Enjoy Removing Rusted Bolts With the Best Bolt Extractor

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 23, 2021
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For mechanics or people who do DIY work in the garage, know pretty well about the situation when they are stuck with a screw or nut. In such a case, if there isn’t any shop open then you are really in a tight spot. But if there is an extractor tool in the toolbox, it’s nothing simpler than picking out your nails.

Bolt extractors are used to remove bolts, screws or nuts from old furniture or vehicles. All you need to do is attach the head with the bolt and have a tight grip and the screw is out! Finding the best bolt extractor among the abundant collection can be very difficult.


If you have come here for the topmost bolt extractor, then you have definitely come to the right place. Because we have assembled all the information for you here. All you need to do is concentrate on your needs and pick one.

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How to strip wire fast
Bolt Extractor buying guide

If you don’t want to be stuck with rounded, rusted bolts in your furniture or vehicles then a bolt extractor should be one of the top essential tools in your list. It helps to remove the screw in an easy way where you don’t have to bite your tongue!

So, we have come up with a “shortcut tunnel” that covers almost everything on bolt extractors that you will need to know when you will be looking to buy one and our experts have selected some top brand products for you. Hop in and enjoy the ride with us!


Build quality

Whenever you are buying something, you want it to last long. The build quality is something that you should be concentrating on. Quality material ensures that the product lasts long. Extractor built with high quality and hard carbon steel is durable in the long run. Moreover, extra hardened bolt extractors always come useful offering more flexibility in gripping.


In the case of bolt extractors if you have the flexibility of switching between hand and power mode than that’s toppings on your food. A versatile tool is always an advantage. A tool delivering multiple features is a blessing. It allows you to use it with different sized and shaped structures.

Size of bolts

For an extractor to work well with any kind of nuts and bolts, the size is an important issue. It has to match the size of the bolts you will be removing. If the user uses larger or smaller sized than required, he or she might end up damaging the vehicle or the furniture let alone the screw.


Selecting the type of extractor is an important issue. Before you buy one, focus on your needs and the type of work you think you might be facing and choose the type

Socket extractors

This type lets the user remove less stripped ad-heavy rusted bolts. These fit into air tools, breaker bar or ratchet without needing to be modified.

Socket extractors are most likely to be aggressive and tend to destroy the head of the bolt. These are very easy to use. Stick the extractor on the bolt and turn the ratchet!

Spline extractor

Spline extractors are vigorous ones. These are more likely to do the job very efficiently with a little more focus on the bolts. You just need to drill the bolt and ensure that everything is measured correctly to use.

Spiral flutes

A spiral flute extractor has substantial pitches which means slighter threads in one umbilical interval. Right-handed people will have the advantage of using it in the left hand. The spirals help to dig in or lock around the screw stud giving more power with less effort by rotation. The flutes go deeper into the screws. Thus, as a result, the thread locks down pretty aggressively allowing it to consume the force applied in between. They have to be turned in reverse.

Straight or flat flutes

These dig deeper to grip the screw from inside with much more efficiency. The extractor censured into the extraction point acting a pilot driving out the nuts. These hardly can derive static pressure in all directions. And also they have a high propensity of meshing the nuts and bolts.


A heavy tool comes with stress. It will require a lot of your energy to even hold it and move it around. So, it’s better to have less weight while operating. Concentrate on the lightweight ones that feature an ergonomic handle that secures a flexible and nice grip. It removes fatigue. But don’t miss out on the worthy features!

Gripping power

Gripping power is an important factor while choosing. The gripping power determines how long it will take you to remove the bolt. A good extractor increases gripping power with increased resistance.

Best bolt extractors reviewed

Our experts have spent a lot of time figuring out the best bolts extractors after sheer speculation. Hopefully, you will find your desired one at the end of the day

1. Alden 8440P Pro Grabit Broken Bolt and Damaged Screw Extractor

Worth Looking Into?

One of the best sets. Alden brings you 4 pieces with much to offer. The design is unique ensuring that it delivers extreme efficiency regardless of the job type is. The Alden 8440P is compatible with different tools and can extract broken, rusted and any other fasteners. The pieces are dual-ended to deliver more efficiency.

