Top 5 Best Farm Jacks for 2020

The best farm jack can be used to lift, lower, push and pull very heavy objects at different height levels. Moreover, farm jacks are extremely durable and long lasting. Choosing the perfect one is quite simple.

Top 5 Farm Jacks:

#1. HL 485 All Cast Red Farm Jack

Hi-Lift Jack HL485 48' Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack

This farm jack has the ability to withstand considerably high loads.

It has a structure that allows you to lift cars that weigh up to two tons without having to make much effort. Because of this, it will be useful when you need to make revisions or change the wheels of your vehicle and other parts.

Likewise, to ensure its proper functioning, a safety valve is incorporated into its design. This will help you avoid possible accidents and offers protection against overloads.


​Structure: The structure available in this jack is very resistant and capable of lifting cars that weigh up to two tons without much effort.

Safety valves: This jack offers you an adequate operation, thanks to the safety valve incorporated in its design, capable of avoiding any accident.

Fixed position: Thanks to the free base of wheels in this jack, you can enjoy a completely fixed model.


Storage: It is missing the presence of a special case where you can store the jack after each use.

#2. Torin Big Red 48" Off Road Farm Jack

BIG RED TR6501B Torin 48' Ratcheting Off Road Utility Farm...

This Torin High-lift Jacks has been made with the capacity to support a maximum load of up to three tons, so you can use it to lift different types of cars.

It has a good base with that will help you move it from one place to another with ease. It also offers a carrying handle for which you can hold it comfortably.

It is red and can lift the cars up to 48 inch high, this will allow you to make the revisions and changes of parts correctly and safely. In addition, its lever has a handle to hold it when you perform the lifting process.

Torin Big Red 48" could be considered the best off road jack, thanks to the benefits offered by each of its products to make the life of its users more comfortable and easy.


Load capacity: With this farm jack you can carry out a lift with a weight of three tons easily.

Easy transport: Its base equipped with four rotating wheels makes the transport of this farm jack an easy and comfortable process to carry out. Also, you can also have a grip handle where to hold it.

Height range: The height range you can have with this farm jack is 38 centimeters. In this sense, you can carry out the review of the car easily.


Loss of oil: Some users feel unhappy to notice that the cat loses oil through the system. In this sense, they are obliged to return the product or solve the loss thereof.

#3. High Lift Jack PP-300 Post Popper

Hi-Lift Jack PP-300 Post Popper

This high quality farm jack offers a large base that allows you to maintain a good level of stability, while making repairs and revisions of your heavy items.

In addition, it has no wheels, which will prevent unwanted displacements. It offers a safety valve that protects it from possible overloads and that will help you avoid different inconveniences when using it.

It also incorporates a quick coupling handle to perform the process of adjusting the jack in a short time and, as if that were not enough, has an energy class type A, to ensure adequate energy consumption.

Being able to know which hi-lift jack to buy will depend firstly on the design that it can offer you, as well as on the manufacturing material that has been used during its preparation.


Design: It has a quite robust design with which to lift a total of 6 tons at a considerable height of 38.2 centimeters.

Materials: The material included in the manufacture of this jack is steel, being this very resistant and durable before each use.

Stable base: The base of this cat is large and capable of providing a good level of stability so that you can use it with more confidence as many times as you want.


Lever: Some users comment that the lever included in the package is very small, so it is uncomfortable to raise and lower the car when necessary.

#4. Goplus 48" High Lift Farm Jack

Goplus 48'(3.5 Ton) / 60'(3 Ton) Off Road Ratcheting Farm...

With this Goplus 48" jack you will have the possibility of lifting heavy weights up to three tons. It is a model with resistant pump support that you can use comfortably in the garage of your house.

It is portable since it is of Jacks Plant type, and you will manage to store it in your car and transport it wherever you go, so you can have it on hand whenever it is necessary.

On the other hand, it has been made in green, this key is high visibility which contributes to safety and allows you to easily find it in a workshop.

In addition, it has a long chassis, base with wheels, a safety valve to avoid possible overloads and a pump handle with rubber grip, which you can hold comfortably. The range of elevation that it has varies between 14 and 43.2 cm.

If you need to carry out the review of your vehicle comfortably, then you should consider buying a farm jack that can guarantee comfort, practicality and functionality.


Pump support: This jack has a resistant pump support with which to carry out a comfortable use of it, being able to raise the car easily.

Portable: Thanks to its portable design it will be easy to carry it from one place to another, storing it in the trunk of your car.

Color: The color of this jack will allow you to find it easily in the workshop, your home or wherever you store it, since it is highly visible.

Design: Its design consists of a base with wheels, a safety valve, a long chassis and a handle of pumping with ergonomic rubber grip.


Not foldable.

#5. XT485 48" Hi-Lift X-TREME Farm Jack

Hi-Lift Jack XT485 48' Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack

Another model that could be of your interest is the XT485 48", which according to some users can be considered the perfect one of the moment, thanks to the variety of features it offers.

It is Jacks Plant type and has been designed with the ability to lift heavy items at different levels. The maximum elevation range reached is 48 inch, while the minimum lifting height is 10.5 inch.

