Color fan: what can you do with it?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Color range and the utility

The usefulness of a color fan and how to use a color fan.

Take a good and fresh look at your interior.

Maybe you have no idea what colors to choose.

Color fan

For example, why would you let an architect decide on your colours?

You really can do it yourself.

There are so many resources available on the internet these days that teach you how to deal with a color fan.

Let the colors come to life with a color fan

Many factors are important to determine the right color in certain rooms.

It indicates whether you have a lot of light in the house or not.

This is the well-known incidence of light.

To help you a little, I always say forget the soft pastels and use the more powerful colors!

A color chart is suitable for this to choose these colors.

You now have a color fan with between sheets.

You then put them in a row of colors and these between sheets ensure that you can combine them.

You can then do this with each color line, so that you get ideas.

Look on the internet for a color range

You no longer have to go to a painting store to choose your colors.

There are color charts for every brand, where you sometimes don’t know which color to choose.

A great tool to choose colors

I found a great resource on the internet where you can choose any color you want.

Click here for all online “color charts”.

You go to the above online color site and you can easily see which brand color fans are available with the associated basic colors.

There are fans of Boonstoppel, RAL colours, Rambo, Sigma, Sikkens, Wijzonol, Histor, Koopmans, and I could go on and on!

Very handy!

In addition, there is a site where you have to upload a photo and you can color it yourself, also a great tool! Click here.

Colors are always personal and you will have to choose them yourself.

Wish you luck in choosing the right colors!

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