Wallpaper: Different types & how to choose the right one

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 15, 2022
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Wallpaper is strong material used to cover and decorate interior walls.

Wallpaper as decoration function and wallpaper is available in many types.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources these days to cover your walls.

There are many options to give your walls a different look.

Types of wallpaper

First, you can paint a wall with a wall paint or also called latex.

You can do this
then do it in different colors.

You must of course make sure that your wall is smooth and tight in order to get a nice result.

If your wall is not completely super smooth and tight, you have an option to apply wallpaper.

Wallpaper obscures the small imperfections.

If you have larger irregularities in your wall, such as cracks, it is better to stick glass fabric wallpaper.

This wallpaper is crack bridging.

Wallpaper comes in many types.

First, you have plain paper wallpaper.

This paper wallpaper is quite thin and is quite difficult to wallpaper.

When you smear this paper wallpaper on the back with glue, this paper wallpaper will stretch slightly.

When pasting, you have to take into account that it will shrink again later.

The second type is non-woven wallpaper.

This is thicker than regular wallpaper and has a layer of fleece on the paper on the back.

The advantage of this non-woven wallpaper is that it does not shrink.

You should therefore not glue the back of this non-woven wallpaper, but smear the walls with glue.

You stick the non-woven wallpaper on it dry so that you always sit well.

This is a lot easier to hang.

Third   you have the vinyl wallpaper.

Vinyl wallpaper is a type of wallpaper whose top layer consists of vinyl.

It can also be made entirely of vinyl.

If the underlayment is not vinyl, it may consist of paper or even linen.

What is also used is foam vinyl.

Vinyl wallpaper has a smooth top layer and can withstand splashes of water.

This vinyl wallpaper is therefore very suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

If you don’t want a plasterer, there is another solution called reno-woven wallpaper.

This reno-fleece wallpaper is a fiberglass wallpaper without structure.

It is super smooth and has a seamless connection.

It is much cheaper than a plasterer and the reno-woven wallpaper has already been painted.

You can buy it in different colors.

Last   in the row I want to mention the photo wallpaper.

However, you must measure beforehand if this photo wallpaper fits the entire wall.

The main thing is that this photo wallpaper must be glued vertically and at right angles.

If you have the first photo skewed, you will never get it straight again.

You can no longer scroll here.

The last photo wallpaper that I stuck myself was at the Koetjeboe daycare center by Trees Poelman in Stadskanaal.

This was a really nice job.

The photo consisted of sixteen parts.

I started from left to right at the top and later at the bottom from left to right.

When the first photo hung straight, it was a breeze.

See the photo accompanying this article.

Who of you has ever pasted photo wallpaper?

If so, what was your experience?

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Buy wallpaper

Why buy wallpaper? Except that wallpaper quickly makes a slightly damaged wall tight and this can possibly save you a plasterer. Is wallpaper a nice decorative solution when it comes to wall finishes? Wallpaper is really not as old-fashioned as is often thought. Wallpaper comes in all shapes and sizes. From retro wallpaper to neon colors and from flat colors to photo wallpaper. The possibilities are endless.

Wallpapering is advantageous

You can already have wallpaper for a few euros per roll and can be an inexpensive way to finish a wall. Because wallpaper glue is also not that expensive, wallpapering can be much cheaper than if you decide to plaster and paint a wall. If you do not have to plaster, a wall must often first be pre-treated with a primer. This is especially true for “open” and absorbent walls. When you start wallpapering, you sometimes hardly need to prepare. If old wallpaper is present, you can wallpaper over it, provided it is undamaged. Then you will have to remove the wallpaper with a steamer (<- Watch video). With a parting knife / putty knife and a plant sprayer is an alternative.

You can buy wallpaper in many variants
Buy wallpaper supplies

If you are going to buy wallpaper, there are a number of types of wallpaper you can choose from. Here’s a list of some different types of wallpaper and supplies you can purchase.

• Wall Murals

• Kids wallpaper

• Wallpaper

• Non-woven wallpaper

• Vinyl wallpaper

• Fiberglass wallpaper

Buy wallpaper supplies

• Wallpaper glue

• Wallpaper steamers

• Wallpaper sets

• Wallpaper Brushes

• Wallpaper brushes

• Wallpaper scissors

Wallpaper repainting video

What is good wallpaper?

Don’t have the time or inclination to paint the walls? Then of course you have to deal with this in a different way. One option for this is wallpapering the walls. However, choosing the right wallpaper is difficult, because the range is huge and there are many different options for achieving this. What are the main points to consider when buying quality wallpaper?

Future atmosphere

Of course, wallpaper will have to depend on the atmosphere you want to give the room(s). That is why it is good to compare some different samples in the room itself and not to make the choice in the store. At home you know exactly what it will look like and what fits with the whole.

For example, we recommend that you choose quiet and small patterns when it comes to patterns. This fits in almost all rooms and does not catch the eye so rigorously. Larger patterns bring a lot of attention to the walls and in some rooms these are appropriate, but mainly in bedrooms.

To get inspired

Do you currently have no idea what to do with the type of wallpaper or what exactly you expect from the wallpaper? Then make sure you get enough inspiration to find out exactly what you are looking for. Visit trade fairs, purchase a living magazine or scour the internet for the perfect atmosphere of a home.

While getting inspiration, make sure that you keep an eye on reality and that you are always busy with your own home. Some people want to change their home so rigorously which is actually not possible at all. Then they do this half and the end result is not as desired.

Web stores in wallpaper

Nowadays you can buy everything online and so is wallpaper. If you are looking for a good webshop, we recommend that you buy wallpaper at Nubehang.nl. This has been a specialist in the field of wallpaper for many years and has various types, sizes and colors in its range. They can also provide you with some advice.

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