For this reason, you will have the possibility to use it every time you need to change an automotive spare part, make repairs or eventual revisions to your car.

In addition, you will have the possibility to feel comfortable when using it, since its lever has been designed with an ergonomic handle, which will help you to hold it correctly and accurately, avoiding possible abuse.

To acquire the off road jack of the moment, you must take into account details such as the practicality and lifting capacity offered.


Lift capacity: With this jack you can enjoy a maximum lifting capacity of 1800 kg at a height of up to 35 centimeters.

Lever: The lever which has this jack has been designed with a very ergonomic handle, ideal to hold it properly in each use.


Lowering the items: Once you need to lower the car of the jack, some users comment that this action is somewhat uncomfortable, since the same low very fast for not having a pressure shutter.

Farm Jacks Buying Guide

1. Loading capacity

If you are doing a comparison of farm jacks, it is necessary that before making a choice you take into account the load capacity that each model has. This type of lifts will depend on the type of items with which you can use these devices.

Before selecting a particular jack it is convenient that you take into consideration the weight of your objects, in this way you will be able to acquire a cat according to your needs.

There are jacks in the shape of tall or short, which weigh no more than 3 kg and yet are capable of lifting up to 6 tons with minimal effort for the user. This feature can influence the price, so it is important to define the use we are going to give you.

If we have a small car that weighs little, then we can buy a cat with less load capacity and cheaper. Trolley-type cats are usually very stable, are used a lot in workshops and most can lift an average car.

However, these are more complex to move from one place to another, because despite offering wheels tend to have a weight of 10 to 20 kg.

2. Design

Another aspect that you should review is the design of farm jacks. The objective is that you choose a model that fulfills its functions fully, that you can use easily and at the same time be economical.

One of the most used farm jacks are the long ones, these have a rounded shape and have a flat base that allows them to stay stable on the ground.

Thanks to their shape they maintain a good level of balance while they carry out the lifting process of the lifts.

In addition, both types of jacks have a pump lever that you must move up and down every time you want to start the process of lifting the cars.

For your comfort, in some cases these have an ergonomic rubber handle where you can hold it, in addition, its shape will help prevent possible abuse.

There are also models that integrate in your design a storage space that you can use to store screws, nuts and other small parts that you require when you work, so you will not lose them.

3. Elevation

At this point you will be wondering how much a jack costs, but before consulting prices it is important that you take into account the level of elevation they reach.

This feature is important because it will give you an idea of the height at which it will allow you to lift the objects.

Each model, depending on its operation, resistance and design, has the ability to lift the cars to different height ranges with respect to the ground.

To ensure you select the appropriate model and according to your needs it is recommended that you look at the minimum and maximum levels of elevation of the jack.

If you need to perform other types of complex repairs under the objects, then you will need to raise it more, so it is essential to define the use you will give to the tool.

4. Extra accessories

Some jacks come equipped with a series of extra accessories that promise to help you in the difficult task of changing the wheels of the car, such as: steel pistons to hold the vehicle more safely, extension screws that allows to achieve a more adequate height or bypass systems.

5. Price

When buying farm jacks the price should move to a second place. The first thing we have to take into account is the strength or power of the jack lift and if its handling is simple. In the matter of changing the tires of the vehicle, we will need to look for safety, first of all.

How to Use a Farm Jack for Recovery?

When many people take a look at a farm jack for the first time, all they see is an unwieldy, cantankerous doohickey. It is hard to think of it as an essential implement for your run-of-the-mill motoring needs.

In a way, this view is valid. The high lift jack is not intended for the average, city-traffic motorist. It is a tool for those whose perchance for driving is on off-road terrain in monster four-wheelers. For such, the jack is a must-have tool they would never leave home without.

1. Understand How the Farm Jack Works:

Before you begin working with a farm jack, you need to understand how it works. For all its imposing appearance, the farm jack is actually very simple in structure, principle and application. Its most distinctive part is its vertical I-beam spine; pockmarked with round holes on its entire length.

The holes are there to provide a stable footing for the jacking mechanism. They also serve to keep the weight of the jack manageable.

The other important part is the jack's handle. When in use, the handle is cranked up and down. With each successive "crank", a climbing pin is unplugged from its current hole and inserted to the one above it.

This successively lifts the jack mechanism up the spine and, with it, the weight being raised from the ground.

Despite its simplicity and appearance, it is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have in your toolbox. If your toolbox is roomy enough to contain it, that is.

Other than performing herculean lifts, it can take a number of attachments to perform such useful tasks as straightening bent steering rods, pressing in uni-joints and even turning a vehicle around on the spot. With a little creativity and improvisation, the farm jack can even double up as a hand winch.

2. Procedure for Changing a Tire:

Ensure the Car is on Flat, Solid Ground

Safety is always paramount while using a high-lift jack. Begin by ensuring the car is resting on a flat and solid piece of ground. You do not want to lift the car and then tip it over into a ravine.

Just as well, the ground on which you are changing the tire on should be stable and firm. This is necessary if the heavy high lift jack is to gain enough purchase to lift the vehicle.

