How to paint a tiled floor

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Painted tiles

Painting tiles is a lot of work and you have to do the preparation for painting tiles properly.
Painting a tiled floor is an example of a low budget solution. By that I mean if you don’t have enough money to buy new tiles, this is an alternative.

How to paint a tiled floor

Breaking out the tiles is a time consuming job. Then see what else is possible. When the bottoms of the doors are high enough, it is better to stick tile over tile. Ask for a special glue that is needed for this. This is certainly a lot of work. You can take into account approximately € 35 per square meter. If you do not have this amount lying around, there is no other option to paint it.

Painting tiles why?

Painting tiles why do you want that. It may be that those tiles have been in a living room for years. They may be dull and you want to give them a shine. Or you don’t find them beautiful anymore and even ugly. It will not benefit your interior. After all, it all has to fit together. A floor is usually the last thing to finish a job.

When you start, don’t miss it. It is a big job that is time consuming. By that I mean that you have to make good preparations. Painting tiles can be compared to painting tiles. I also made a blog about this.

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Painting tiles with what preparation

It is not only important to degrease when painting. In principle with all painting work. Do this well and preferably do this twice. When the tiles are dry, you can start sanding. This is very time consuming and intensive.

Use a sander with a grain of 80. Take every square centimeter with you. The better you sand, the better the adhesion and the better the end result. Everything stands and falls with good preparation when painting tiles. Then take a vacuum cleaner and suck out all the excess dust.

Then wipe again with a damp cloth and let it dry. Then tape the skirting boards all around with Tesla tape or painter’s tape.

Don’t walk over it after that. Now you can start with the next step .

Paint tiles with which paint

When painting tiles, you first start with a primer. This is also known as an adhesive primer. There are special primers that are suitable for this. Inquire about this at a paint store. They can give you sound advice. When it has cured, you can choose from a tile paint or a concrete paint. Both are possible.

If you opt for a concrete paint, sand the base layer lightly first. Then make everything dust-free and apply the first layer. When it has hardened, sand lightly again and make it dust-free. Then apply the last coat of concrete paint. Your tiled floor will be like new again. Adhere to the time to dry before walking on it. Preferably wait 1 day longer with this.

Painting tiles with a different paint

You can also paint tiles with a different paint than described above. There is also a special tile varnish for painting tiles. This is the tile lacquer from Alabastine. It is a 2-component lacquer that is also very suitable for other tiles in the bathroom. The properties of this lacquer are, among other things, water resistant. Not only for cold water but also for hot water. Furthermore, this tile lacquer is very wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.

If you want more information about this tile lacquer, click here.

Of course you have to do the same preparation and execution as described above.

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