DIY Plant Stand Ideas for Plant Lovers

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 21, 2022
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A wonderful plant stand can increase the beauty of the surroundings and also can change the environment of your indoor and outdoor. If you are a DIY lover you do not have to spend much to have a plant stand. You can make a beautiful plant stand by applying your DIY skill. Here is a collection of 15 creative DIY plant stand ideas that are easy to execute.

15 Creative DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Idea 1: Ladder Plant Stand
If there is an unused wooden ladder in your house you can convert that into a plant stand to organize your lovely plants wonderfully. If you are a fan of rustic fashion then converting a wooden ladder into a plant stand is a wise choice for you. The cross-sections of the ladder act as holding space of the flowers, herbs, and other plants. Idea 2: Bicycle Plant Stand
A bicycle is not just a bicycle, it is the collection of lots of memories. So I think you will not feel happy if you have to give away your old bicycle just because you cannot use it. You can convert your old bicycle into an elegant and stylish plant stand. Paint the bicycle with a new color and include some plant stands in it. Then lean the bicycle against a wall and plant your favorite plants in it. Idea 3: Rope Plant Hanger
Making a rope hanger is a funny DIY project that is easy and quick to make. You need 8 pieces of rope to make the rope hanger shown in the image.  The pieces should be cut long enough so that there remains a comfortable height for hanging and you also have enough rope to make a knot at the top and the bottom. It is so easier to make that you cannot imagine but on the other hand it is so beautiful to look at. To make the hanger colorful you can paint the rope. Idea 4: Concrete Plant Stand
I have a passion for concrete projects. A concrete plant stand is a nice addition to your patio. The concrete stand you can see here cost around $5. So, it is cheap, right? You can give it any shape by changing the mold. You will be happy to know that concrete can be imprinted with anything you like. Idea 5: Plant Stand from TV Table
Converting an old tv table into a plant stand is a good way to upcycle your old tv stand. You do not have to do anything for this purpose except keeping the plant holders on it. Yes, to give it a new look you can paint it with a new color. Idea 6: Wooden Container Plant Stand
The plant stand shown in the image is made of pallets and brass stand. This is one of my favorite plant stand ideas. You can keep it in both indoor and outdoor. Idea 7: Drawer Plant Stand
This plant stand is made from an old drawer. You can keep several flower pots inside it or you can fill it with soil and plant flowers, herbs, or veggies here. Like the previous one, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Idea 8: Sandal Plant Stand
This plant stand idea from sandals just made my day. Yes, you can not insert a heavy pot of plant in the V-shaped place of he sandal but for a lightweight plant pot, it is a perfect plant stand. Idea 9: Vertical Plant Stand
The vertical plant stand shown in the image is made from wood pallets. Making a plant stand out of pallets is a nice project for beginners. If you have a shortage of space in your home to make a garden you can implement this vertical garden idea. You see that it does not require much space but you can keep so many pots of plants. Even if you have enough space to make a garden you can try this one as it is unique and look very beautiful. Idea 10: Plant Stand from Driftwood
You can hang driftwood from the roof and use it as a plant stand. Mason jar has been used to plant the plants and to make it more beautiful some more mason jars with candles have been used. During a party, you can enlighten the candle to make the environment of your home mind-blowing. Idea 11: Plant Stand from Tiles
This is an extremely simple plant stand idea. It needs a tile, copper pipes, piper cutter, and strong glue. The first step is to determine the height of the stand and cutting all the pipes at the same height. Then you have to glue the tile with the copper stand and the plant stand is ready. You can keep it at the corner of your living room. Idea 12: Piano Stool Plant Stand
Converting a piano stool into a plant stand is a simple project that you can try to enhance your DIY skill. You can makeover the old piano stool by painting it or you can apply some other customization and keep the piano stool at the corner of your room. Then keep the pot of the plant on it. Idea 13: Wooden Frame Plant Stand
It is a simple rectangular shape wooden frame. It is a nice practice project for the woodworkers whose woodworking skill is at the basic level. You should take the measurement properly so that the pot of the plant can easily enter into the frame and hang on. To make the stand colorful and to increase its durability you can paint it with your favorite color. This kind of plant stand made from a wooden frame is a nice addition to your patio. Idea 14: Basket Plant Stand
You can upcycle the old wired basket into a plant stand as shown in the image. Metal legs have been used to give support to the basket. Since the basket and legs are both made of metal you cannot use glue to stick the basket and the legs together rather you have to weld those together in a welding shop. Idea 15: Pipeline Plant Stand
If you see pipeline lying around your home I would recommend you collect those. You can make a beautiful plant stand for your indoor plants from those pipelines as shown in the image.

Final Verdict

I will not recommend you to just copy and paste the ideas depicted in this article because this will not enhance your creativity. The best way to practice DIY skill is to gather knowledge about the ideas that have already been executed and then making a new idea by implementing your thoughts in that idea. That is all today. I wish to see you again with new ideas.

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