Best Trash Cans For Honda Civic Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  October 2, 2022
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Honda Civics are a great family car, boasting a spacious interior to fit everyone in and also a generous trunk to store your luggage and essentials for long road trips.


However, a family car means one thing, lots of mess, especially if you don’t have a trash can specifically for your vehicle.

It can be easy to stuff wrappers or water bottles in the side compartments of your vehicle when you have nowhere else to put them and also tempting for your kids in the back to simply chuck their trash on the floor or leave it on the seat when they’re done with it. 

Returning from road trips or long-haul drives you’ll probably find there’s more garbage to remove out from your car than luggage.

The trash can end up making your car look and smell like a dump and often end up with you being embarrassed for anyone else to ride in your car. 

The solution to keeping your car tidy and free from trash is a trash car specifically designed for cars, and in your circumstances, a honda civic.

They’ll allow you to keep all your trash in one place and then you can easily empty the trash can when you arrive home or somewhere with a public trash can. 

We’ve found the 3 best trash cans for honda civics, so you can enjoy your driving and road trips clutter-free. 

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Trash Can For Honda Civic

Lusso Gear Spill-Proof Car Trash Can – 2.5 Gallon Hanging Garbage Bin 

Our top pick is this Lusso Gear Spill-Proof car trash can that offers a whopping 2.5 gallons of trash capacity which will cover you for even the longest of road trips without frequently emptying. 

The trash can permits versatility installation across areas of your vehicle, including attached to the console in between the drivers and passenger seat, the glove box compartment in the front, around the headrest of the front seat, and also on the side of the doors.

So whether you’d like it in the front for your personal use or installed in the back to encourage kids to be tidier, then you’ll be able to switch it up. 

The strap on the trash can is adjustable so you’ll be able to ensure that it’s securely installed wherever you choose to put it so trash won’t fall out when you’re moving. 

The trash can is easily opened with a flip of the lid so you can easily toss your trash in when you’re done with it, so there’ll be no excuses for having a cluttered car. 

The garbage can includes a leakproof, removable, and washable liner for odor-free use and easy cleaning after extensive use. This means if there are any spillages from leftover soda cans or bottles, they won’t drip out from the trash can. 

There are also hooks built onto the trash can to be able to hold some disposable bags inside the basket for easy emptying and extra convenience when on the road. 

The Lusso Gear trash can features additional storage pockets on the sides which is ideal for keeping wipes, plastic bags, and any other essentials right on hand when you’re on the go. 

The Lusso Gear car trash can comes in 5 colors including, brown, black, tan, and gray to suit the interior coloring of your Honda so it doesn’t look out of place. 


  • Leak-proof Interior – Ideal for storing leftover cans or bottles
  • Can be installed in various locations in your Civic – Used by you or your passengers
  • Easy flip lid – No need to unzip every time to use it
  • Removable liner – Offers easy cleaning


  • Doesn’t come with sized disposable trash bags – Other models online do

High Road StashAway Car Trash Can and Garbage Bag 

Another great option for a trash can for your Honda Civic is this High Road StashAway trash can that can keep up to 1.5 gallons of trash covered and contained even if the bag is full which keeps odors and messes under control.

The StashAway trash can is constructed with a sturdy rubber lid which makes it easy to tuck trash into and prevents you from having to unzip or lift a lid when you’re on the move.

The rigid panels of the trash can will always keep it upright and won’t fall to the side and spill out your garbage.

The main material of the construction is a 500D polyester which is super durable and will be able to stay in great shape and condition to last you years of road trips and car journeys with your family.

The trash can hang behind the headrest of the two front seats to be used in the back, or also installed behind the console so the people in the front can also access the trash. 

It’s easy to install thanks to the buckle strap making it more convenient if you don’t want it permanently in your vehicle and only want it for road trips with the family. 

The interior is completely leak-proof and will prevent any spillages or accidents in your vehicle if people don’t replace the lids on bottles properly. Unfortunately, the interior is not removable for cleaning which is less convenient than other models. 

We’d recommend using an additional bag liner inside to make it easier to dispose of your garbage when you find a trash can, this should also make it easier to keep the interior clean and prevent stains or bacteria from developing from food waste or spillages. 

As with the Lusso Gear model, this StashAway one also has 3 outside pockets to be able to store essentials like hand wipes or napkins for when you’re eating on the go. 


  • Sturdy construction – Won’t collapse and spill food waste or trash in your car
  • Leak-proof interior – Can dispose of drinks and wet foods without them dripping in your car
  • Rubber lid construction – Push rubbish into the trash can instead of opening or unzipping
  • Large capacity – Good for general use and road trips


  • Interior lining is not removable – Makes it less convenient to clean after use

Njnj Store Waterproof Car Trash Can Garbage Bin 

Last but not least is this waterproof car trash can from Njnj Store that has sturdy and solid construction to hold a high capacity of garbage on long trips in the car. 

It also has a waterproof and leakproof lining meaning you can throw away and dispose of the leftovers of drink cans or hot drinks in the trash bag without having to worry that it will drip through and dirty your car.

The interior of the trash can is not removable though, which is one of the minor downsides as it means disposing of the trash inside and cleaning out to make sure bacteria doesn’t develop is more difficult. 

For this reason, we’d recommend using some disposable trash bags or even a grocery bag to keep the trash in so you can easily dispose of your trash when you’ve arrived at your destination. 

The Njnj trash can is designed to be hung behind either of the two front seats for primary use for those in the backseats, or installed behind the console so everyone can have access to it.

It’s easy to install via either the adjustable buckle straps or the plastic hooks depending on what model Civic you have. 

When installed on the headrests on the front seats, the trash can be quite intrusive to the person sitting behind it as it can hang quite low so adjustments will need to be made.

However, if it’s a small child in the backseat then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. 

The trash can also comes equipped with 4 storage pockets on the exterior of the design to conveniently store hand wipes to use after eating or even keep toys to occupy your kids in the backseats. 

The lid of the Njnj trash can keeps all your trash contained inside and also blocks odors from being emitted, so there’ll be no chance of your car developing a garbage smell. 

It’s a portable pop-up design that makes it easy to carry around and also a dream for families who are using a hire car on vacation and want to keep it as clean as possible.


  • Pop-up design – Easy portability and great for using on vacation
  • 4 storage pockets on the exterior – Provides space for essential items
  • Leak-proof – Easy disposal of drinks can or coffee cups
  • 2-way installation – Offers more convenience based upon passenger needs


  • Capacity is not as big as other models – Will need emptying more frequently 

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