A burnishing tip is designed to prepare bolts for removal while a threaded tip is meant to grip and extract the bolt. The 4 pieces allow the user to work with different sized and shaped screws and bolts starting from stubborn bolts. As long as the screws and bolts measure up to 4 inches in length, ADDEN 8440P will remove them nice and easy. The build quality is very sturdy.

They are made of high-quality steel ensuring longevity. All the pieces offer a tight fit and stay attached to the bolt and screws until it removes them. These also do well up to 3/inch in bolts also including hex, Phillips, and square drive.

This extracts broken bolts and damaged screws with speed. These can drill up to 8 or 10.9 class fasteners. The tool does not require any bolt preparation. It does good with multiple extractions due to the different widths.


According to customer experience, many of the screws were not grabbed by the other end of the bit. Some say the end for drilling does not work well, it did not grab into the stripped bolt head at all.

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2. IRWIN Tools Hanson Spiral Extractor and Drill Bit Set

Worth looking into?

The IRWIN 11119 from IRWIN is also one of the favorite sets of customers. This one doesn’t only include 5 spectacular extractors but also 5 pieces of drill bits. Starting from any bolts, screws, broken studs, socket screws, nuts this tool can work with anything you bring up effortlessly. With a tool at this price is nothing but amazing.

This overall 10pieces set is perfect for removing bolts and screws and other fasteners. The shape is designed to deliver more efficiency. They dig deeper into the surface for faster and easier removal of the bolts and screws and also even in seconds. No time wasted!

They can mount on ratchets and electric drills, offering you an all in the fit. They offer a tight and secure fir for more flexibility and balance. You will also get a convenient storage box you can carry wherever you want. IRWIN features a spiral design where the threads move up to left orientation. It helps to slacken the screw going around it and breaking the stud.

The easy out style spiral flutes do a great job around bolt studs by increasing rotation in the metal. It enlarges the grip with the growth in resistance. You will find 5 drill bit sizes varying from 5/64 to 19/64″, and a metal index case to carry these with you.


The smallest extractor breaks of at little pressure. Not too good for the intended purpose. The bits don’t chew through properly.

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3. Irwin Tools Hanson 53227 Hex Head Multi-Spline Screw Extractor Set

Worth looking into?

The thing with good brands like IRWIN is that they never fail to amaze their customers with their products. The IRWIN 53227 is a 25-piece set of Hanson quality featuring easy-out technology and a left-hand spiral design to provide for extra gripping power while operating. This 25-piece set is a masterpiece for removing broken bolts, screws and studs.

Each spline extractor has the acute size and the demanded drill bit size etched on for quick reference. The screw extractor’s sizes range from 1/8 to 7/8inches. The multiple sizes allow it to work well with different sized and shaped screw extraction tasks. The IRWIN 53227 has stout shanks that let the user exert a high level of torque on broken fasteners through tap wrenches.

The spirals do a great job on right-handed threads by taking advantage of the counter-clockwise rotation. It includes straight forward directions. The carbon steel build quality is very impressive. It comes with a sturdy durable case that makes transporting easier for you.

What makes it a versatile tool is the best easy-out bolt extractor set becoming a lifesaver for the customers. The extractors are made of high durable metal so that they don’t break during extraction. With such an easy and user-friendly experience it had to be one of everyone’s favorite.


With such amazing features, it does not have so many drawbacks. But then again it rusts quickly.  The case needs a bit of padding inside the lid. It also has some quality control issues. Rarely the extractors and tips break.

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4. IRWIN HANSON BOLT-GRIP Bolt Extractor Base Set

Worth looking into?

The IRWIN 394001 is another one of their excellent DIY intended production that expertizes in drilling and extracting tough screws and bolts. It is one of the well-rated extractors in the market due to the extreme efficiency, durability and user-friendly interface it provides. This is a 5piece set that features extracting sockets from 3/8 to 5/8inches.

It comes with a case for easy transportation. The hand ratchet 3/8″ square drive is also able to deliver forces that range from 35 to 1800 feet-lbs. The semestral flats are all-rounders with flat wrenches and almost any pliers.

