How to remove and replace silicone sealant: Here’s the solution!

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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A broken silicone seal can cause contamination and how to remove this silicone effectively.

Silicone is necessary to achieve a seal.

For example, between a frame and tiles.

How to remove and replace silicone sealant

For this you use a silicone sealant.

It is used in damp areas such as a bathroom.

You are probably familiar with the phenomenon.

When silicone has been applied and you then want to paint the frames in the primer, the silicone will push the paint away, as it were.

You then get a kind of crater formation.

This is also known as fish eyes.

Whatever you do the paint just won’t pick up because silicone is absolutely not paintable.

The paint does not mix with silicone.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but if you don’t degrease well before painting you will get the same problem, so always degrease first!

Remove silicone with an anti-silicone fluid

you can remove with an anti-silicone liquid.

You must first remove the paint on the frame.

Also first degrease well and then sand and make it dust-free.

Only then can you start painting again.

Otherwise it makes no sense.

Then you add a few drops of anti-slice solution to the paint and you can start painting again.

Make sure you have two different liquids.

One for solvent-based paints and varnishes and 1 for acrylic paints.

When you add these drops, a chemical reaction occurs that cancels out the voltage difference between the paint and the silicone.

After this you will no longer suffer from craters and fish eyes.

Look carefully at the instructions for use how many drops you should put in exactly!

This just goes to show that for every problem there is a solution.

Amazing, right?

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