Honda Odyssey: Discover Its Engine, Transmission, and Interior

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  September 30, 2022
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What is the Honda Odyssey?
The Honda Odyssey is a minivan manufactured by Japanese automaker Honda since 1994. It’s one of the best-selling vehicles in the United States since 1998. It’s also one of the most popular vehicles in the world.
In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Honda Odyssey. Plus, I’ll share some fun facts about this iconic vehicle.

Why the Honda Odyssey is the Best Minivan for Your Family

The Honda Odyssey has a modern and sleek design that stands out from other minivans on the market. The vehicle has a solid presence on the road, making it feel safe and secure while driving. The LX model comes with standard features such as 18-inch wheels and rear privacy glass, while higher trims offer even more features such as a power tailgate and LED headlights.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Honda Odyssey comes with a powerful V6 engine that delivers excellent power and acceleration. The vehicle has a proper 9-speed automatic transmission that shifts smoothly and efficiently. The steering is responsive and the vehicle handles well, making it enjoyable to drive. The Odyssey also offers a hybrid option that can save you money on gas and extend your driving range.

Cargo Space and Features

The Honda Odyssey has a great cargo space that can accommodate all your family’s needs. The vehicle has a longer and wider cargo area than most minivans, making it easier to load and unload larger items. The rear seats can be folded down to create even more cargo space, and the Odyssey also offers a built-in vacuum cleaner to help you clean up any messes.

Value and Overall Thoughts

The Honda Odyssey is a great value for families who want a comfortable and enjoyable vehicle that can accommodate all their needs. The vehicle is equally great for short trips around town or longer road trips. The Odyssey offers a complete package of features and capabilities that make it stand out from other minivans on the market. If you’re in the market for a new minivan, the Honda Odyssey is definitely worth checking out.

Under the Hood: Powertrain and Performance

The Honda Odyssey is a minivan that certainly doesn’t feel like one when it comes to its engine and transmission. The standard powertrain for the Odyssey is a 3.5-liter V6 engine paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, delivering 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. This engine is strong enough to move the Odyssey’s sizeable frame with ease, and the 10-speed automatic transmission changes gears smoothly and directly, making for an easy and comfortable driving experience.

Despite its size, the Odyssey is surprisingly lightweight, which certainly helps with its performance. The engine and transmission are able to manage the minivan’s weight with ease, and the Odyssey is certainly able to keep up with other vehicles on the road. The engine and transmission are also good at maintaining a respectable fuel economy, with a zero to 60 mph sprint time of seven seconds.

Driving and Handling

The Honda Odyssey’s powertrain is certainly up to the job of moving the minivan, but how does it handle on the road? The Odyssey’s steering effort is light and direct, making it easy to maneuver in narrow corners and competent in directing the wheels. The minivan’s nimbleness is partly due to its lightweight construction, but also due to its competent powertrain.

When tested on pockmarked Michigan roads, the Odyssey’s ride was compliant and comfortable for passengers. The minivan’s suspension was able to handle the changes in the road with ease, and the Odyssey was able to manage corners with competence. The Odyssey’s powertrain is also able to manage towing capacity, with a maximum of 3,500 lbs, making it perfect for pulling a trailer for a camping or beach weekend.

Trim Levels and Competitors

The Honda Odyssey comes in several trim levels, each offering different features and performance capabilities. The top-of-the-line Elite trim comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, which allows for more direct gear changes and a sportier driving experience. The Odyssey also competes with other minivans in its segment, such as the Kia Carnival. The Carnival offers a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 290 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque, mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. While the Carnival delivers slightly more horsepower, the Odyssey’s powertrain is certainly able to hold its own in the minivan market.

Experience the Spacious and Comfortable Interior of the Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey provides excellent comfort and space for both passengers and cargo. The cabin is spacious and comfortable, with added features to help you feel at home. The seats are customizable and can be split and folded in various ways to accommodate whichever gear you’re carrying. The rear seats can be folded directly into the floor, providing a large and seamless cargo area. The Magic Slide second-row seats can be moved forward and backward, making it easy to load and unload passengers and gear. The third-row seats can be folded away to provide even more space.

Added Features for Comfort and Convenience

The Honda Odyssey shares many features with newer minivans and SUVs, making it an excellent choice for families. The rear entertainment system comes with a 10.2-inch monitor and wireless headphones, keeping younger passengers entertained on long trips. The CabinWatch feature allows you to monitor the rear seating area, helping you keep an eye on your kids without having to turn around. The CabinTalk feature lets you speak directly to passengers in the rear seats, making it easier to communicate while on the move.

Seamless Cargo Management

The Honda Odyssey’s cargo area is expansive and customizable, making it easy to carry whatever gear you need. The power liftgate makes it easy to load and unload heavy items, while the customizable height feature helps you avoid hitting low-hanging obstacles. The cargo area is also equipped with added features to help you manage your gear, such as the Magic Slide second-row seats and the Stow ‘n Go third-row seats. The flat floor and seamless removal of the seats make it easy to carry large items.

Contact San Diego Honda Dealership for More Information

If you have any questions about the Honda Odyssey’s interior, comfort, and cargo features, don’t hesitate to contact your local Honda dealership. They’ll be happy to help you learn more about the Honda Odyssey and answer any questions you may have. Check out the Honda Odyssey today and experience its spacious and comfortable interior for yourself.


So there you have it- everything you need to know about the Honda Odyssey. It’s a great vehicle for families looking for a minivan, and the 2018 model is the best yet. Plus, you can’t beat the Honda reliability. So don’t wait, go and get yourself one today!

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