7 Best Electric Brad Nailer Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 19, 2021
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Slamming a hammer for every single nail is impossible. It takes a lot of sweat and your productivity will bite the dust. When you’re carpentering on a lightweight project, you’ll find yourself using substituting joints with nails. It’s because they don’t demand such reinforcement. This variant of nailer has the obvious advantage, there won’t be a hose connected to it. And you won’t have to carry around air pressure along with you. But that too with a trade-off of being lightweight. But the best electric brad nailer obviously packs some aces up its sleeve to stay on top of the wishlist. best-electric-brad-nailer

Electric Brad Nailer buying guide

A typical shopper always aims to purchase the most affordable and perfect product on the market. So, let’s see what features make an electric brad nailer finest.

Types of Electric Nailers

  • Cordless Nailer
A cordless nailer is generally powered by a lithium-ion battery and rechargeable. The nailer needs no power source while nailing. So, these nailers are portable and you can easily carry and maintain it.
  • Corded Nailer
A corded nailer can create strong driving forces and is more durable. Corded nailers are cheaper, lighter, and work faster. These nailers cost nearly 25% less than the pneumatic ones. Battery 1.5 Ah capacity and 20 Volt are the bull’s eye for good runtime and durability. Lithium-ion batteries with these specs last longer than any other batteries. It drives up to nearly 1500 nails per charge. Nail Biameter Users should choose the electric brad nailers that use 18 Gauge diameter nails and nearly 5-inch brads. Nails of these sizes are available and bind any light or heavy surface perfectly. Weight The lower the weight, the better it is. The weight of an ideal electric brad nailer should be not more than 6 pounds. Nailers weighing nearly 3 or 4 pounds ensure perfect control, safety, and comfortable use. Huge Range of Use Electric nailers with heavy-duty electric staples using 5-inch brads and unique dual power levers can perform on a variety of surfaces whatever it is soft or hard. Besides, these nailers can ensure quick stapling too. Durability Brushless motors use magnets and don’t produce extreme heat and friction. So, a nailer using a brushless motor provides better durability. Along with that, a nailer powered by a lithium-ion battery can give a maximum lifetime. Easy to Use An electric brad nailer with a lightweight and optimal center of gravity ensures perfect balance with comfort. Anti-jam mechanism with adjustable impact level gives fast use of the nailer with less effort. A controlled grip provides extra comfort while nailing. Other Factors Apart from these, the nailer with a depth adjustment wheel gives perfect sinking of nails. Flush-nose design solves putting nails in tight surfaces and provides a sleek workpiece. Convenient adjustment dial fixes constant air pressure for the optimum job. Besides, a low nail indicator in your stuff shows your time to reload nails. Accessories This is a great advantage to have a charger and a belt hook that is integrated with the product. An aluminum rafter belt hook reduces tool damage and hooks the nail gun. Additionally, a durable charger with cable provides perfect charging and long-time use once charged. Warranty No electric nailer company is ready to give a lifetime warranty. They give a maximum of 3 years of warranty. And that should be enough for an electric brand nailer.

Best Electric Brad Nailers reviewed

Although the main work of an electric brad nailer is to bind objects, thousands of electric nailers exist with uncountable features. So, it is urgent to make a review of the best products available in the market to help an ordinary customer.

1. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

Reasons for Recommendation Cordless brad nailer of PORTER-CABLE is said to be tremendous because it has a 1.5 Ah 20 Volt MAX Lithium-ion battery which lasts longer than any other battery and ensures no need of expensive gas cartridges or compressor or even hose. Not to mention, its depth adjustment wheel gives perfect nailing consistently. The tool-free lever that is releasable and jam releaser with depth adjustment wheel give productivity, efficiency, and sequential firing. The nailer uses 18-gauge nails that are available, strong, and cheap. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit gives you a long-lasting charger with cable and an integrated belt hook to bear and use the nail gun without any effort. Besides, the stuff is easy to carry because of weighing only 5.9 pounds and the manufacturers will give you a 3-year limited warranty. The multi-functional dual LED lights give working excess in areas where you don’t have optimal light. This tool works much faster and works much faster and it generally doesn’t create any misfire. Besides, you can buy a PORTER-CABLE set at a reasonable price. Lacking
  • There are complaints of flashlight disturbance while nailing.
  • Charger cable may be jammed.
  • The electric nailer doesn’t let you know that it runs out of nails.
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2. Stanley TRE550Z Electric Staple/Brad Nail Gun

