Dremel Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Attachment Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 30, 2022
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Once you got your rotary tool, you need proper attachments to make the most out of it. What can be better than an accessory that can do everything your power tools can? Well, certain tools claim that they can. So, we have decided to put one such unit to the test.

This certain attachment from Dremel caught our interests and held it for quite some time. It felt superb to use, easy to carry, and convenient to apply. So, in this Dremel Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Attachment Review, we will examine every detail that makes this device special; what does it lack, where does it excel and so on.

It is an incredible tool that we have come to respect. Despite its size, it manages to accomplish a lot. However, let us get the review started and examine this unit thoroughly.


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Highlighted Features

  • A flexible cable system to improve mobility
  • Grip built for comfort
  • Easy to grasp and does not slip
  • Usable with numerous rotary models, including 4000, 3000, 800, and 200
  • Shaft lock button to quickly and easily change accessories
  • Is capable of sanding, grinding, cutting, polishing, and more
  • Can accommodate four different sizes of collets
  • Must be lubricated after 25-30 hours of use
  • Attached with a rotary through the use of a cord

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Dremel Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Attachment Review

Already we have an impressive line-up of features that should give you an idea of what to expect from this particular unit. Now, let us see if it can live up to these specifications.

Precise Cutting

Whether you are sanding, grinding, or polishing, this little guy has got you covered. It might seem small, but it boasts a lot of potentials. There are a plethora of uses for this device. Its high-tech fingertip control rotates at very high speeds to grind down any surface.

As such, it effectively sands and polishes crafting materials with relative ease. It happens due to the sheer quality of the machine. However, what truly makes this unit so precise is its design. It is very slender; allowing it to work in hard to reach areas. So, it gives you a lot more creative freedom, as you can engrave gorgeous designs.

A sander would have a hard time sanding narrow locations. So, this device acts as an incredible surrogate that takes precision, cutting to a whole new level. Because of Dremel’s commitment to quality, it is incredibly sturdy as well. Once you have this on your hands, you will not have to replace it any time soon. Nor will you ever want to.

Comfortable Cables

It is not much for some, but those who dealt with shaft attachments before are probably relieved right now. There have been so many times where the wires have gotten in our way when we work. They sometimes bother us while we are making intricate movements that might ultimately ruin our craft.

Connecting the attachment to the rotary device can be a pain as well. So, what does Dremel do? They opt for a flexible cable system that drastically boosts flexibility. This way, the wires never interrupt your hands.

In fact, its design pushes the cables away from your arms to guarantee maximum freedom of movement. This level of convenience makes you feel more comfortable; consequently, improving your performance.

Versatile Use

What mainly takes this unit to a whole new level is just how many ways you can use it. Due to its precision cutting abilities, it can have your back on a plethora of different tasks. So, it is a flexible device that you can transfer to any new project you take.

It can include tasks such as wood carving, gem polishing, sanding, metal engraving, and so much more. There is no limit to what you can do with it. So, it is ultimately a tool that provides you creative freedom. With value like that, it is already a unit worth respecting.

Quality Grip

It is a kind of tool that demands precision. However, you cannot retain that precision without proper grips. Moreover, if the attachment keeps slipping out of your hands, then it will likely ruin the design. That’s why we have to appreciate the quality grip that Dremel offers.

It feels very nice to hold and use. Your control improves drastically, and your performance improves as a result. So, the high-quality grip is a welcome feature that every attachment must-have.

High Compatibility

If you have a Dremel rotary tool (here are top rotary tool choices), then chances are, the attachment is compatible. This factor is a major gripe amongst buyers. Many buy a shaft attachment, take it home, and set it up with their rotatory only to see that it is not compatible with their version.

So, they’ll either have to replace their desired attachment or spend money to buy a new rotary device. Of course, this unit is not 100% compatible with every rotary out there, but it is with a good amount. It works eloquently with a variety of Dremel models. Some of these are the 4000, 300, 285, 275, 200, and so on.

As such, when you buy this unit, you can feel comfortable knowing that it will work. Nevertheless, you should always read the manual to confirm compatibility.



  • Its extra-long 36-inch cable provides more than enough range
  • The compatibility makes it a must-buy for Dremel owners
  • A comfortable grip makes usage significantly better
  • Flexible cables do not hamper your work
  • Slender design allows you to work on hard to reach areas and make precise cuts
  • Its versatile use makes it suitable for polishing, sanding, cleaning, carving, and so on
  • Boasts a reliable Dremel quality build


  • It might heat up faster than it should

Final Words

All in all, this is an excellent attachment that won our hearts with relative ease. It has everything we could ask for from a shaft attachment and delivers much more. As such, we will draw our Dremel Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Attachment Review to a close. We hope you got to know everything you needed to about this magnificent tool. We do not doubt that it has earned a spot on your desk!

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