Best Pocket Chain Saws for Survival

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 23, 2021
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As a cutting tool pocket chain saws are very popular since they are lightweight, foldable, easily portable, sharp and strong enough to cut large and hardwoods. You know nowadays we cannot live without a smartphone and for a hiker, camper any outdoorsman it is essential as a smartphone without which surviving is so difficult.

If you buy a good quality pocket chain saw it will serve you for a lifetime though it also depends on the frequency of your use. So you should take the decision of buying the best pocket chain saw wisely.


This article combines all the essential tips of identifying the best chain saw and the top 5 best pocket chain saw of the market.

Pocket Chain Saw Buying Guide

The following 6 factors are essential to consider for identifying the best pocket chain saw from its huge versatility:

Construction Material

Generally, heat treated carbon steel is used as the construction material of the chain part and paracord, plastic or nylon handle is used in the handle. Among these, Paracord and nylon are more convenient as a handle.

 Length and Teeth

The length of the chain generally varies from 24inch to 36 inches and the number of teeth generally varies from 11-92+. A pocket chain saw with a long chain and more teeth are able to cut branches and woods quickly with less effort.



The pocket chain saw should be flexible enough to fold it easily so that you can carry it comfortably in a small pouch.

Additional Kit

Most of the pocket chain saw comes with a carrying pouch and some come with a fire starter also. When we go for outdoor work both of these kits are required.

If you choose a pocket chain saw without a fire starter you may need to purchase it separately. It is completely your personal choice whether you will choose a pocket chain saw with a fire starter or without a fire starter.


If you go for the brand you just have to notice the specification and do not have to worry about quality. SkyOcean, Sportsman, UST SaberCut are some of the popular brands of best pocket chain saw.


Depending on the quality and the kits provided price varies. We recommend not going for a cheap product because cheap product means less service and opening a way of more spending after purchasing that cheap product.

Top 5 Best Pocket Chain Saws reviewed

It is very time-consuming to pick up the right chain saw from its numerous types and brands. But don’t worry – we already have done a difficult task so that you can get the right product within a short time and with less effort.

1. Skyocean Pocket Chain Saw

Skyocean pocket chain saw with a total of 11 sharp cutting saw blades help you to do any cutting work smartly. These blades are designed in self-cleaning style, so you do not have clean the small branches and leaves after every use.

It is a lightweight, versatile and flexible chain saw perfect for hiking, camping, emergencies, and simple yard work. So if you are a camper, hunter, hiker, backpacker or outdoorsman you can keep this cutting tool in your collection.

Industrial-grade heat treated steel has been used to make the chain and Paracord has been used in the handle. Both of the manufacturing material is super strong and so durable also.

Length of the Paracord handle is enough to reach high branches of the tree. The steady but flexible bi-directional motion of this chain saw will let you cut wood from small branches to large tree trunks and over-head branches easily.

A smart and small pouch comes with this compactable Skyocean pocket chain saw. You can keep it inside the pouch and carry it anywhere you want.

Skyocean pocket chain saw will give you a cool cutting experience with its faster cutting speed and it will also save your energy and time.

A con of this pocket chain saw is that the sharp and self-cleaning teeth are only on one side of the chain. So you have to use it in such a way so that the teeth remain against the material you are going to cut.

This multipurpose pocket chain saw is made by China and comes with a replacement warranty period. A discount is also given on this product. You can buy this for you or can gift this nice and smart cutting tool to your loved ones.

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2. Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw

The bi-directional foldable pocket chain saw of Sportsman is made of high carbon heat-treated steel. The blades are sharp like a razor and able to meet all of your bushcraft needs. It eliminates the need for pruning and pole saw.

After a lot of use if you notice that the blades became blunt you do not have to go for a new pocket chain saw. You can sharpen the teeth with a regular 5/32 round chainsaw file whenever you need. So, it is a money-saving cutting tool.

The longer chain along with more teeth has made this foldable pocket chain saw a faster cutting tool that can reach a long distance. The heavy-duty cross stitched handle protects your hand from getting hurt while pulling the chain saw back and forth to cut wood.

