House painting techniques for roller and brush

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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You can learn painting techniques and how do you deal with painting techniques.

We are not talking about painting techniques that have to do with different types of paint, but about painting techniques that have to do with how to handle a wall paint roller and how to use a brush.

It requires a special technique to paint a ceiling or wall.

Painting techniques

Layout square meters

When you want to paint a wall, you first start by dividing the wall in square meters.

And you finish the wall or ceiling  per square meter and then from top to bottom.

Dip the wall paint roller in a paint tray and go over the grid with your roller so that the excess latex goes back into the paint tray.

Now you go to the wall with the roller and first paint a W  shape on the wall.

When you’ve done that, dip the roller in the paint tray again and roll the W  shape closed from left to right and top to bottom.

Try to put that W shape in a square meter.

When you follow the technique you can be sure that every spot on the wall is well covered.

What you also have to remember is that you do not press too much with the roller on the ceiling or wall.

When you press with the roller you get deposits.

The latex only has a short open time, so you have to work a bit.

If you want to extend the open time, you can add an additive here, which will make your open time longer.

I myself use Floetrol for this.

Techniques in the paint is a learning process

Techniques with a brush is actually a learning process.

Learning to paint is quite a challenge.

You have to keep practicing.

When you start painting with a brush, you must first learn how to hold a brush.

You should hold a brush between your thumb and index finger and support it with your middle finger.

Do not hold the brush too tightly but just loosely.

Then dip the brush in the paint can to 1/3 of the hair length.

Do not brush the brush on the edge of the can.

By turning the brush you prevent the paint from dripping.

Then apply the paint to the surface to be painted and evenly distribute the layer thickness.

Then smooth out well until the paint is completely out of the brush.

Painting techniques with a brush is also getting the feeling.

For example, when painting window frames, you have to paint tightly along the glass.

This is a matter of a lot of repetition and practice.

Learning the techniques yourself

You have to learn this technique yourself.

Fortunately, there are tools for this.

To get super tight paintwork, use tesa tape.

Make sure that you buy the right tape and how long the tape can stay in place.

When you have finished painting, you should clean the brushes or store the brushes properly.

Read the article about storing brushes here.

If you want to paint along a window without tape, you can rest the right side of your hand or the knuckles of your thumb on the glass to get a straight line.

It depends on which style you paint left or right.

Try this.

I can also tell you that you should remain calm while painting and not rush to work.

I wish you every success in this.

Have you ever applied painting techniques either with a roller or brush?

Take a look at the types of brushes available here.

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Thank you very much.

Pete deVries.


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