Best Trash Cans For Toyota Camry Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  September 30, 2022
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There’s a great market for cars in the United States, as Honda and Toyota have proven – Alan Mulally 

If there’s one thing that Americans love almost as much as their families and their dogs, it’s their cars. 

Our country was built on the back of the automotive industry, we made the automobile famous the world over, and somewhere along the line, while we were building the cars that put our country on the map, we fell in love with them.

Times change and tastes change and the cars that ultimately ended up stealing our hearts and minds as the twenty-first century slowly rolled into view came, and continue to come from every corner of the globe.  

Alan Mulally was right. Even though there was a time when Ford, Dodge, and Chrysler ruled the American car market, they’ve slowly and surely been usurped by Honda and Toyota. 


While we used to prize performance and horsepower over everything else, we now value fuel efficiency and reliability, and that’s why more and more of us drive Toyotas. They last forever, they don’t miss a beat and they’ll just keep on going for as long as we want them to.  

Because your Toyota Camry is your pride and joy, and the thing that you care most about in the world after your family and your home, you’ll want to make sure that it looks good inside and out.

The best way to make sure that its interior always looks good is with a trash can that can hold all of the candy wrappers and cans and bottles that might otherwise end up on the floor.

And to help make sure that your Camry stays clean on the side, we’ve put together a list of the best trash cans you can fit in your car to keep the interior looking every bit as good as the exterior does. It’s time to put the trash where it belongs, back in the can…

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Trash Can For Toyota Camry Reviews

Epauto Waterproof Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

Designed to be easy to hang over the bag of the back of the driver or passenger seat or floor-mounted in a footwell, epuato’s two-gallon trash can is fully waterproof and can hold just about all of the trash that a busy family on a long road trip can make. 

Its elasticated, easy-to-fasten velcro lid means that when something goes into the trash can, it stays in there until you’re ready to empty it. And because it’s fully waterproof, it won’t leak and leave the sort of stains that only a valet can get rid of when you do need to remove and empty it. 


  • Easy To Fit, Easy To Empty – It’s easy to fit in the front and the rear of your Camry. Just hang it over the headrests of the seats or from your glove compartment, or fasten it over the central console. And when you need to empty it, just open the easy fasten velcro lid, and tip the trash out. 
  • Eight Different Colors – It’s available in eight different colors, so you’re bound to be able to find one that matches the interior of your car. 


  • It’s Big – Don’t kid yourself, two gallons is a lot, and this trash can is going to take up a lot of rear passenger space if it’s hung off the back of the front seats, and a lot of legroom if you fit it in a passenger well

High Road StashAway Car Trash Can

An American-made trash can (High Road is based in Maine) that can hold one and a half gallons of road tripping debris, the StashAway is completely waterproof, and its vinyl lining is easy to clean and wipe down.

And as long as you wipe it down after emptying it, it’ll never burden your Camry with the sort of unwanted odors that you’ll need to install five different air fresheners to eliminate. 

Easy to hang, and easy to empty, it was made to be attached to the center console of your Camry or to be hung from the back of the front seats, and even has three additional storage pouches that’ll come in handy when your compartment gets too full. 


  • More Than Enough Room – One and a half gallons of garbage room is more than enough to store any and all of the unwanted litter that’ll build up over a road trip. 
  • East Wipe Interior – The StashAway’s vinyl interior is easy to wipe down when you empty the trash. Just make sure that you do clean it every time you use it or it might end up being the source of a new and unusual perfume. 


  • It’s A Color Thing – It only comes in black. It’s a one-color trash can that might not be a match for the interior of every Camry. 

Carbage Can Premium Car Trash Can

With a name like Carbage Can, you know that the people responsible for creating this American patented and made trash can are serious about keeping the inside of your Camry clean.

It’s a solid, robust old-school plastic trash can that does exactly what it says will on the tin. It keeps the trash off the floor of your car and where it belongs. In the Carbage.

This trash can isn’t designed to be hung off the back of a seat, it was made to be fitted to the mats in the footwell and inside the trunk, so it’s discreet and won’t take up any of the passenger room in the back of your car.

And it comes with a one hundred percent money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with your Carbage Can, you just return it to sender and put the cash straight back into your account. 


  • Old School – It’s a solid, old-school trash can that’s made from one hundred percent recycled plastic. 
  • Floor Mounted – It’s designed to slide over the mats in your Camry’s footwell, and won’t get in the way of your passengers, or take up too much room in the rear or front of your car. 


  • Open Top – It’s an open-top trash can that doesn’t have a lid, so if you do forget to empty the trash, it might kick up a stink in the back of your car. 

Car Trash Can With Lid

Size isn’t everything and bigger isn’t always better, and Oudew’s smaller, driver and passenger-friendly trash can proves that small can be beautiful. It’s a solid aluminum trash can that’s been designed to sit comfortably in the cup holders in the front of your Camry. 

Sure, it won’t hold a lot of car-based litter, but it’s easy to empty and clean, isn’t obtrusive and if you’re the only person in your car most of the time, all you’ll need it to take care of is the odd candy wrapper or empty packet, and that’s exactly what it will do. 


  • Spring-Loaded Lid – Its spring-loaded lid was designed to make sure that when something goes in this trash can, it says in this trash can. And as its lid is easy to remove, it’s also easy to empty and clean. Which is exactly what a trash can should be – straightforward, efficient, and simple to use.
  • Slides Right In –  And it’s also been made to slide right in and fit in any cup holder in any model of Camry.  What more could you want? 


  • Size Does Matter – Well, you might want it to be a little bit bigger than it actually is because even though it looks good, it won’t hold much trash.  

Knodel Car Trash Can with Lid

We know, we keep focusing on the bigger, hang off the back seat trash cans, and that’s probably because we want to make sure that our kids learn to put the trash where it belongs while they’re in the car. And if you drive a Camry, you’re probably thinking the same – that you need a trash can that your kids are going to use. 

Leakproof, childproof, and easy to fit over the headrests or the central console of your Camry, the elasticated, easy to fasten and undo lid will ensure that all of the litter goes into the trash can, and stays there until you need to empty it. 


  • Easy To Fit, Easy To Empty – It’s straightforward to fit and easy to empty and clean. What more do you need? 
  • Waterproof – It’s also fully waterproof, so if an empty bottle or can does leak, it won’t spill into the back of your car. 


  • It’s A Size Thing – Sometimes you need to make sacrifices, and with the Knodel, you’ll be sacrificing a little of the space in the back of your Camry to make sure that your kids and your passengers keep it clean. But that’s the kind of sacrifice that we think is worth making… 

Trash Can For Toyota Camry Buying Guide

Which Trash Can Is Right For My Camry? 

Honestly? Any of the trash cans on our list are perfect for your Camry, but if it was money and our car, then we’d point you in the direction of the trash can that sits in the back of our Toyota.

And that’s the American-made StashAway. It’s the only car trash can you’ll ever need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Car Trash Can? 

A car trash can is exactly what you think it is. It’s a trash can that’s been made to be fitted in your car in order to keep it clean. 

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