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by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 19, 2021
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Rawhide hammer aka rawhide mallets is the ultimate solution to gentle tappings without any marring. There’s more to it than just a gentle surface, reduced sound pollution, enhanced durability and last but not least almost zero chances of injury, this is what rawhide hammers bring to the table.

Being a necessity for jewelers and for folks of many other professions we’re here talking about ‘em. Since you’ll be using them on what requires utmost delicacy, you better be damn sure you’re grabbing the best rawhide hammer.


Best Rawhide Hammers reviewed

This section illustrates every single product including pros and cons. These reviews will help you to select the particular hammer and also justify why they’re the best. So, by going through all the specialties and drawbacks, you’ll have a proper idea about why they’re exhibiting the best qualities.

1. Thor – 210 Copper/Rawhide Hammer Size 1 710G


This product of thor is not only a general-purpose tool but also a soft-faced hammer in the field of automotive and general-purpose engineering for repairing and maintaining. The main function of a hammer is to drive nails into wood or other materials.

This remarkable specification comes with a malleable iron head that is fitted with one hide and one copper face. For having availability in different weights, you can pick up the one that is well-suited for your job.

Moreover, for being a hand tool with a heavy rigid head and a handle, you can deliver an impulsive force by striking it.

To accomplish machine work efficiently, you cannot ignore this kit. Moreover, it works friendly for where you need to strike in a small area requiring heavy flow.  Apart from that, sculptors make the best use of a hammer by bending metal into beauty. It’s also a beneficial tool for construction workers to break things.


  • Because of the poor finishing on the iron head which holds the copper and rawhide, the grinding operation becomes a bit interrupted.
  • The copper face is not replaceable and makes the job a bit uncomfortable.



This specification comes with three different sizes, for which you need to make sure about the sizes before buying. So the buyers get a friendly choosing segment while buying. So you may get notified of this unit.

With a light-weight of the hammer, it works extraordinarily for jewelry work. For being a handy tool, you can get the best version of it in the field of woodworking, various crafts, and stained glass. Besides, the mallet is so good and strong which can last up to many years.

Compared to the other hammers down the list, its smoothness may amaze you. It can also fulfill your craving for a hammer-like this particular one. If you are looking for a repairing band instrument, then it’s a must-try. The quality of the mallet is so good that it can ensure your hunger a bit easier.


  • Though it’s a qualitative tool, it exhibits some limitations.
  • The head of the mallet becomes unwrapped after very little use.
  • Moreover, some functions may not work for its being so small.
  • However, you can overcome this problem by purchasing a larger one that fits your job.



This rawhide mallet has an exclusive configuration that will easily attract buyers to keep this in their choice list. This mallet is garland composed of water buffalo rawhide and having a handle with rolled-up rawhide. Having a very lightweight mallet, it exhibits high portability facilities. It’s a fundamental tool for jewelry making.

The jewelry-making steel which is ring-mandrel, a basic workbench tool for any jeweler. It has a perfectly smooth polished work surface which is a beneficial tool for the jewelers. It’s not only beneficial for measuring, sizing and enlarging the jewelry rings but also good at wire wrapping work. Thus these features increase the demand in the marketplace.

This specification of ring mandrel that comes with a case hardened steel is very friendly for the working surface. Its high durability and excellent performance will easily invite you to buy.

Having an easy operation to get a smoother surface probably attracts consumers. In a nutshell, its high quality will help your things get a proper shape and also it’ll be worth purchasing for consumers.


  • Some of the faulty units will easily distract you before purchasing.
  • The material of the mandrel is not so good for your surface. Rather it’s softer than the hammers and sometimes can’t last up to a few years.

4. Weaver Leather Rawhide Mallet


This rawhide mallet by weaver leather comes with a head and handle which are joined tightly. You may have been amazed at the strength and durability of the rawhide. Having a great quality of the mallet, it works friendly for leatherwork. This hammer with an arch punch will make the perfect duo.

The head of the mallet is both solid and durable. Apart from that, it has a generous coating of varnish material to protect the head. In the case of the handle, it’s also composed of hardwood that can last a long time. Having both easy operation and installation of the mallet which makes it a more qualitative product.

Being a handy tool with a very lightweight will easily call consumers to have this. Besides, this kit is perfect for not only for furniture work but also the installation of wood plugs. Rather there is no need to add extra ones to accomplish your work.

In the meantime, you can do all sorts of metalwork in the field of mechanics including sheet metal work, general metal forming and pressing and so on.


  • Due to being too hard mallet, it cannot work smoothly for leatherwork.

