Dewalt DCK211S2 Impact Driver and Drill Combo Kit Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 2, 2022
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Dewalt is a household staple for all sorts of power tools. It does not matter if you need a circular saw, a bench-top saw, or a nail-gun. We can guarantee that you will find a product of your liking from Dewalt.

However, today we want to draw your attention to their impressive range of drillers. Hopefully, with this Dewalt DCK211S2 Review, you can finally stop searching for that perfect drilling machine, because this tool can be all a hobbyist’s needs and a professional want. So, without further ado, let us start with the review.


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Highlighted Features

  • 15 position clutches for easy maneuverability
  • Three times more efficient LED lights
  • Better accuracy due to tight drilling head
  • A 189-watt output that can provide 3400 impacts per minute
  • Intelligent design that ties compatibility and versatility
  • A quick charging battery for time efficiency
  • Durable framework and battery life
  • Runs on 1.1 Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Cordless design for more portability

Dewalt DCK211S2 Review

This drilling machine might look innocent and straightforward, but it can certainly pack a punch. Hence to help you realize its full potential, we have pieced together the following segment.

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Weight6.89 pounds
Dimensions15.5 x 4.18 x 10.13
StyleCombo Kit
Warranty 3 year

LED Features

Although modern drilling machines are being more portable and cordless nowadays, you still need to use a separate torchlight to view where you are pinning. This need engages one of your hands, leaving the drilling work all to one hand.

You can use a helmet with LED lights on, but that is another hassle. Again, some drilling machines have built-in LED lights as well. However, they usually do not come in handy. One LED placed at the tip often does not work as the body of the tool casts a shadow.

So, to avoid that, Dewalt came up with an exciting concept of adding two extra LEDs. The three lights sit radially on the mouth of the machine. Thus, the surface receives light from all sides, and the shadow will be gone.

This way, you do not have to buy another torch attached helmet or hold a torch, you can get all of that in one product.


The battery for such drilling machines is crucial. It decides how long you can work with the device in one sitting. Moreover, if the battery is weak, then it cannot keep up with the power generation from the motor.

So, to ensure that the motor and the battery works hand in hand, the manufacturers included a 1.1 Ah battery. This 12 V battery can very well handle the strain from the machine and not lose composure.

It is also in a lithium-ion form so that the tool can achieve maximum compactness.

Compact Design

From one glance, you can tell that this device is very compact and lightweight. Dewalt made the design, keeping in mind small chores and fixing drills. However, that does not mean that the tool cannot handle the pressure.

It also weighs about 6.9 pounds. So, you will not get tired while working with the tool. Besides that, the 15-position clutch helps in holding the device conveniently and drilling at will.

You can freely move your hand around in tight spaces, and the drill will still switch on thanks to the different clutch option.

Power Output

This tool might look small, but it can work on wood, steel, and light iron sheets. It can generate a 79-foot pound worth of torque that is enough to provide 3400 impacts per minute.

With this much output, you can finish projects in no time. The design of this tool also helps you to get maximum leverage. Thus, you can obtain 189-watt output at least during every use.

So, this machine will be appealing to beginners and professionals as both can get the desired output from the tool.

Robust Framework

Now, to accommodate such power output, the drilling machine must be sturdy itself. Otherwise, the tool will fall apart from the friction, and the drilling head might break too.

So, to avoid that, Dewalt made sure to use high-quality ABS plastic. It not only absorbs the shock generated from the motor but also keeps the tool steady and protects the user from any unforeseen harm.

The plastic framework also ensures that the tool stays lightweight and portable. The drilling head is strong, so it will not easily break at impact.

Easy Charging

Since the device is cordless and uses a battery, you will have to charge it from time to time. Some battery-run power tools become worthless because of how quickly the power runs out and the time required to replenish it.

However, the battery on this device charges quickly. You will only need 30 minutes to an hour maximum to bring the battery back to life. After that, you can use it again, but do remember to give the tool a break between usage.

Easy to Use

A typical appeal of these cordless drilling machines is their ease of use. You already know that loading the battery and charging is super simple. Besides that, it is also effortless to guide and control.

It has a one hand loading 1/4-inch hex chuck. This component can work with 1-inch bit tips and drill bits. So, you get versatility from the tool as well. Taking care of the device is manageable too.

You will receive two belt clips, a charger, and a bag for storage. So, everything needed for running this device comes in the package.



  • One-handed drilling machine
  • 1.1 Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Easy to use
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Comes with storage bag and charger
  • 30 minutes to 1-hour charging time
  • Robust but lightweight framework
  • Compatible with bit tips and drill bits
  • 3400 impacts per minute
  • Three radial LED lights


  • The batteries are expensive

Final Word

By now, from our Dewalt DCK211S2 Review, you can tell that you cannot go wrong with this drilling machine. It has all the required features needed for going through with your drilling projects plus some extra amazing features. So, grab your Dewalt as soon as possible.

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