5 best Hilmor Tool Bags Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 19, 2021
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Hilmor’s an American brand standing strong since 1926, originating from England. It’s consumers first to them, that’s why they could make themselves out to be a brand like they are. It all started from a tube bender now it’s making products understanding the necessities of consumers. Hilmor’s products do indeed walk the talk.

Hilmor tool bags have been catering to on-call technicians like plumbers, electricians, and tradesmen of many kinds like carpenters i.e. carpenters nail bag and HVAC/R electricians. Been doing with almost no complaints. Durability, efficiency, long list of features you name it, they got it all in their sleeves.

It’s their consistency and loyalty to the material, state of the art top-class construction material, which is what bought them this blind trust from the consumers. As always they put enough time into designing that their bags or tools are always efficient.


Now let’s find the one that’ll cater to your needs, one you’ll say “Mi Amor”. Here’s our Hilmor Tool Bags Review

Best Hilmor Tool Bags Reviewed

To save you from the confusion and delusion of those thousand brands and products and their pros & cons, we have made such a shortlist for you. The products have been chosen in this shortlist considering various features, advances, user reviews, etc. Check it out and have the top notched product for your tools.

1. Hilmor 1839078 HVAC/R Tote


Considering the durability and the resistance to rainwater, this Hilmor bag is a perfect choice for you. You can bet on its construction materials and higher quality to make it last for a long time which has already drawn enough attention to the consumers.

With 13 internal and 14 external pockets, you will not have to worry about the space in or out of the bag. There are sufficient pockets inside and the outside of the bag that does not only help to organize your mechanical tools, even keys but also to find them out without any problem.

A square shape from above having 7.5 inches each side makes it a lucrative option in terms of weight distribution. This 3.3 lbs tool bag of Hilmor will invoke minimum fatigue yet allows 13 inches height for easy accommodation of tools. To add more, the handles can be extended to 19 inches

You will find some elastic bands and clips that will be quite helpful for you to keep things in order. There are pads added to the inside pockets that protect not only the bag but also your tools. The space you will find the bag will help you to carry up to 50 pounds.


  • Some consumers have complained that the handles rip off for just half of the load mentioned by the manufacturer.
  • The pockets are smaller in terms of practical tools according to some users.

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2. Hilmor 1839080 Tool Backpack


This versatile tool backpack has proved its quality to the users by the easily carrying feature and the tough load-carrying capacity. You will find 19 pockets large enough to put your mechanical tools for your works in order.

Moreover, finding those tools back is easy for you. There is a rubber pad at the bottom of the back that keeps the back water-resistant and helps you to keep the back anywhere.

Talking about the water resistance, like the previous bag this bag is water-resistant too, considering the type of material used to make this bag. You will find some zippers on the inside of your bag pockets that keep your tools safe. Like the previous one, this bag can also store around 50lbs.

Being pretty similar to the previous bag, this particular has earned its fame by the durability and the carrying suitability as the bag contains an extra shoulder strap that is too padded and an air vent on the back that saves your back from hurting.


  • Sometimes the sides are seen to ripped off from the bag that decreases the durability.
  • The comfort of this bag is a question.
  • The users have found problems with the zippers which can be ripped off after using for a short time.

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3. Hilmor 1839079 TCB Tool Center Bag


Hilmor has produced this particular bag for your small tools. If you think you need a bag for your small tools, or the size of your tools is a little small, then this bag is perfect for you.

But you will find a good number of the compartment to keep your hand tools organized and it will be good for you to find them back whenever you need it.

Considering the durability, this one has a quite well-established reputation on that fact. The bag is made of such material that ensures durability.

The water-resistance is quite good considering the other Hilmor bags. So you can use it in any rainy weather without causing any internal or external problems to your hand tools.

Carrying this particular one is quite comfortable because of the designs and building material. This particular bag is quite lightweight that increases the points of the aspects of the bag.


  • If you have bigger tools, then this bag is not so suitable for you.
  • Besides, the price might discourage you before buying this bag. Because the product you will find in the market is a little pricey.

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4. Hilmor 1891628 HVAC/R Refrigerant Tank and Utility Backpack


The design has made it exceptional as well as the use of it. You will find it in green and black. The carrying capacity may seem like a little less, but quite perfect for the kind of use you will have. You can carry around 50 pounds and the carrying is quite comfortable for the users.

Organizing your tools in this bag can be quite tough as you get only 8 compartments. But again, this bag is not for typical usage. Hilmor has produced this bag for special purposes.

There are no zippers or chains to keep your tools safe. A drawstring is used instead of including a cord lock and I think that’s enough for your hand tools.

The types of thread and fabric used in this backpack ensure durability. Considering the durability, this bag can be the one for you. The design helps you to use for heavy-duty


  • This backpack is suitable for only special purposes. So be sure of your need then make the buy.
  • You will not find a lot of pockets or compartments in this bag which can be a drawback for you.

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5. Lennox 1839079 Hilmor Ctb Center Tool Bag


Being steady enough to carry most of the tools a mechanic can own. There you are going to find a lot of pockets safe for your tools, the space inside the pocket is good in size.

So you can put your larger tools on this side of the bag. This so many pockets help you to organize your tools so that you can find them back in order which may save some of your time.

In the center, you will find a huge space suitable for your larger tools such as drill machines or large scales or some electrical devices to do your mechanical work.

There is a special space for hanging your keys. So you will not hang up on the door or miss your working time due to forgetting the keys.

The bag is pretty easy to carry as the lightweight is one of its aspects. So you will not have extra pressure or problems carrying the bag. The materials that have been used for this bag ensures the durability of the product. So if you want such a nice finishing and better performance, you can easily choose this one.


  • Despite having this lot of aspects, this bag has some issues too. But the users didn’t find any significant problem after using this one for a while, so it’s up to you and grab it to get the best experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will it be suitable to keep my drills and other big equipment?

Ans: Yes mostly. It depends on the size of the bags and your types of equipment.

Q: Is it easy to keep the bags clean?

Ans: Yes, like all other bags. Besides the cleaning depends on the types of fabric that are used while manufacturing the bag.

Q: How about the protection at the bottom?

Ans: Most of the bags have pretty good protection for the bottom.


This article is mainly presented to you to guide you to the best hilmor tool bags review of the market to keep your mechanical tool safe from any kind of physical or mechanical harm. So don’t let the sweet talk of the sellers confuse you or to guide you to the wrong product.

For our recommendation, we have found Hilmor 1839078 HVAC/R Tote to be more efficient for you like the arrangement and the design of the setting is unique and sufficient space will help you keep a lot of stuff in there. Besides, Hilmor 1839079 TCB Tool Center Bag can be a good option for you too. So don’t wait and make the deal.

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