Dewalt DCF888B 20V MAX XR Brushless Tool Connect Impact Driver Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 31, 2022
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Technology can do wonders for several products. If you, as a professional woodworking or mechanical person, were missing the touch of technology to your power tools, then we have excellent news for you.

In this Dewalt DCF888B Review, we want to introduce you to a power tool that you can regulate with your computer or even phone!

Yes, you have heard us right, you can control your device from anywhere with the newest technology developed by Dewalt. Hence you certainly do not want to pass out on knowing about this ingenious model.


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Highlighted Features

  • Uses a tool connecting app for easy connection anywhere
  • High performing Dewalt batteries
  • Can control torque, precision drive, LED lights, and speed using the app
  • Sustainable exterior that lasts for a long time
  • High-speed capacity for faster output
  • 20 Volt lithium-ion battery
  • ABS plastic body keeps the tool lightweight
  • High-speed performance helps in gaining more impact
  • Narrow nozzle size that can adjust in smaller spaces
  • Interchangeable battery system
  • Accepts one-inch drilling pins

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Now that you know the highlighted features, you know what to expect from the product. But to understand how the products function and why it is worth the price, you need to follow the next segment.

Connecting App

The uniqueness of this particular product is its ability to connect to your phone and computer. The tool has an in-built software that pairs with a tool app.

All you have to do is install the app and pair the two devices. Et voila! You will be able to control the drilling machine, find its location, assign tool allocation, and do much more.

However, you perform actual tasks virtually, and you will need a stand or some form of attachment to hold the machine. This feature will be super helpful for a business as it can keep track of its drilling machines.

It even alerts after task completion or when any error occurs. In short, you will not have any issues inventory wise when you purchase this model.

Superior Design

Since this tool is wildly different from any other drilling tool, it is bound to have a different design. However, the difference is not visible from the outside.

It is still a cordless drilling tool that we all love and adore. The magic happens in the internal section, where it has all the sophisticated circuits. Through these elements, the device receives signals and operates accordingly.

Besides the exciting inside, the tool has the classic Dewalt feel and look. It is sturdy and rough. The neck has a perfect radius to fit your hand. Plus, the trigger to turn the driller on is easily accessible as well.

LED System

If you want to ditch the fancy new way of drilling and wanted to go old school, then it is ‘Hello darkness, my old friend’ time again. As we know that drilling on tighter spaces can be difficult as there is a lack of light.

Moreover, it also becomes problematic during nighttime. Hence a built-in LED light on the drilling machine is a brilliant idea. You do not have to wear a heavy helmet or carry an extra torch.

Drill away with the LED at the nozzle. Thanks to the app, you can even control the brightness of the LED system.

Rotation Capacity

By this term, we mean the torque that can be generated by a drilling machine. A drilling machine primarily functions by making a hole, and that happens when the motor makes a rotational movement.

With enough power and speed, the drill head achieves momentum to pierce through such dense objects. Similarly, DCF888B also follows the same principle.

It can generate 1825 in-lbs worth of torque energy. The brushless motor also works great with the torque. However, you cannot control the torque capacity using the app. You can only change it manually.

Dependable Battery

People appreciate the Dewalt batteries everywhere because of their immense durability and ease of use. These batteries are interchangeable, which means you can buy one battery, a charger, and you will be good to go for any other Dewalt power tool.

Although this tool comes with a 1.1 Ah battery, it can function with any range of Ah battery as well. As long as the battery is 20 volts, you should be good to go.

You will also be pleased to know that the batteries charge super quick. So, it will only set you back to one hour to 30 minutes.


The machine also has impeccable speed when it comes to poking holes on the material. Since you already know how much torque the tool generates, you can already guess that the speed will also be high.

Well, it can deliver 3250 impacts per minute. With this much speed, it will be a piece of cake to drill through iron sheets. Although, like other models, the DCF888B does not feature three or two levels of speed, you can still adjust it as per your need.

And the best part is that the app can do it for you. So, once you fit the driller with a tripod, you then pass instructions through the phone. Then the driller will accommodate the speed accordingly.

Versatile Tool

The reason why this drilling machine is so versatile is that it is cordless. So, you can take it outside and keep it anywhere. Moreover, the portable feature works great with the app.

It also has a hex chuck head. You can adjust it to different shapes if drill pins and make a cleaner drill.


  • Ingenious tracking software
  • Easy to assign tools to users
  • Can control speed using an app
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Highly conductive brushless motor
  • LED system
  • Can resist heavy drops


  • The hex chuck can be a bit wobbly

Final Word

As you read from this Dewalt DCF888B Review, they truly brought a new and innovative drilling machine to the table. So, if you are a power tool enthusiast, you would not want to miss out on this bad boy!

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