How to paint a wooden closet (like pine or oak) to make it like new

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2022
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How to paint a pine closet in what color and how to paint a pine cabinet.
Painting a pine cabinet is done because the cabinet is slightly outdated or damaged.

Or you just want to change your interior to make your closet look like new again.

How to paint a pine wooden closet

Choosing a color is always difficult.

Think carefully beforehand about what else you want to change or paint.

If you want to paint a ceiling, a light color is usually chosen.

It expands your surface by choosing a light color.

When painting a wall, you should also ask yourself which color you want to choose.

Do you opt for a concrete-look paint or do you just go for white.

These are all factors that ultimately determine what color you want to paint a pine cabinet.

Or do you want to keep seeing the knots and the veins?

Then choose a white wash paint.

This paint provides a bleaching effect and looks old.

Again, it all depends on what colors you choose on walls and ceilings before painting a pine cabinet.

Paint the pine cabinet according to the standard procedure

Also painting with a pine cabinet is the main thing that you make good preparations.

The first thing to do is degrease well with an all-purpose cleaner.

paint pine cabinet

Do not use detergent for this.

The fat will then remain on the surface.

Then you will sand with 180 grit sandpaper.

Then the main thing is that you remove all the dust.

First brush off the dust and then you will wipe the cabinet with a slightly damp cloth so that you are sure that there is no more dust present.

The next step is to apply primer.

When it has completely dried, lightly sand it and make it dust-free.

Now you can start with the lacquer paint.

The same applies here: when it has cured, sand it lightly and make it dust-free.

Then apply the final coat of lacquer.

\Which painting techniques you want to use is your own choice.

The most obvious here is acrylic painting.

You will now see that your pine cabinet has been completely refurbished and it will also give you satisfaction that you have done it yourself.

Painting a pine cabinet, who has ever painted this themselves?

Painting oak cabinet

Painting oak cabinets with proper preparation and painting an oak cabinet to give a fresh look.

You actually paint an oak cabinet to give it a different look.

Dark furniture is often painted because it no longer fits in time.

Or simply because you don’t like the closet anymore.

There are several options for painting an oak cabinet.

Depending on what your personal preference is and what your interior looks like now.

You certainly want to adapt that oak cabinet to your other furniture so that it becomes a whole.

Light oak furniture is not painted as quickly.

In the following paragraphs I will discuss proper preparation, what options are available and how to carry out the implementation.

You can basically paint an oak cabinet yourself.

Or you don’t want this yourself.

Then you can always request a quote for this.

Click here for information.

Painting a cabinet with the right preparation

Painting an oak cabinet has to be done with the right preparation.

If you follow this strictly, nothing can happen to you.

The first thing to do is to remove all knobs and handles.

The next thing to do is to thoroughly degrease the cabinet.

Degreasing ensures that you get a better bond between the substrate and the primer or primer.

You can use ammonia with water as a degreaser.

However, it doesn’t smell that great.

Instead, you can get st. take Marcs.

It gives the same effect, but St Marcs has a wonderful pine scent.

I myself use B-clean.

I use this because it does not foam and is biodegradable.

Also because it is completely odorless.

In addition, it just saves you time.

By that I mean that with other cleaning products you often have to rinse after you have finished degreasing.

With B-clean you don’t have to do this.

which therefore saves a workload.

Especially if you do it with other people or customers, you can submit an even sharper quote.

That is also the reason I use B-clean.

You cannot buy this product in the regular store.

You can purchase this online.

online there are many shops where you can buy it.

If you click on the link below you will get more information about it.

When you’re done cleaning, sand the cabinet.

Do this with a scotch brite.

Use a fine grain structure for this.

This is to prevent scratches.

A scotch brite is a flexible sponge that you can reach into all corners.

Painting a cabinet of oak and the possibilities

You can paint an oak cabinet in various ways.

For example, you can paint it with a white wash.

This gives you a kind of bleaching effect.

Or an authentic look to your oak cabinet.

The advantage of this is that you continue to see the structure of the cabinet to some extent.

Chalk paint is almost the same as a white wash.

The difference is in the coverage.

When you mix acrylic-based chalk paint in the ratio 1 to 1, you get the same effect as white wash.

So when you buy chalk paint you can always choose what you want.

Another option is to paint the cabinet with an opaque stain.

You can then opt for a semi-transparent stain where you can still see the structure of the oak cabinet.

You can also paint an oak cabinet with an opaque paint.

To do this, take an acrylic-based paint.

This one does not compare.

Painting a cabinet with an oak color and the execution

You can paint an oak cabinet and implement it step by step.

If you are going to give the cabinet a white wash or chalk paint, cleaning and light sanding will suffice.

If you apply a stain, cleaning and sanding is also sufficient.

If you want to paint the oak cabinet with an acrylic paint, you will first have to apply a primer.

After that, two topcoat layers are enough.

You have to sand the surface between the layers to get a better adhesion.

This is always reflected in your final result.

If it concerns an oak cabinet with a lot of glass, I would also paint the inside to get a nice whole.

When the cabinet is ready, you can put the knobs and handles back on.

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