Dewalt DCF887B Brushless 20V MAX XR Impact Driver Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 31, 2022
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As a person who constantly renovates or does mechanical work, you must have seen a fair share of drillers in your lifetime. A homeowner also needs drilling machines from time to time to fix door hinges or to hand a new photo frame on the wall.

Well, with this Dewalt DCF887B Review, we want to introduce you to one of the best drilling models by Dewalt. You will not be disappointed with this tool as a professional, and beginners will have an easy time with the appliance as well.

So, without further ado, let us know more about the DCF887B by Dewalt


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Highlighted Features

  • Three different speed modes for precision control and accuracy
  • New generation brushless drilling machine
  • 30 times faster output
  • Bright LED lighting feature that can work as a 20-minute torch
  • Three LEDs surrounding the head for better coverage
  • Requires no time for loading
  • Compact design that can fit in tight spaces
  • The cordless device increases portability
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Minimum time to charge the battery

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Dewalt DCF887B Review

Weight2 pounds
Dimensions8 x 3 x 5.88
Batteries2 AAA batteries
StyleImpact Driver
Voltage20 Volts
Wattage20 watts
Warranty 3 year

If the highlighted features were enough to satisfy your answers, then great! But if you still have more questions, then we hope you will find the following segment helpful.

Variable Speed Option

Drilling machines become worth the price when you can apply it on different surfaces. So, if your device can work on iron, steel, and wood, then you got an excellent tool. But if it does not, then you should switch to the DCF887B by Dewalt.

It offers three different speeds for more control and precision. So, you do not have to work with the same speed on wood and steel. It will thus preserve the texture of both surfaces.

You can get 1000, 2800, or 3250 impacts per minute due to the variable speed. So, depending on the material, you can change the speed, and the loading time is close to zero. Consequently, you will waste no time while working.

Bright LED

Previously drilling machines did not have any form of illuminating options. You would either wear a helmet with a built-in torch or hold a torchlight in one hand and the drilling machine on the other.

However, there are issues with both of those techniques. The helmet torch cannot provide enough light, and a separate torch engages one hand. So, manufacturers such as Dewalt installed not one but three LEDs on the drilling machine.

Now you can work in full light, and there will be no shadow. The light can stay on for up to 20 minutes without any interruption. And the addition of two more LED ensures that you get three times more illumination.

More Output

From the impact level, you can tell that this tool can provide more output than conventional drilling machines. Even at the lowest speed, you can get 1000 impacts per minute. So, on average, the output increases by 30%.

It can pierce through 152 ft-lbs. wood thanks to its next-generation brushless motors. The speed and the engine work together in achieving a balance. This factor is most wanted by beginners and admired by professionals.

Besides the speed and motor, the design and battery of the tool also enable the spectacular output that everyone loves.

Superior Battery

The Dewalt DCF887B needs to have a high-quality battery to get the impressive output that we have been raving about. Luckily, it does, and the combination of these elements delivers the best output among all the brushless models from Dewalt.

It is a 20 V battery that you can plug into the driller. After that, you do not have to worry about power surges or circuit fuse, as the battery will provide the right amount of current for every speed setting.

Another fantastic feature of the Dewalt batteries is their fast charging capability. After the battery runs out of charge, you will only need 30 minutes to charge fully. However, it may also need an hour, depending on how old the battery is.

Compact Design

From one glance, you will realize that this tool is unlike other drillers. It has a narrower head called a chuck head. The purpose of this alteration is to go deeper into tight places and drill holes.

This model is also the lightest in terms of weight among the range of brushless drillers. It only weighs 2 pounds thanks to its compact and innovative design. You need to insert the battery from the bottom and secure the latch to prevent it from falling.

Such placement of the battery enables free passage of electricity and helps to reduce unwanted resistance. The plastic body also absorbs the shocks created by the forceful impact. Thus, allowing a more accurate drilling placement

Cordless Drilling Machine

Dewalt went one step ahead to make this drilling tool even more portable by designing it as a cordless machine. Well, to be genuinely cordless, a lot of other factors played a massive role, such as the lightweight battery, and compact design. But eliminating the wire gives this drilling tool a whole new perspective.

You can bring this outside as there is no need for an electrical outlet. The wooden board can be as it as you want, and the machine can tag along. 

Versatile Product

Besides all these fantastic features, this tool also accepts more than one kind of drill bit. That means you can make all sorts of holes for different nuts and bolts. However, the bits should be 1 inch since the head of the tool is smaller than usual.


  • Three different drilling speed
  • Weighs only 2 pounds
  • Three times more illuminating power
  • Faster drilling time
  • A set of three LED lights
  • Can work as a torch for 20 minutes
  • Compact size


  • Have to buy the battery separately

Final Word

This Dewalt DCF887B Review could not have been more elaborate. We have gathered every kind of information you could want before purchasing the tool. So, what are you waiting for? Those walls will not drill itself.

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