Floetrol is an addition to your latex

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 24, 2022
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Floetrol ensures that a latex paint is wet for longer so that you create a longer processing time.

Fur roller 25 cm
Telescopic rod
stirring stick

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Open the additive package (1 litre)
Open the lid of the latex bucket (10 liters)
Empty the floetrol completely into the latex
Stir for at least 5 minutes
Put the fur roller on the telescopic rod
Pour the latex and retardant mixture into a large paint tray
Apply the latex on walls or ceiling with the fur roller

Often if you have to sauce a ceiling and it is in 1 plane, so no sandwich ceiling, you have to work continuously to sauce a ceiling without streaks.

If a room is empty, so there is no furniture in it, then you will not be bothered by this and you can continue working and then you do not need a floetrol.

If there is furniture in it, it is very easy to add the retarder .


Floetrol is actually an additive for water-based paints and emulsion paints.

Read the article about additive here.

If you add the additive to, for example, your latex, it ensures that this open time lasts longer than normal.

By open time I mean that it takes longer for the latex to dry.

You can compare floetrol with a kind of retarder.

Or you can put it another way: your drying time slows down.

I always add it and if you follow my advice you don’t have to work so quickly and the result is always good!


Because your drying time is much longer, you have more time to roll out the sauce properly and it stays wet longer so that you prevent scorching when drying.

Painting a ceiling then becomes much easier.

Read the article about painting a ceiling here.

You can also add floetrol in water-based paints.

This also has many advantages: especially with outdoor painting and warm weather.

Your paint flows much better and you reduce brush marks or you prevent an orange peel with some paints.

You can also add this when working with a paint sprayer.

It is smoother to use and you need 20% less pressure.

Another big advantage is that your spray mist is greatly reduced and that your spray pattern becomes more regular, so you don’t get paint build-ups.

Have you ever worked with a retarder?

Which one did you use and what are your experiences?

Then leave a comment below this article.

thanks in advance

Piet de Vries

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