How to Make A Hard Hat More Comfortable

Making a hard hat comfortable is fairly simple!

You may have a blue-collar job and have to wear a hard hat every day but you seldom feel comfortable wearing it.

Well, Joseph is here to walk you through a method that will help you avoid these problems and make a hard hat more comfortable to wear.

For this, you will need a hard hat that has a knob-adjustable suspension. You’ll also need a bandana.

Let’s proceed to the steps !

5 Steps to Make A Hard Hat More Comfortable:

Step 1: Fold the Bandana

Fold the bandana corner to corner, to create a triangle. In case your head is massive, that’s all for this step; skip to step 2.

However, if you have a small or a normal-sized head, around 6 to 7½, fold the long side of the bandana over so you have a smaller triangle.

Step 2: Put It in There

Place the folded cloth in the hard hat, sliding the longer side between the shell and the suspension at the front of the front attachment cleats.

Step 3: Feed It

Pull the bandana’s ends to the inside of the suspension at the back of the front cleats and the front of the rear braces then out through the back of the hat.

Step 4: Tie It

Once the two ends of your bandana are out of the hardhat, tie them with a double knot right beneath the adjustment knob.

Step 5: Wear It

Push the bandana triangle in the middle up inside the hard hat. Now you have a bandana that remains in there always.

Your head will enjoy some warmth in cool weather, and during hot summer days, the cloth will soak up the extra sweat and cool your head.

The best part? No more cross marks on your hair and the headaches issue might go away, as the bandana acts as a cushion to make sure nothing is digging into your scalp.

Extra Tips

Who doesn't like to wear comfortable hard hat? If your hard hat is still too uncomfortable, consider getting a new one.

The good news is, new hard hats are built with improved features that make them lighter and more comfortable than previous versions.

Final Thoughts

The hard hats we have today can be adjusted more easily than previous models.

That’s because the suspension system inside employs ratcheting adjusters rather than pin-locks. That way, you can quickly adjust the size for a cozy fit.

In fact, some of today’s models come with foam pieces on the ratchet and pads so that nothing digs into your skull.

With a lower nape strap securing the hard hat around the back of your neck, head pressure decreases significantly.

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