Best Trash Cans for Ford Expedition Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  October 2, 2022
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As the name suggests, you’ll be going on a lot of long journeys with your Ford Expedition, and with up to eight seats it’s the perfect car for big families! However with big families, often comes a big mess and when you’re out on those long drives you don’t want your car becoming a dumping ground for everyone’s trash.

So what can you do to stop this? We understand that for many families and adventurers, keeping your car clean can be an additional chore that you really don’t need! And with plenty of car trash cans now available on the market, we have put together a list of the best ones for your Ford Expedition.

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Best Trash Can for Ford Expedition

Farasla All-in-One Car Trash Can with 2 Removable Leakproof Interior Liners, Adjustable Tissue Holder & Straps

The Farsala All-in-One is perfect for anyone looking for a family friendly trash can that can easily slip into their routine. Adjustable and easy to fit, once you’ve used this trash can and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

The removable leak proof liners are another feature that will save families a lot of time and ease in the long run. No more time consuming, unclipping the liner is easily removed, washed and put back into place because when you’re a parent you know that every second you can save on a task is valuable time used elsewhere.

A versatile accessory, it can be used as not only a trash can but as a storage organiser and cooler bag too, making it a great addition to any long car journeys with the family – pop your snacks and drinks in there to keep cool and discard the rubbish when you’re finished! Not only that but they have an adjustable tissue holder which has been specially designed to hold any sized tissue box or wet wipes.


  • Multifunctionality – can be used as a cooler as well as a trash can!
  • Leak proof liners are easy to remove – perfect for saving time
  • Easy to fit and use – adjustable straps allow for easy installation
  • Built to last – made from a 500D polyester with a 2mm plastic clipboard


  • The lid can have some trouble staying shut but Farasla have tried to rectify this by adding a magnet button closure

High Road TrashStash Hanging Car Trash Bag with Leakproof Lining and Spring Frame Closure

If you’re going on a long road trip then you’ll be wanting to take a lot of snacks and refreshments along with you for the ride. This is where the High Road TrashStash shines. With a three gallon capacity, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your days worth of trash will be easily contained with no worries about over spillage, keeping your car as clean and tidy as the day you bought it.

Incredibly easy to use, all you need to do is hang it off the back of the desired headrest, pull the front tab and voila – you can discard your trash in the can with zero fuss. The hinged closure also helps to keep any nasty smells out as well so don’t worry about eating that tuna sandwich for lunch as no one will be able to know!


  • Leakproof – extensively tested, the High Road TrashStash guarantees no leaks!
  • Hinged door closure – keeps any unwanted smells at bay
  • 3 gallon storage – perfect for those long journeys
  • Easy to clean – just a quick wipe with a wet cloth should keep it in great condition


  • Not as durable as some of the other trash cans on our list

OxGord Waterproof Car Trash Can – 100% Leak-Proof, Plus Odor Blocking – Back Seat Hanging Garbage Holder – Closeable Waste Bag Basket Organizer

The great thing about the OxGord Waterproof Car Trash Can is that you can set it up wherever works best for you! You can hang it from the head rest, central console, gear shit, arm rest, glove box or even leave it to stand alone – it is truly a versatile trash can.

Made from a thick, leak resistant nylon you can feel confident knowing that any spills or accidents can be easily contained within it’s durable walls and it also doubles up as a great way to store documents or toys and treats to keep the kids entertained!


  • Durable – thick resistant material, keeps out spills and lasts a long time
  • Versatile – can be used almost anywhere within your vehicle
  • Closeable – no need for a lid! The built in snaps will keep this trash can shut
  • Universal – easily fits into ant truck, van, SUV, RV or pickup
  • Multipurposes – use as a trash can or to store those important things you may need on a long journey


  • Capacity isn’t as large as others on this list

Frequently Asked Questions

So you’ve checked out our suggestions for the best trash can for your Ford Expedition but you may be wondering, is it really necessary? Well take a look below as we discuss this in a bit more detail:

Do I really need a car trash can?

A trash can for your car is a great way to help keep your car in pristine condition. We’ve all been there – we get a new car and vow we will keep it clean then a few weeks later it’s full of trash and empty take out containers. 

By having an interior trash can you can minimise the mess (and smell) that a trash build can cause. Not to mention it can save you the embarrassment you feel when you need to pick up your co-worker and they realise your car is like a garbage can!

Plus if your truck is filled with candy wrappers and empty sugary drinks cans it can attract many pests such as ants and rats! And I’m sure we all know how difficult it can be to get rid of ants, so anything you can do to keep them at bay is a huge plus.

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