11 DIY Desk Plans and Ideas

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 28, 2022
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Desks are that dedicated space in your office or home where the intellectual works, as well as your craftsmanship, may be practiced. Desks are available in the market in plenty but not necessarily at a reasonable price. But why waste money on something that you could makeover a weekend.

These plans that are provided here serve all kinds of purposes as well as spaces. From corner space to a large round space maybe a rectangular desk with a conjoint square desk, you name it; there is one for every shape of space.

DIY Desk Plans and Ideas

Hear are 11 DIY Desk Plans and Ideas for small spaces, offices and stuffs.

1. The Wall Supported Wooden Edge

This plan is even easier when you can avail yourself of one singular giant slab of wood. But one big slab is neither that much in plenty and nor is it budget-friendly. What you can do is use wood glue to obtain a giant slab with two pieces of wood.

Use a circular saw to give a smooth bend. The plan is available for free here.


2. The Simplest Sturdy Desk

This desk plan with beautifully designed legs I a rugged sturdy one. It is designed as a small desk so it can fit that unused space beside maybe a window or a small room. It has a very strong base as you can tell from the picture. With added support to the top of the desk, you will be able to place heavy load like books over the desk.



3. The Table with a Little Storage Option

This desk plan includes storing racks with support of the desk’s supporting legs! Yes, it is pretty amazing and just as easy to build. The desktop is of 60’’ which is broad enough for comfortable usage. There will be for racks with sufficient height in between with spacious storage. The DIY plan is included here.


4. The Small Fit

And this DIY plan is a fit for anywhere and everywhere. It includes a concrete top and the leg is wooden. The top of the desk is made of melamine board and sides of the board can be cut according to your desired thickness.The pair of triangular legs make enough space to load up some necessary books or even a flower vase.



5. X Frame Desk Plan with Drawers

The top of this desk is 3 feet long and it includes a drawer just beneath it. So, a pull out drawer can help you organize the little tools like pencil, scale, and eraser without loosing them here and there. On top of that, it includes two racks and shelves in the leg area.This desigtn brings a rustic look to your décor.



6. The Corner Desk

The corners do not necessarily have to be an unused space. It does not have to be mildly utilized by setting a pot plant. Instead with this plan is an opportunity to expand your desk and make it spacious for the comfort of work. You can build bases according to your space as well as storage need.



7. Wall Hanged Desk out of wooden Pallets

This is a one of a kind desk plan for a variety of reasons. Firstly, this is a low budget plan with pallets and nails; it does not get any cheaper. Then the plan is an easy yet efficient one. You do not need to worry about the base making; the wall will hold the top to your required level. It has shelves, so storage is available as well.



8. A Folding Desk

It is like a magic desk, here it is then it gone the next second. Well gone not in a literal meaning. This is a folding desk plan. It does not only leave you space with the folding option; it also, however, comes with a sufficient storage option. The attached part in the wall will have three shelves, the legs are also folding.



9. A Floating Desk Plan

For the small bedroom or the small space, what more is convenient than a wall-mounted desk table? Yes! A folding wall mounted desk. This is a desirable one for your narrow space. A DIY desk project just could not get better than this.

You need just maybe two slabs of woods along with some wood glue and chain. And just two rubber holders, the door holder would do as well to fold the table flat on the wall. Once folded, the other side of the table could be used as a blackboard of the kids if you want it to be.



10. A Budget-Friendly Wood and Pallet Desk

Now, this one here is another excellent DIY project. The design is straightforward and so easy that even a beginner level craftsman could start with this project. The requirements for this project are very simple, this includes a wooden pallet,  only one layer of plywood and four Vika curry legs from your trip to the IKEA store. From the pallet, in between the plywood, you get a spacious rack and this helps you store enormous little things, from an artist’s airbrush to a computer nerd’s pen drive, everything will be at arm’s length.



11. A Double Sided Shelf Come Desk

Consider a tall double sided shelf with one of the racks expanding at your height as a desk! But no only one, since these tall shelves are double sides hence two desks at one space. Specially if you are working on a team project, you will find it more comfortable collaborating from a joint desk instead of here and there



A desk is an important part of the furniture. It is even necessary because research shows that a dedicated space for your study or work energizes you and makes you work to your full capacity. The attention towards that work is then tripled and your efficiency will know no bound. You do not have to pour a ton of money to achieve that, just a budget-friendly and space-efficient DIY plan and a little bit of craftsmanship will do the trick.

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