5. 1-1/4 x 2-1/2″ Rawhide Mallet Jewelry Making Repair Metal Forming Hammer


Unlike the other hammers shown above, it has the material of the finest quality rawhide. So, the consumers will prefer it first in their choice list.

First of all, the head of the mallet is processed with qualitative rawhide. Then, this kit is enclosed in shellac for inserted capacity. This whole process makes the head different from the other mallet and eventually it becomes an efficient one.

After the head is made by the whole process illustrated in the above, the head is mounted on a hardwood handle cautiously and securely. The weight of the hammer is so light that it becomes portable which is a plus point for the users toward having it.

At the time of processing it, safety glasses should be worn. Otherwise, it will cause harm to the hammer maker.

Having both durability and easy installation makes it more of a qualitative product. This kit is very favorable in the face of jewelry making. If you need to shape any jewelry, it fits the best.

For repairing and hardening metals, you can easily rely on its functions without any doubt. Moreover, this kit has the affordability which is a positive side for the consumers toward purchasing it.


  • Some of the units may not work including repairing metals for the lack of secure operation.


Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What is a rawhide hammer used for?

Rawhide mallets, which may employ rawhide covering a steel head, or simply consist of rolled-up rawhide, are used for leatherwork, jewellery, and assembling electric motors and delicate machinery. Plastic mallets, made of nylon, polycarbonate, or polystyrene are used especially in leatherwork and jewellery.

How do you condition a rawhide mallet?

Can I use a hammer instead of a mallet?

A hammer can be used as a substitute for a rubber mallet by covering the head with a 1” diameter rubber tip.

What does a hammer cost?

The cost of hammers varies because of their structure mainly. Depending on the structure and size, the cost of hammers typically ranges from $ 10 to 40 dollars.

What are wooden mallets made of?

Wooden mallets are usually made of beechwood, which a medium-density wood that won’t damage workpieces.

What is a hide mallet?

Rawhide mallets are softer than metal-face mallets as they’re made from varnished water buffalo hide. … Despite this, rawhide mallets can be hit very hard and are useful early into their use, once they soften, these mallets can be trimmed down to prolong its use.

What do you use a rubber mallet for?

Rubber Mallet

A mallet is a block on a handle, which is usually used for driving chisels. The head on a rubber mallet is made of rubber. These types of hammers deliver softer impact than hammers with metal heads. They are essential if your work needs to be free of impact marks.

What is difference between hammer and mallet?

When we think of a hammer or a mallet, similar tools come to mind. However, the common factor between a hammer and a mallet is that we use both tools to strike a blow. The main difference between a hammer and a mallet is that the head of a hammer is metallic and that of a mallet is usually non-metallic.

What can I use instead of a hammer?

Flat rock – Rocks with a completely flat edge are more suited to hammering nails into wood, putting furniture together, and driving a chisel. Long flat rock – This type of rock is perfect if you can’t quite reach the thing you need to hammer.

What can I use if I don’t have a rubber mallet?

Make-Do Mallet

If you need a mallet once in a blue moon but don’t own one, improvise: Use a heavy kitchen sponge. Get it wet, wring as much water out of it as you possibly can, then wrap it around the head of your hammer and secure it with a heavy rubber band.

What is a finishing hammer?

A hammer with a smooth striking surface is known as a finishing hammer and is used where marring of the wood is to be avoided for cosmetic reasons. Some framing hammers have a magnetized slot along the top edge of the striking surface to hold a nail.

Does Walmart sell hammers?

Hammer – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Q: Is the handle of the hammer replaceable?

Ans: Yes, you can replace the handle when you need it. Well, try to keep the diameter of the hammer as identical as possible. Else you may need to replace the hammer holder you use.

Q: Is the mallet easy to use?

Ans: Yes, there is no complicated operation for the mallet. By going through all the specifications, you may get notified about its easy operation.

Q: Is it possible to get a smoother surface for repairing metals?

Ans: Most of them provide a clean and smooth surface because of its high quality. Out of the different types of hammers available, these are more user-friendly to operate.


By going through all the specifications, this can be puzzling for anyone to choose the best rawhide hammer surrounding your nearby stores. Sometimes your working purpose and choices make the difference in the course of having this. Whatever the difference is, you should get notified about what you need and what the product serves.

Regarding all the hammers illustrated in the above, hammer of thor, rawhide mallet by garland and the last one may be helpful according to your purpose. Because of its smoothness and high quality, these become the first choice for the consumers toward having all of these.

However, the positive reviews may help you to become confident before purchasing. Because confidence is the key to almost all success. So, hurry up and make a worthy purchase.

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