Drop cloth or tarp for painting: What is this “Stucloper”?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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is easy to apply and with a plaster runner you prevent dirt on your floor.

Everyone has messed with paint while painting.

Drop cloth for painting

As a painter I should know.

Of course I try to paint as carefully as possible and not to put too much paint on the brush, but then it can happen that you spill paint.

Especially when painting a ceiling with a latex, you do not prevent the roller from splashing slightly.

There are fur rollers in the store that are sold as anti-spatter rollers, but still.

When painting a door, it is very useful to have a stucco runner.

You measure the length of the door plus 40 centimeters and you slide this under a door.

I myself fix the runner with tesa tape so that this runner cannot move.

stucco runner

Then you can paint the door with a paint roller and the spatter will end up on your stucco so that your floor remains clean.

Stucloper provides waterproof protection.

A stucco runner is made of a special cardboard and both sides are provided with a plastic layer.

This plastic layer does not let water through and so you keep the floor dry.

This cardboard is also quite strong and can take a beating.

You can use stucco runners for many purposes.

Painting a wall is also an ideal solution.

If there are splashes, you can throw it away later.

You can use it for a very long time.

I personally clean it with water and use it as often as possible afterwards.

There are different types of stucco walkers from standard to heavy duty.

The standard stucco runner used for painting is on a black roller.

The heavier type is usually brown in color and is often used for renovation or conversion.

cover foil

for collecting splashes and foil of various types.

If you are going to paint, you must prepare well in advance.

By that I mean, for example, if you want to paint a complete room, the main thing is that you make the room as empty as possible.

Maybe that will work
If not always, you can protect your leftover furniture with a protective film if necessary.

Stick it in with painter’s tape so that the foil stays in place.

If you have laminate or carpet on the floor, protect it with a cover film.

Start at the sides and stick the foil well with a tape.

Make sure you keep the foil tight.

Alternatively, you can also protect the floor with a plaster runner.

This is more expensive than a cover film.

It depends on what you choose.

Cover foil with a self-adhesive edge.

You can buy foil in many types these days.

Via the internet or in a hardware store.

The most convenient cover film is with a self-adhesive edge.

It will then stay nicely in place and you can pull it tight.

There are many companies that sell this foil.

What I have a good experience with are the products from easydek.

They have foils for different floors.

There is also foil for windows.

In addition, there is special covering material for stairs.

Where I also order cover foil is at shortpack.

The advantage of this is that these foils are of different thicknesses and this foil is on a roll.

You can cut exactly what you need and save money.

Foils are often too large and are then thrown away.

You can order these items online.

Cover material with low shipping costs.

You don’t have to worry about the shipping costs. Only €4.95.

If you order above € 50, these are even free!

Have any of you ever bought or ordered cover foil online?

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