Reasons for Recommendation Our second pick is that type of nail gun which is considered as a heavy-duty electric machine and gives an outstanding drilling power. Stanley TRE550Z is blessed with a well-engineered dual power lever that has made it usable on any soft or hard materials. In addition, this machine uses 5-inch brads as well as TRA700 series/Arrow T-50 heavy-duty staples. These staples are readily available and make a perfect binding.  The flush-nose design makes stapling in tight and hard spots. A controlled grip is one of the specialties of Stanley TRE550Z Electric Staple which provides extra comfort while working. Anyone can easily use the nail gun for office or household works because it can run on 240 volts. For having a lightweight of 1.44 ounces, you can easily carry and use wherever you can. The nailer comes with a magazine indicator that can show you the number of nails in the machine. It has an easy jam clearing function and an 8-foot power cord which will ensure remote use of the source. Lacking
  • The switch is very flimsy.
  • Makes a buzzing noise while stapling.
  • There are complaints of misfires after three of four months.
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3. Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt Cordless Brad Nailer

Reasons for Recommendation Now we will talk about a monster that drives up to 1700 nails up to 50 millimeters long per charge. Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt Cordless Brad Nailer offers both convenience and superior performance without any help from compressor, hose or gas cartridges. Ryobi P320 can make optimum results as it regulates air pressure by a compatible adjustment dial. This tool is powerful as gas-powered nailers and works in houses from rooting installation to reinforcing joints as it runs on only 18 volts and bears a built-in LED light. The tool-less jam release system gives easy set-up and fast nailing. Because of having a low nail indicator, the machine will remind you when to reload staples. It is said to be an airstrike nailer and uses the strongest 18-gauge nails. Users will get special benefits in carrying as Ryobi P320 weighs only 6 pounds and has an attached belt clip. Its heavy-duty 4 amp-hour lithium-ion battery is durable and sold separately. Moreover, dry fire features to protect the upper surface of the machine from unexpected damages. Ryobi P320 doesn’t create any blank fire when the magazine becomes empty. Lacking
  • Makes occasional noises.
  • Flashes light indicating a malfunction.
  • May shot nails randomly here and there.
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4. DEWALT DCN680B 20V Max XR 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

Reasons for Recommendation Here we are presenting an electric nailer that bears a bucket of latest well-engineered features. DEWALT DCN680B 20V Max XR 18 Gauge Brad Nailer is blessed with a brushless motor and a DEWALT 20V max lithium-ion battery that helps to maximize runtime, durability, and strength of the gun. The LED indicator shows battery charge status and its automatic shut-off system saves the machine from excessive discharging. The nominal voltage of this stuff is 18 volts whereas the maximum voltage without any load is 20 volts. DEWALT DCN680B is ready to run without using the gas, compressor, or hose. According to customers, it is an ideal tool for fastening, decorating, and molding. Like maximum electric brad nailers, it also uses 18 gauge and 5-inch brad nails. Not to mention, its micro nose system straightens the line of stapling, makes a perfect nail placement and ensures a tool-free adjustment and is deep as well. Besides, it is user friendly with an appropriate dimension and weighs only 4 pounds. Lacking
  • Battery and charger are not included.
  • It cannot hold too many nails.
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5. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

Reasons for Recommendation The ultimate weapon of this electric nailer is the optimal center of gravity that gives the user perfect balance, lightweight, and comfort in hand. Not only that, a tool-free jam and stall settings are also provided with the machine. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit gives a fast shot speed and saves your valuable time. This tool shows consistent binding power in any weather condition and material. It uses widely used 18-gauge brad nails and works without gas, compressor, and hoses. For small trim and shoe molding, there is a cordless system. For providing a quick set-up and tool-free depth setting, CRAFTSMAN adjusts nail depth so fast and gives a consistent result with improved efficiency. The nailer runs on a 20V max 4 Ah high capacity lithium-ion battery and has a professional-grade energy cell for extreme runtime and weighs nearly 7 pounds. According to the manufacturers, CRAFTSMAN V20 has the ability to drive in 5/8” to 2” nails on a single fire. The 2-in built LED lights eliminate the lack of light during work. Lacking
  • There may be created jams in the gun after a while.
  • No belt hanger provided with the set.
  • Sometimes it stops suddenly due to overuse.
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6. NEU MASTER Staple Gun N6013