It comes in a nice box and for easy storage, Sportsman provides a tough nylon front pouch and belt loop with their pocket chain saw. It is a perfect hand saw tool for your survival gear, camping, hunting, tree cutting or emergency kit.

Since it is lightweight, foldable and also a nice pouch comes with it for the convenience of carrying it is a perfect portable pocket chain saw. For your outdoor enthusiast friend or relative, it can be a wonderful gift.

Sportsman assures the quality of their product with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Yes, every product has some cons but the cons of some products are so less than those cons are hard to find out.

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3. UST SaberCut Chain Saw

The heavy-duty but lightweight UST SaberCut Chain Saw is popular among camper, hunter, hiker, backpacker or outdoorsman. It is an ergonomic pocket chain saw that comes with comfortable wrist straps. Your hands will not get stressed during performing cutting tasks because of the comfortable wrist straps.

Length of the chain is long enough to reach a long distance but if you need to reach more distance you can add extra cordage to the handle and extend its length according to your requirement. The bi-directional blade of this chain saw is sharp enough to saw through the thin and thick branches of a tree at various angles.

This non-binding chain along with its self-cleaning teeth provides you great service for a long time. It comes with a nylon pouch and hardly requires any maintenance work. So once you pick this item and include in your arsenal you do not have to spend for a long time.

When a product is sold a lot of review about satisfaction and dissatisfaction comes from the customers. Some customers found that UST SaberCut Chain Saw binds a lot and sometimes gets stuck.

The positive reviews are greater in number than the negative reviews which means UST SaberCut Chain Saw has been able to do a lot of business because of its better service.

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4. SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear

SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear is made of heat-treated steel that is very strong and the main reason for the super-strength of this pocket chain saw.

The chain is long enough to reach a long distance and the razor-sharp blade helps you to cut down branches and woods quickly with comparatively less effort. If you need to reach more distance than the ability of the chain saw you can extend its length by adding extra rope.

It is a favorite product among outdoorsmen for camping, hiking, backpacking, clearing mountain, ATV trail or any kind of outdoor adventures. This lightweight and flexible pocket chain saw is easy to carry and you do not need to buy any pouch separately to keep this chain saw because a convenient and compact belt loop pouch is provided by SUMPRI.

The weather may not always remain in favor of you. So you need to cope with the weather and the SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw works as a great survival gear even in the harsh weather because it is water resistant.

Outdoor adventure becomes tasteless without a campfire. A fireproof, shatterproof and water resistant magnesium fire starter comes with the chain saw. It comes with its own unique casing and you can carry this fire starter in the pouch provided by SUMPRI.

After purchasing the SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear if you face any problem within 30 days you will get your money back.  You can purchase this super cool camping gear set for yourself or can gift this to your friends and family.

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5. SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw with Fire Starter

To make our outdoor activities easier keeping a pocket chain saw is a must. SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw is a great tool to meet that purpose. To make that experience more enjoyable and memorable SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw comes with a fire starter.

High strength heat treated steel alloy is the construction material of this pocket chain saw. It can withstand any harsh weather and do not get corroded by coming in contact with moisture. So, SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw is not only strong but also a long-lasting cutting tool.

The razor sharp blades of SOS pocket chain saw is able to cut through small branches and trees. It is long enough to reach up to 5 inches in distance.

To reduce binding and hang up the cutting teeth are designed as bi-directional. To move the pocket chain saw back and forth with comfort strong ballistic nylon straps have been used in the handle.

SOS provides a complete emergency kit for emergency need. It includes a Magnesium fire rod, a built-in compass, and whistle along with the pocket chain saw. The whole kit is designed in such a way that no electricity or battery is required.

You can carry this lightweight, compact and flexible product easily in the SOSGEAR pouch for camping, hiking or any outdoor activities.

If you take a little care of this cool cutting tool it is going to serve you for so long that you can never imagine. After cutting branches off trees clean the leaves, twigs, and debris from the teeth, and using a little bar and chain oil, WD 40 or an environmentally friendly solution wipe it periodically.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What is the number one selling chainsaw?

STIHL – The Number One Selling Brand of Chainsaws.

What’s better Stihl or Husqvarna?