It didn’t leave out the spiral design that exerts efficiency to a whole new level as this shape offers more gripping power. The spiral bits are of high quality and lets the user strip the bolts easily and effortlessly.

Extracting bolts and screws easily is a nut job for the IRWIN 394001 starting from rusted, painted or stripped or rounded bolts. Removing 11mm to 16mm and 1/2″ to 9/16″ nuts are nut jobs for this one here. Most of our vehicles feature sockets of the same sizes. So it’s a perfect tool for such a purpose.

Reverse spiral flutes have a high tendency of grasping the nails and nuts deeper than usual allowing for great gripping power. The pieces are made of high carbon steel, built to last for a long time. If you are worried about finding the proper tool, don’t worry as the universal lobular design fits all standard ratchets.


It might be a little bit expensive. The extractors cause the fasteners to become round where it needs to extract them. Other than these, it’s as great as it is.

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5. Irwin Tools BOLT-GRIP Extractor Expansion Set

Worth looking into?

IRWIN keeps coming with all these great tools of DYI purposes. The IRWIN BOLT-GRIP Extractor Expansion Set 394002 is another one of their finest products featuring an all in a lobular design capable of dealing with any fasteners with enough precision and less effort. It can easily remove old bolts that have been stuck for a long time and probably have gotten rusted with much ease.

It comes with 5 bolt extractors. These offer reverse spiral flutes that help to grasp the nuts tightly going deeper around it and also delivers a nice grip. Thus it can easily extract bolts in any condition be it rough. The 3/8″ square drive can easily deliver 35 to 80 feet-lbs and an almost pressure of 1800 feet-lbs while operating, making it effortless.

The bolt extractor features semestral flats to work with flat surfaces, wrenches and pliers, sockets and so on. The extractor can remove 8,13,19 as well as 120mm bolts in drive size 3/8″. Construction quality did not lack in any standards. High carbon steel build construction certifies for its durability.


It makes it difficult to hold the damaged bolts. According to some user experience, the extractor makes the stripped bolt worse. doesn’t do well with 10mm bolts.

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6. Maximum Impact Bolt & Nut Remover Set

Worth looking into?

The Maximum Impact Bolt & Nut Remover Set features 13 sets of extractors. Maximum is a top-notch brand when it comes to producing tools and accessories. The 13 set extractors come in different sizes for the sole purpose of making it do well with any kinds of bolts and screws.

The set comes with 1/4, 3/8, ½ up to 11/16 size variant and universal sockets of a total of 13 sockets. The Impact Bolt & Nut Remover features laser-etched side marking for easy visuals. They are perfect for removing broken and corroded bolts and screws. For safe removal of the bolts, it’s better to dig deeper.

The spiral design makes it easy to dig deeper into the bolt and grip it from under and inside. The pieces are made of high carbon steel for extended longevity. They are stain-resistant and built to last for a long time. All the extractors offer universal fit. They can be attached to different tools, hands, and electric ones. With the price it offers, the features are a lot to deal with.


The socket is poorly designed. The material is a bit cheap. The socket breaks down in use with a 16mm bolt. The build quality does not quite stand for the compliment it awaits.

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7. Topec Impact Bolt & Nut Remover Set

Worth looking into?

The Topec Impact Bolt & Nut Remover is one of Topec’s high-performance tools for extracting nuts and bolts. This is a heavy-duty extractor, built to be used with any sorts of ratchets or wrenches. This bolt and nut remover is made of steel that is able to withstand maximum pressure and high temperature, chrome-molybdenum steel. It also features reverse spiral flutes which allows the user to attain more flexibility and acute precision while having a nice grip.

The internal thread formation is made in such a way that the user gets good and quality amount force while extracting the big nails that go deep into the wood or else. The inner wall is rough so that it can lock down the nut that acts tough to be extracted and as you increase the rotation of the impact driver, it will tighten the grip more and thus it will be easier not to break.

