How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 18, 2022
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For different types of sawing projects, nothing works better than bandsaw blades whether it’s for metal or wood. Unlike regular cutting blades, they have wider and larger teeth, so that you need less effort while cutting and designing extremely hard materials.


As these blades are large in size, folding is essential for convenient moving and storing. But folding bandsaw blades is not everyone’s cup of tea. Proper technique should be applied; otherwise, it may lead to the outer damage of the blade.

Then, how to fold a bandsaw blade? Here we are, with some effortless steps along with the necessary tips for your assistance.

Folding Bandsaw Blades

Even if you have not held a bandsaw blade before, hopefully, the following steps will be helpful for you to make the first attempt at folding. And if you have done this before, get ready to become a pro.

Step 1 – Getting Started

If you are trying to fold a bandsaw blade while standing just casually, it’s not going to happen properly. Besides, you might hurt yourself with the teeth on the surface. You should be aware of the bandsaw safety rules while performing this task. Do not forget to wear gloves and safety glasses to avoid any kind of unwanted situations.

While you hold the blade with your hand, keep your wrist down and try to maintain a safe distance between the blade and your body.

Step 2 – Using the Ground as a Support

For beginners, keep your toes on the blade against the ground so that the blade stays in one place without sliding and moving. By keeping the blade perpendicular to the ground, you can use it as a support. In this method, the teeth should be pointing away from you while you hold them from underneath.

If you are familiar with folding blades, you can hold it with your hand up in the air keeping the teeth towards you.

Step 3 – Creating Loop

Put pressure on the blade so that it starts to fold down on the lower side. Twist down your wrist while maintaining the pressure on the inner side to create a loop. After you have created some loops, step on the blade to secure it on the ground.

Step 4 – Wrapping Up After Coiling

Folded bandsaw

Once you have a loop, the blade will automatically coil up if you put a little pressure over it. Stack the coil and secure it by using a twist tie or zip tie.

Final Words

Whether you are a beginner or a regular user of bandsaw blades, these steps will definitely help you to master how to fold a bandsaw blade without any difficulties. Hope this article helps!

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