Side-by-side, Husqvarna edges out Stihl. Their safety features and anti-vibration technology allow for easier and safer use. And although Stihl chainsaw engines can have more power, Husqvarna chainsaws tend to be more efficient and better at cutting. As far as value goes, Husqvarna is also a top pick.

What Chainsaw do professional loggers use?

Most of the professional loggers still trust Stihl and Husqvarna as their predominant best professional chainsaw choice because they have the right balance of power to weight.

What is the lightest most powerful chainsaw?

Weighing only 5.7 pounds (without bar and chain), ECHO’s CS-2511P is the lightest gas-powered rear-handle chainsaw in the world with the most power in its class.

Is Echo better than Stihl?

ECHO – Stihl offers the best choices and reliability with chainsaws. ECHO has better residential options for trimmers, blowers, and edgers. … Stihl may have an advantage in some areas, while ECHO is better in others. So let’s start the process of breaking this down.

Is Echo as good as Stihl?

Both Echo and Stihl chain saws produce smoke and fumes, as well as a lot of noise. According to, the Stihl saw it reviewed produced102 decibels, while the Echo saw in the study produced 99 decibels. A downside with Echo chain saws is that they come unassembled.

Is Stihl made in China?

Stihl chainsaws are manufactured in the United States and China. The company has a facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Qingdao, China. “Made by STIHL” is a brand promise – no matter the location of production.

Are Stihl Cordless any good?

A Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy, the Stihl Compact Cordless range has quiet, well-balanced, easy-to-use tools that work hard and efficiently. All size batteries are compatible with the charger and the tools are great value once you have the battery and charger. They come with a two-year warranty.

Is 40V better than 20V?

The higher the voltage, typically, the more cells that are in the battery pack. So when comparing a 40V pack to a 20V pack, in most cases the 40V pack will have more cells which means more power capacity available.

How good are battery-powered chainsaws?

Most of these saws are powerful enough to cut through even big logs. And the best performers cut almost as fast as a small gas-powered chain saw. But if you cut cords of wood every year to heat your house, a gas-powered saw is a better choice. For everyone else, a battery-powered saw is an option worth considering.

Which is better Stihl ms250 or ms251?

There is a difference in this category. With the MS 250, you’re looking at an overall weight of 10.1 pounds. With the MS 251, the powerhead is going to weigh 10.8 pounds. This isn’t too much of a difference, but the MS 250 is slightly lighter.

Why is Stihl not sold at Home Depot?

For Stihl Inc., it’s about image. The German-owned maker of chain saws and other hand-held yard tools believes emphasizing that it doesn’t sell through mass merchants such as Lowe’s and Home Depot reinforces its aura of exclusivity. Stihl’s bright-orange machines can be purchased only through independent dealers.

What is a Stihl 025 worth?

When it comes to the 025, I’ve fixed & flipped more than a few of them since they’re easy to come by & easy to work on. I sell good runners in good aesthetic condition for $175 w/ bar & chain, or $150 powerhead only. Every region is different, but around here that’s all you can get on a regular basis for that model.

Q: What is the maximum length of the pocket chain saw?

Ans: Pocket chain saws are generally 24 to 36 inches in length.

Q: Do I have to purchase the carrying bag separately for my pocket chain saw?

Ans: No, the manufacturers provide a nylon pouch with a lock to carry your pocket chain saw.

Q: Do pocket chain saws require maintenance?

Ans: Generally, it does not require maintenance but if you clean it after every use and oil it periodically it will provide you better service for a long time.


You may find out some pocket chain saws with 5 ratings and without any negative review. But that absolutely does not mean its good quality rather it means the product has not been sold enough.

We have reviewed the potential comments of various pocket chain saws along with its features and specifications. Analyzing all the data we have chosen Sportsman pocket chain saw as our today’s top pick.

SOS Gear Pocket Chain Saw and SUMPRI Pocket chain saw come with a fire starter. If you do not have a good fire starter in your collection you can go for any one of these two.

A common con of pocket chain saw is stuck in the wood. This con is hard to avoid but the pocket chain saw manufacturers are working to decrease this con. Each pocket chain saw has a limitation of ability to cut wood. So while cutting wood you should keep in mind that the thickness of wood does not exceed the cutting ability of the chain saw.

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