Top 5 Industrial Strength Toolboxes Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 27, 2022
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If you work on a lot of mechanical things like on cars or in a garage, you need a quality toolbox to keep all your tools properly organized and secure. You will be opening and closing that box every couple of seconds.

And if you work every single day, that is a lot of wear and tear. For that reason, you need something that is durable and built to last. In our Industrial Toolbox Reviews, we will be looking at some of the best tool chests out there reasonably priced, durable, and functional.

Most technicians have invested more in their tools than they have in their homes. There is also the matter of security. When you have a lot of tools, it gets hard to keep them organized and secure.


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Industrial Toolbox Reviews

With that being said, here is a list of top 5 tool storage box that should give you the best bang for your buck.

Homak 24-Inch Industrial Steel Toolbox

Weight14.5 pounds
Dimensions24.2 x 8.65 x 9.75
ColorBrown Wrinkle
Warranty1 Year 

Homak has been a trusted toolbox manufacturer company for decades. This 24-inch toolbox made by Homak is made for professionals with .8mm thick metal and can support heavy works in industries. They make two different sizes for this model.

We’re here to talk about the 24-inch one. Its toolboxes are made with ample tool storage, and gun cabinet security is its top priority. The manufacturer makes these boxes in such quality that they can exceed what customer usually expects from them. The warranty period is also quite helpful for users.

With 14.5 pounds of weight, this box is not that heavy. A steel tray included inside it that helps you to keep small or frequently used tools in it. The wider space of 24.13″ length *8.63″ width *9.75″ height inside is useful for a professional guy.

It can be easily used as a weapon crate. The security system of the toolbox is also really good. The Triple-clasp system is the three-lock protection which enjoins the lid and the body of the toolbox. The look of the box looks gorgeous because of the brown color powder coat smooth finishing.



Waterloo Portable Series Toolbox

Weight4 pounds
Dimensions17 x 9.5 x 9

The 17-inch plastic toolbox made by waterloo is one of the trusted toolboxes in the market, recommended by a huge number of professionals. It’s made of plastic but the most durable one. You can pack all your tools in this without hesitation.

One special information about it is that it is designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA (not China).  With only 4-pounds weight, this box is one of the lightest in the industry. Inside the box, they have left enough space for your tools. It’s 17″ width x 10.5″ depth x 9.75″ height.

And the capacity is 1415 cubic inches. A removable wide tote tray included inside to keep frequently used tools on it organized and allows for easy accessibility. The comfortable and gripped handle is one of the comfortable features of the box.

Wide Piano hinge pins make it easy for frequent opening and closing. Because of plastic construction, it is rustproof, and if the box frequently comes in contact with water, the tools inside will be safe and protected. The lock system of the toolbox is also durable.



Kennedy Manufacturing K20B All-Purpose Toolbox

Weight1 pounds
Dimensions8.63 x 20.13 x 9.75

Kennedy company’s K20B model toolbox almost looks like the Homak 24-inch toolbox. It also has a lot of similarities in terms of features. The manufacturer makes two size variations of this one. They’re a century-old tool kit manufacturer, which means they have a lot of experience under their belt.

This one is made with the best industrial-grade materials to last for a long time. This K20B is made of heavy 20-gauge steel, yet it weighs only 1 pound. It’s also durable enough to last for years to come.  This USA made toolbox includes 8-drawers inside to organize tools according to demand frequency.

The drawers are divided by sockets and trays to keep them in position. The lock system of this one is also very strong. It’s a heavy-duty locking mechanism, and the locking hasps accept a padlock, which makes it stronger.  Plated locking hardware increases the security of the toolbox more.

A solid steel box needs a strong handle. This one is no exception. The steel core and vinyl cushioned handle are perfect for a toolbox like this one. The 20″-wide, 8″-deep, and 9″ high box has enormous space and storage capacity of 1636 cubic inches.



Accusize Industrial Tools 12 Pc Er-32 Collet Set Plus

Weight8.05 Pounds
Dimensions7.87 x 2.36 x 12.99
MaterialSpring Steel

This Accusize industrial toolbox is somewhat different from the rest of the products reviewed in this article. This Er-32 model looks like a holder box with multiple loading functions inside it. The full package of the toolbox includes nominal size collets, non-slip spanner wrench, chuck holder, and the case.

Spring steel has made it more strong, durable, and long-lasting. With a 7.9×2.4×13-inches dimension, the inside of this box is pretty wide. The self-releasing system of the tools is a user-friendly feature of it, which removes the sticking problem. This system is suitable for all drilling or professional operations.

The capability of flute holding is also a great feature. It produces power and injects into the specific root, which means the highest concentricity and clamping power. Even with a lot of capacity, it weighs only 8 pounds.

For an R-8 drawbar, there is a thread. It’s 7/16(.4375) *20 TPI. One thing to inform that, the box is a universal box for both Er-32 and Er-40 sets. The outlook of the box is pretty with different eye-catching color options available.



Grizzly Industrial H8085 – Front Toolbox For G0605X & G0606X

Weight100.8 pounds
Dimensions18 x 28 x 29
SizeNot applicable
ColorNot applicable

Grizzly has made this high-quality industrial toolbox to keep your tools protected, close, and organized. In several years of toolbox manufacturing, Grizzly has achieved customer satisfaction. You can keep your G0605X and G0606X saws inside it.

This is the perfect box to keep small hardware and tools secured, which are easily lost. Materials used to manufacture this box are robust resources on the market. It is 25″ wide x 15″ long x 22-1/2″ high. Multiple slides give the user opportunity to organize and sort all his required items.

The slides are assisted by a ball bearing, which is very comfortable to handle. This bulk toolbox weighs 100.8 pounds. It’s huge. But you can imagine how strong this is and what heavy-duty metals are used for it. The manufacturer company highlights the powder-coated paint on it.

Powder-coated paint is the paint that protects metal from rust. Rust is the enemy of metals. They make them fragile. So, powder coat paint on it is a great relief to protect your mighty, pricy toolbox. No warranty is needed for a box like this. If the company provides, that will be an asset.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why are metal tool chests so expensive?

Ans: Good question. There are metal boxes that will cost around 5000 dollars. That’s more than a typical used car. Popular brands like Snap-on and MAC have such expensive models. While I do think the price is a bit too much, there is no doubt that their products are simply the best.

Their safes are built to be durable and built to last. That ridiculous price is also a good indication of the quality you will be getting from their toolboxes.

Q: Is it worth paying extra for a toolbox?

Ans: It depends. If your work requires absolute flexibility, durability, and efficiency of tool storage, you will quickly understand why some people will pay a lot of money for a metal toolbox instead of getting something cheap.

Paying more means, you are getting better steel quality, better bearings, better storage capacity, and better functionality. If the price is too high for you then you can look for a good quality tool bag.

Q: How handy a industrial tool box is?

Ans: If you need to carry your tools frequently then I would recommend you to review the best tool backpacks or the best rolling tool box because a industrial tool box is not as handy as tool backpacks or rolling tool box.


All in all, there are a lot of good tool chests on the market, and not everything has to be expensive. If you know what you want and what to look for, you can quickly find what you are looking for.

An industrial toolbox can also be a wonderful gift for handyman. Hopefully, this Industrial Toolbox Reviews article was able to narrow down your search.  

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