The extractors have a unique surface, conversion coating produced when the parts are immersed in the alkaline aqueous salt solution. This surface gives the extractor maximum strength and longevity. This acts as a protection against unwanted scars and dirt. By digging into the head of the bolt and allowing you to get the plug out, it delivers a user-friendly experience.

The socket set is bent shaped and perfect for external protection and covering tinted layers of screws and nuts. The sizes that it can cover starts from 8mm, 10mm all the way up to a 19mm one. These extractors can easily pull off any rusted stuck-on lug within minutes. If you still have doubts, Topec gives you a lifetime warranty.


The material used is not as hard as the manufacturer is stating it to be. More often it’s hard to deal with simple bolts according to some user experience. The socket snapped out on most user’s first use.

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Best Bolt Extractor? Let’s find out! Drill Hog, Bosch, Irwin …

Do screw extractors really work?

A potential issue with these extractors is that they may cause the fastener to expand as they dig in, making it more difficult to remove, but they can make a reliable extraction on all but the most stuck fasteners. To use: After drilling a hole into the fastener, tap the screw extractor into the hole using a hammer.

How do you remove a broken bolt without an extractor?

How do you remove a seized bolt without a head?

Step 1: Use Some Muscle. Try a 6-point wrench or socket on your seized nut/bolt. Start by rocking the bolt by tightening then loosing, this may be all you need to break through the rust. Try and avoid 12-point wrenches and sockets as they likely to slip and strip the bolt head.

How do you use a easy out screw extractor?

How do you use a screw extractor for a broken bolt?

Attach the extractor bit firmly to a T-handle or grip it with locking pliers. Place the extractor bit into the pilot hole in the damaged screw. Using a hammer, tap the extractor firmly into the pilot hole. Apply downward pressure on the extractor while turning it counterclockwise to remove the damaged screw.

What happens if a screw extractor doesn’t work?

If a screw extractor doesn’t work, try twisting the screw with pliers to remove it. If you can’t get something out with the extractor, you may be able to drill the bolt out completely and re-thread the hole with a larger bolt.

How do you use a Grabit pro screw extractor?

How do you use a drill master screw extractor?

Can machines remove broken bolts?

As some at a machine shop, yes we do that. When drilling the stuck bolt for the e-z out did you drill a through hole? a solid carbide drill, will drill through just about anything, hard to get it started if the broken surface is not flat though.

What tool is used to remove a broken bolt?

Drill Bits
Left Hand Drill Bits

One often overlooked method of removing broken screws and bolts, and perhaps the best first choice, is the left hand twist drill bit. These are the same as regular high speed drill bits except the cutting action is in a counter-clockwise direction —the same way fasteners are removed.

Q: Can these be used against exhaust studs?

Ans: If the stud is big enough for it to grab then you should be fine.

Q: Will these work with any impact drive?

Ans: Check if the socket is impact rated. If it is, then you can use it otherwise not a good idea.

Q: What is the difference between chrome and vanadium steel?

Ans: The hardness of chrome steel is comparatively less than the vanadium one.

Q: Can pliers be used to remove screws?

Ans: If the screws sticking out of the surface, then you can as pliers need to have a grasp over the fastener to take it out.


A bolt extractor is an impulsive necessity. You don’t actually need it until you badly need it. The situation, where it’s needed, is most likely to happen in our daily life. So, why not keep one in the stackable toolbox? And when you have to keep one, then why not the best bolt extractor! Our selected products are equally great in their individual versatility. But if you are hoping for our verdicts then here we go.

The 25-piece set IRWIN 53227 is one of our top 3 picks. The hand spiral design, the acute size of the extractors, the stout shanks exerting maximum torque are features to look forward to.

IRWIN 394001 managed to be the second pick. It is a pro in DIY work. This 5piece set features a high-quality spiral design. The high carbon build quality and the universal lobular design made it on the top.

In the end, comes Topic Impact Bolt & Nut Remover which is also a high-performance tool. The high-quality molybdenum, the smooth concave are good vital points that make it to our top list.

Joost Nusselder, the founder of Tools Doctor is a content marketer, dad and loves trying out new equipment, and together with his team he's been creating in-depth blog articles since 2016 to help loyal readers with tools & crafting tips.