Eijffinger wallpaper with romantic designs

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 22, 2022
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Eiffinger wallpaper

comes in many styles and eiffinger wallpaper is suitable for many audiences.

A few months ago I had never heard of eiffinger wallpaper.

Eiffinger wallpaper

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Until a customer called me to wallpaper a living room.

The customer immediately said that they had already purchased the wallpaper.

When I arrived I first went to see what exactly I had to wallpaper and give an estimate of a price.

We agreed on the price on the spot.

Check prices here

Then the customer showed me the wallpaper.

I thought it was very special and asked where they bought it.

customer said they bought it over the internet.

When I got home I immediately looked on the internet.

It turns out that this company has been around for over 135 years.

What I also read that they have become strong because of their exclusive and surprising products.

They not only sell wallpaper but also fabric.

The company has excellent service and unique designs.

In addition, they are constantly developing new designs.

Worth to google the name eiffinger  .

Eiffinger wallpaper has a varied collection.

Eiffinger has a very diverse collection I saw on their site.

What really appeals to me is the new collection on their site.

Including black & light.

It is a varied collection that plays with the colors light and dark, matt and glossy, with many variations in patterns.

The eiffinger wallpaper planish also caught my attention.

This wallpaper makes your wall shine.

Many colors are used such as beige, gray, gold, copper and a lot of black.

In this way flowers and other objects come back to life.

You can get a lot of inspiration from eiffinger.

It is a nice addition to your interior ideas.

The prices are of course a bit higher than at a regular hardware store, but then you also have something very unique, which others do not have of course.

What struck me further on the site is that the company also pursues a number of charities.

Something that really appeals to me.

I could write further about eiffinger wallpaper but that is of no use.

You can also get the information there yourself.

I’m just giving you a tip.

I am now also very curious which of you has also worked with eiffinger wallpaper.

Do you have good experiences with that?

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