Reasons for Recommendation NEU MASTER Staple Gun N6013 is another common name which is said to be ideal for DIY projects, wooden surfaces as well as all home improvement projects. Besides the contact safety switch and adjustable power knob stop unintentional firing and perform on any hard or soft material. NEU MASTER works with the powerful T50 series and TRA700 series nails. You can also use 5/16” to 5/8” 18-gauge brads too. This machine has an easy magazine releasing system that helps to reload faster than any other nailer. The anti-jam mechanism system and adjustable impact level give comfort and accurate nailing. The manufacturers provide 100 pcs of 18-gauge brads, 400 pcs of T50 staple legs with the set, and users are satisfied with its friendly after-sale service. The gun weighs only 3.4 pounds and consumes 120 volts of AC or DC supply. Lacking
  • Not to use to fix fabric or soft plywood boards.
  • It is just a staple gun, cannot perform as a nail gun.
  • Jam may be created after a while.
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7. Makita XNB01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2″ Brad Nailer

Reasons for Recommendation Our last pick is Makita XNB01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2″ Brad Nailer which is well-built with an anti-dry drive mechanism system for preventing damage to the work surface. Its dial is tool-less with the feature of depth adjustment for a large variety of different applications. It is said to be easy to use without any tool. The latest battery gauge with integrated LED light can show you the battery charge level and its 5 Ah 18V lithium-ion battery can drive up to 1660 finish nails per charge. Makita XNB01Z has a 2-made selector switch that ensures sequential and contacts nailing operation. You can use the current source of 18 volts and 18-gauge brad nails that ranges from 5/8″ to 2″ for this stuff. The electric nailer has an amazing magazine capacity that is up to 110  number of nails. The net weight of this giant is only 7.7 pounds and reaches full charge in just only 435 minutes. Lacking
  • This tool is a little bit expensive.
  •  Unbalanced for professional use.
  • Not so good on a piece of white oak or maple.
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Pneumatic vs Cordless Brad Nailers

One thing that triggers a lot of confusion when it comes to brad nailer is the type. In this segment, we will go through each of them, which will help a lot in terms of the confusion that generally occurs.

Pneuamtic Brad Nailers

The power source of the pneumatic nailers is the compressor. That means it will require hose, cartridges, and other things that are related to compressed air. However, the firing rate is reasonably fast and has higher overall power, making these nailers ideal for large-scale projects.
Pneumatic brad nailer
Additionally, these are generally light in weight. But due to hose and additional components, it can get tricky to move around with these.

Cordless Brad Nailers

In terms of power, these will rely on batteries. So, you will be able to move around with complete freedom. But the firing rate is comparatively less than the pneumatic ones. Also, the firing power is relatively lower than those. However, these do not require any setup. Furthermore, you will not have to go through hassles in terms of using these. These models are also comparatively expensive than the pneumatic ones. The replacement parts can be hard to find as well.

Safety Features

We all know how easy it is to use a brad nailer. But even though these have an easy operation mode, accidents can indeed happen. For that reason, many of the brands are integrating different safety features into their offering. The most common feature that you will find on these models is the low-nail indication. That will alert you when the nails inside the magazine are low. Also, some will integrate different technologies to ensure that the nailer does not fire when the nose does not have contact with the workpiece.


Q: What are the differences between electric nailers and pneumatic nailers? Ans: Electric brad nailers are lighter, easily portable, and suitable for most types of construction work. Users can easily maintain and store it. On the other hand, pneumatic ones are cheaper, can create a powerful drilling force. Maximum professionals prefer pneumatic ones for their jobs. Q: How will I load brads in a brad nailer? Ans: On the bottom, there should be a black sliding clip. Slide it out and put the staples in. Q: Does the battery level affect the driving of the nails at all? Ans: No, the gun will fire until the battery is down. But it is better to charge the gun when the battery is too low. A quick tip is, buy an extra battery and keep it standby in a fully charged state while you’re working. This will allow you ceaseless nailing. Q: Can I use the electric nailer for crown molding? Ans: Yes, you can use it for crown molding. Just remember to fill in the holes that the nail leaves when entering the wood. Q: Can I pull the nails? Ans: As like other nailers, you can pull the nails with a nail pullers.


An ideal electric nailer ensures appropriate binding of objects whereas a disproportionately featured electric brad nailer can damage your workpiece instead of embedding properly. Unlike hammer tacker, you don’t need to put any effort as they are electric. So, while summing up, let’s provide some direct suggestions regarding the best electric brad nailers. Among all the nailers, PORTER-CABLE is an intersection of prolonged runtime and enhanced feature additions. Powerful lithium-ion battery, a tool-free lever with jam releaser and multi-functional LED lights justify the hail. While it’s prime uniqueness is a wheel that is a deep adjustment for efficiency and sequential firing. In addition, CRAFTSMAN is also a good choice as it ensures consistent firing in various climates and materials. Its tool-free jam and stall settings make it easy to nail. The optimal center of gravity provides optimal balance and comfort to the user.

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