8 Simple DIY Projects for Moms

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 12, 2022
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Kids are highly energetic. Since they are full of energy they always try to find something to do and if you cannot give them any work to remain busy surely your kid will find one by him/herself – that may not be good for him/her always-he/she may become addicted to the internet, gaming, etc. to pass his time.

You know less screen time is better for your kid’s mental and physical health. In this digital age, it is very difficult to keep your kid stay away from the screen but you can lessen the screen time by taking the initiative of some enjoyable project for your kids.


In this article, we will give ideas about some enjoyable projects for your kids. You can pick those ideas to ensure a happy and enjoyable growing up of your kids.

8 Fun DIY Project for Kids

You can prepare these projects either indoor or outdoor like in the lawn or backyard of your home. We have enlisted very simple but enjoyable projects so that you can take initiative for these projects easily and it also costs less money.

1. Tree Swings


The tree swing is a highly enjoyable fun activity for kids. Though I am an adult tree swing also gives me a lot of amusement and I know many adults love tree swings.

You just need a strong rope, something for sitting and a tree. You can use a skateboard for sitting. Tree swing helps your kid to learn to balance.

2. Kite Flying


Kite flying is another fun and relaxing activity that you can make for your kids. Just find out a nice, open field and go out on a breezy day for having a lot of fun. You can make your kite on your own or can buy it.

Kite flying helps your kid to learn controlling something from a long distance. In many countries flying kite is celebrated as a great festival. For example- in Bangladesh, a kite-flying festival is arranged every year at the sea-beach.

3. Words with Friends


I have already mentioned that it is very difficult to keep your kids away from the screen if you cannot make any alternative arrangements for an enjoyable pastime. It is the truth that today’s kids are addicted to video games. They stick to smartphones, laptops, or other gaming devices to play games.

So, to get your kids away from digital devices you can make arrange playing a real-life version of “Words with Friends”! All you need for this game is some cardboard and markers to make a Scrabble board that spans the whole yard or lawn.

4. Sea Shells Crafting


Seashells crafting is an easy and creative activity that brings a lot of happiness. Seashells are cheap (or free). You can teach your kids to craft with the seashells.

5. DIY Frame Tent



You can DIY a beautiful frame tent for your kids and keep it in their room or outdoor also.  Firstly you need to make a frame for the tent and a cover. You can use beautiful fabric for making the cover.

To make the frame you also need a drill bit and some snails and to sew the cover of the tent you need a sewing machine.

6. DIY Ruler Growth Chart


You can make a fun ruler growth chart and hang it on the wall. You know every kid loves to check if they have grown. In this way, they will also feel enthusiastic to learn the numbering system.

7. DIY Tic-Tac-Toe


Playing tic-tac-toe is great fun. Though at the initial stage it may seem difficult to teach your kid the rules of this game. But surely they will not take much time to learn it.

You can make this game with fruits and veggies and make a rule that the winner can eat the fruit that they have matched and you will see that they are eating with fun and interest.

8. DIY Drying Rack



Washing the dirty clothes is a great hassle for mammas of little kids. You can DIY a drying rack and save money.

Materials you need to DIY a drying rack include- two 3/8” dowel rods (48” long), Two 1/2 x 2” poplar boards, 2 x 2’ pre-cut birch (1/2 inch thick), sash lock, narrow loose pin hinges (set of two), D-ring hangers for mounting on wall, bracketed hinge for side (or chain with small screw eyes), three white porcelain knobs, primer and paint of your choice.

You also need some tools for processing the materials to accomplish the project which includes a drill bit set, including a 3/8 inch drill bit, screwdriver, framing nails, a mallet, and a saw.

The first step is measurement and cutting. We have cut our 1/2 inch x 2 boards to fit the 2 x 2 pre-cut birch. Then we have cut the dowel rods so that these could fit the drying rack frame.

Now with the aid of the drill bit, we have drilled holes for the pre-cut dowel birch. Then with the mallet, the dowel rods have been hammered into pre-drilled spots.

Finally, the rack was assembled with the framing nails and the pin hinges were attached with the screwdriver.

Now you can paint it with your chosen color. Do not forget to use a primer before applying the main paint. If the sides of your drying rack are not smooth you can use a paintable wood filler to make the rough surface smooth.

Now give some time so that the paint becomes dry. Then you can attach the sash lock on the top of the rack by drilling holes. Drill holes are also made on the bottom part to attach the knob. These knobs will help to hang sweaters, blazers, or other clothing right on the hanger.

You may want to keep the drying rack at a different angle when it is open. To do this you have to attach a hinged bracket or a chain with screw eyes. Now attach the D-ring hangers to the rear part, and hang it on the wall of your laundry room.

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Final Touch

The simple DIY projects enlisted in this article do not cost more, do not take so much time to prepare and also these projects will make both of you and your kid’s time enjoyable. All of these projects are free from harm and good for the mental and physical health of you and your baby.

Each of the projects is selected to teach the kids something new – a new skill or gather new experience. You can pick any or multiple of these enlisted projects for your baby without any worry.

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