How to Make a Plant Stand Out of Pallets

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 28, 2022
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There will be hardly any human found who does not like a garden. You know due to lack of space many people cannot have a garden. Those who have a lack of space to make a garden can fulfill their dream of having a nice garden by making a vertical plant stand out of pallets.

Yes, those who do not have any problem with space also can have a vertical garden in a vertical plant stand because a vertical garden has a mesmerizing beauty when flowers bloom.

In this article, I will show you how to make a plant stand out of wooden pallets by following 6 easy steps.


Required Tools and Materials

You need to gather the following tools and materials to accomplish the plant stand project made out of pallets.

  1. Wooden pallet
  2. Staple gun with staples
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Scissors
  5. Potting soil
  6. Landscaping fabric
  7. a mixture of herbs and flowers

6 Easy Steps to Make a Plant Stand out of Wooden Pallets

Step 1: Collect the Wooden Pallets

You may already have wooden pallets in the storeroom of your home or you can buy some from a local hardware store or grocery shop. If you look around the supermarkets and shopping centers you can have some wooden pallets or otherwise, you can find it on kijiji.

I will recommend you to be careful while collecting the pallets. If the pallets are of good quality you have to do less work on it. Good quality pallets last for a long time and can carry more load so that you can hang more pots on it.

As a preparation work you have to sand the edges of the pallets and the pallets may need a little repair work. 

Step 2: Prepare the Landscaping Fabric as a Cover of the Rear Portion of the Pallet

The side of the pallet which will lean against the wall or some other thing is the rear side of the pallet stand. You should cover the rear side with landscaping fabric.

To prepare the fabric cover lay the pallet down on the ground and roll the fabric across the rear part of the pallet. It is better to roll the fabric twice so that it becomes a strong cover. Then cut it down.

Start stapling the fabric to the pallet around the edges and then after every two inches across each board. Hold the fabric taut properly and flip it over when the work is finished.

Step 3: Make the Shelves

It is a common phenomenon that the pallets are sometimes found missing the deck board. If yours have missed some deck boards it is not a problem at all. You can improvise and create shelves. You can use a pry bar to remove the excess boards if you are going to create additional shelves.

Taking the proper measurement is very important to make shelves. The space between the top and bottom should be measured properly and you also have to add one inch to each side.

For each shelf, you have to cut 2-4 pieces of landscaping fabric and the size of the fabric should be consistent with each shelf. Then you have to cover the shelf with the fabric using staples.


Step 4: Fill the Shelf with Soil

Now it is time to fill each shelf with potting soil. The rule of filling potting soil is that you have to fill each shelf half of its total space.


Step 5: Plant Your Plants

Now it is time to plant the plants. Bring the plants and place those plants into the shelves. Some people like to squeeze the plants tightly together and some like to keep some space between two plants so that the branches of the plants can spread when the plants will grow up.


Step 6: Display the Plant Stand

Your main work is finished already. So, it is time to display your wooden pallet plant stand. You know, the beauty of your vertical garden largely depends on how you display it. So, displaying is also very important.

I recommend you leaning it against a beautiful wall so that it cannot fall by the wind or by the force of some other things. The place you are decided to keep the plant stand should have access to enough sunlight and wind. If there is a lack of sunlight flowers may not bloom. So, sunlight is very important you know.


Final Verdict

The project of making a vertical garden using wooden pallets is not a costly project at all. It is a wonderful project to nourish your DIY skill.

You can do this project with your children and have a lot of fun. They also get inspired by participating in such a nice project.

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