benzene.

Then apply the 2-component primer and let it harden.

Check the packaging to see how long the drying process is.

After that you have two options for finishing this.

The first option is to use a concrete paint.

Apply at least two coats.

As a second option, you can take a synthetic wall paint.

Also in this case two layers of painting.

You can optionally put a lacquer over it afterwards.

Inquire at the paint shop about which lacquer or varnish is suitable for this.

This is important to know.

This prevents discoloration and shrinkage.

Marble and suggestions

Again, painting marble is not really a necessity.

However, if you want this, I have described a few options above.

I am curious about whether there are other possibilities to make marble painting possible.

Do any of you have an idea or suggestion about this?

Let me know by writing a comment below this article.

I will appreciate very much.

Thanks in advance.


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