3M Scotch Brite: Perfect for cleaning and wet sanding

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Scotch Brite pad for wet sanding

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Cleaning woodwork
Cleaning green deposits
Sanding: acrylic paint, stain
Sanding a surface dull
Sand the surface matt
Wet sanding: no dust
Metal sanding: fine sanding


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The sanding pad is known for cleaning with it. They are the well-known square or round sponges with which you can clean a frame, fascia, doors. The sponge goes very well in combination with an all-purpose cleaner for degreasing your woodwork. You can easily get rid of the green deposits on your woodwork, in particular. Of course you can also freshen up the inside of your woodwork with it. In addition to cleaning wood, you can use it for all kinds of objects. They are so useful because these sponges have an open structure and the dirt goes through them.

With the sponge you (sometimes) no longer need sandpaper. You can also stain and process transparent finishes very well. After all, you should not get any scratches on your stain layer. You will see the scratches later through the new stained layer.

In addition, a Scotch Brite is suitable for matting a lacquer layer, which ensures good adhesion of the next layer.

Wet sanding (here’s how to) is also possible, which is ideal for indoor use so that you do not suffer from dust in your house. With every advantage there is also a disadvantage: there is push. This is a mixture of water and scouring. This does not do well to be removed.

Also ideal for finishing steel, as it also needs fine sanding.

Which is also handy to sand your furniture with this sanding pad, because it is scratch-free. Then you can provide the furniture with, for example, a wash. So you see there are a range of possibilities with a Scotch Brite.

If you want to know even more about the scotch Brite let me know by leaving a comment below this article.


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