How to place double glazing

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 23, 2022
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How to install double glazing

Placing double glazing is simple and easy to do yourself.

Installing double glazing seems more difficult than it is.

How to place double glazing

If you follow a certain method and you stick to it, it’s done in no time.

After all, you place double glazing to reduce heating costs and to ensure that you are nice and warm or cool in your home.

Today there are many types of glass.

You should therefore make a conscious choice which glass to take.

You can find a lot of information on the internet about which double glazing is most suitable for you.

Did you know you can paint glass? I have an article about painting glass here.

When installing double glazing, the main thing is that you measure correctly

There are several methods to measure the glass.

I’ll give you just one, because it’s the simplest.

You take a tape measure and measure from left to right and you measure the glazing beads.

This is called the tight size.

See picture.
The 2 thin lines are glazing beads in the photo. A to E are the sizes including the glazing beads.

Once you have written down these measurements, you should subtract 0.6mm from them.

This is because the glass then fits well into the rebate and does not pinch.

The thickness of the glass depends on whether it is a fixed window or a casement window.

Pass this on to the supplier.

Glass can of course also be ordered online.

Placing glass with a method

When the double glazing is in, proceed as follows:

Remove sealant: you first cut the sealant both outside and inside with a sharp snap-off knife.

After this you carefully remove the glazing beads.

You can do this with a sharp chisel or other sharp object.

First start with the bottom glazing bar, also known as the nose bar.

Then the left and right glazing bead and finally the top one.

You have to be very careful with the top glazing bead.

After all, if this is loose, the window is also loose in the frame.

Now you remove the old glass.

After this you will remove the old sealant and the old glass tape from the glazing beads and also from the rebate.

Also don’t forget to take out the nails.

Always use stainless steel nails

Always use new stainless steel nails when installing.

After this you will clean the rebate with an all-purpose cleaner.

Now you are going to stick new glass tape on the glazing beads and in the rebate.

Note in advance how this is pasted.

Then place two plastic blocks on the bottom rebate.

This is necessary because the glass can leak and the water can escape.

Now you can place the double glazing.

Make sure that you have the same amount of space between the rebate and the glass on both the left and the right.

First attach the first glazing bar.

Use a wide putty knife and place it against the glass so that you do not accidentally smash the glass with a hammer.

Then place the left and right glazing bead.

Finally, the nose bar.

Then comes the last   part: the kitten with glass sealant.

Cut diagonally from the caulk gun with a snap-off knife, about a 45-degree angle.

Place this beveled caulking gun perpendicularly between the glass and glazing bead and pull it downwards in one go.

The top seams, of course, from left to right.

If you have used too much sealant, take a flower sprayer with water and some soap and spray it on the sealant.

Then remove the excess sealant with a putty knife!

Or take a PVC pipe that is used for power lines and cut it at 45 degrees at the end.

Go over the sealant seam with this tube and you will see that the excess sealant disappears in the tube

If you do not dare the kitten, you can always do this by a professional.

It’s only just 5 minutes….

It’s always been like this: it’s just a matter of doing it.

You can install double glazing yourself.

Later you say: isn’t that all?

I am very curious if anyone has ever installed glass themselves or is planning to do it themselves.

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