Man-oeuvre the Jack into Position

Once you're certain the ground is stable, flat and fit to use the farm jack, ease it up into position. The jack has a stable base so this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Even when the ground is considerably soft, the base will prevent the jack from sinking too much. To ensure the assembly is stable, you may have to shovel up some dirt to flatten the ground. This is especially important in off the road locations.

Lift the Vehicle Up

i. With the jack properly positioned, switch the reversing latch to the "up" position.

ii. Hold the top of the rack with one hand to steady the jack

iii. Use the other hand to pull the handle up. This will raise the jack's lifting mechanism to the point where its toe is against the frame or bumper.

iv. Check to ensure the I-frame (rack) is vertical and the base of the jack is flat on the ground.

v. With a firm hand, move the jack's handle down and then up again. Each downward crank on the handle will raise the load up a notch

Change the Wheel

When the vehicle's chassis has been lifted sufficiently off the ground, you can take the tire off the wheel hub assembly. When the wheel is about an inch or 2 above the ground, that is enough allowance to allow the safe removal of the tire.

Lower the Vehicle to the Ground

Once you are done changing the tire, it is time to lower the vehicle safely back to the ground. There is a greater level of risk when lowering the vehicle than when lifting it. It is therefore important to be as cautious as possible during the lowering process. These are the steps to follow:

i. Check to ensure the handle is up against the rack

ii. Switch the reversing lever from the up to down position

iii. Move the jack's handle firmly up and down, exactly as in 3 (v) above. Remember it is the upward cranking stroke which lowers the vehicle.

As you will feel in your hand, this is a much less stable motion than the down-stroke which lifts the vehicle.

Safety Rules while Changing Tires

We have extolled the functionality and versatility of the farm jack. However, it pays to remember that the kind of tasks which require the use of the jack can be extremely dangerous.

You must therefore use the jack with as much caution as possible. Here are some safety cautions to keep in mind if you are to use the farm jack safely.

1. It pays to remember that while a farm jack is very effective in raising loads, it does not offer any mechanism for stabilizing the load. A car lifted using a high lift jack can easily tip over.

Be very careful as you use the device. Never lift a load with a farm jack an inch higher than you need to.

2. This is a rule that should go without saying, but considering the risk a high lift jack presents, it is one which can't be overemphasized.

Never crawl under a car held up by a farm jack. Actually, never crawl under or get in the way of a car held up by any jack.

3. The higher you lift a weight in the air using a farm jack, the safer the whole assemblage becomes.

As a rule, never lift your vehicle more than a meter (3 feet) off the ground with a farm jack. This is, of course, more than sufficient for changing a tire

4. Never switch the reversing lever to the down position in preparation of lowering the jack until you have made sure the farm jack's handle is up against the rack.

If you switch the lever with the handle not properly aligned, it (handle) will jerk controllably up and down the frame until the load is off the jack. This is the chief injury risk when working with them.

To motorists who love off the road adventure, it is hard to think of a more versatile instrument than a farm jack. But with that versatility comes a certain element of risk. But, if you are careful as explained in this guide, you will find the jack useful, and essentially indispensable

Finding the Right Support Points of High Lift Jacks

Each objects integrates a series of special places where you can easily adapt the jack, which prevents certain damage to the body of the same.

You must be very aware, since not all places under an object can bear the weight of it. This information can be found easily in the user manual of your vehicle or by doing a quick search on the Internet. Having this information at hand is essential when you need to do some work with the jack.

In some cases, when you do not want to take risks of damage to the body of the object, you can place some large pieces of wood, such as short trunks, between the jack and the object itself.

It is convenient to remember to place all the pieces correctly so they can not interfere or cause accidents.

1. Raises the jack little by little

This process must be done with care and a lot of precision or, otherwise, it could cause an accident. First move the mechanisms, the main lever, according to how indicated in the manual of use of the jack (some move with the clockwise and others against it), take your time and do it slowly.

Raise the object to the desired height so you can work properly, always keeping your attention on any changes that may occur during the lift.

Once you have the desired height, check the stability of the object and use additional supports if necessary to properly hold the vehicle. Remember that your safety is the most important when performing any mechanical work.

2. Lower the object carefully

After carrying out the work in your object, it is essential that you take it down very carefully and calmly, in the same way you lifted it.

To do this, remember to first remove the additional supports that you have placed. Slow down the whole mechanism little by little until your object is back on its four wheels.

Insert the jack inside the appropriate points. First of all, it is necessary to clarify that there are two different types of jack: the hydraulic one and the mechanical one.

If you have a hydraulic jack (definitely easier to use), immediately get to work and observe the location of the points under the car that are specifically designed for fixing the jack.

Final Thoughts

We can highly recommend the model revolution of Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48", because the jack can be maneuvered. Thanks to the manufacturer, it is well made and comfortable for the huge loads.

Alternatively, it offers good handling properties, it is solid processed and can maneuver safely thanks to its great mechanical aspects.

For over one hundred years this hi-lift farm jack has remained for quality. The best farm jack may be a rubust, pliable and unflawed instrument. they offers nice specialised execution data.

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