How to remove mold in the bathroom & prevent it from coming back

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 23, 2022
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How to prevent mold in your bathroom and how to get rid of mold in your bathroom.

Moldy bathroom is quite annoying and annoying.

If you have mold in your bathroom, you just feel like you’re not clean.

How to remove mold in the bathroom

Nothing less true.

There is always a lot of moisture in a bathroom, so the chance of mold forming is high.

It is also a matter of education.

I was always taught that after showering I had to dry the tiles and dry the last bit of water around the drain.

Then open a window.

In our case, the last person to take a shower always did.

Nowadays there are good mechanical ventilation in bathrooms that refresh the air so that your humidity remains constantly low and afterwards prevents mold formation.

Mold can often be seen on joints and seams that have been sealed.

You must then remove this kit.

If it is on the ceiling you have to take other measures.

You can read how to do this in the next paragraph.

Remove mold in the bathroom.

Mold in the bathroom is difficult to remove on a ceiling.

You can try to remove the fungus with an ammonia wipe.

You have to be careful that you cannot use ammonia on every surface.

It is better to use an all-purpose cleaner for this.

An all-purpose cleaner will keep the area clean.

A bathroom mold can also be persistent and sometimes you can’t remove it.

Then you have to take other measures.

Isolate the fungus.

I always use my own insulation paint for this.

You isolate the fungus, as it were.

The fungi no longer get a chance to grow further and are killed.

Before you do this, it is important that you degrease properly, otherwise it will have no effect.

After this, you may apply a second layer of insulation paint.

Look carefully at the product description for the drying time of this insulating paint.

Then you can just sauce over it with a latex paint.

Insulating paint also comes in a spray can and is much more convenient.

I use the Alabastine brand myself.

Even more ways.

However, there are more means to remove these fungi.

What you can also do is mix soda with hot water, or work with diluted bleach.

There are plenty of ways to get rid of these fungi.

First try the methods mentioned as described and only then start with an insulating paint.

HG also has a good mold remover.

Personally I find this expensive.

How to get rid of mold and what the results are with mold removal from Sudwest mold cleaner.

I know better than anyone that mold in the house is a major enemy.

Mold usually occurs in bathrooms because this is a damp room.

Usually the humidity is high, more than 90% (RH = relative humidity), with not enough ventilation.

Some bathrooms don’t even have mechanical ventilation or an opening window.

In these cases, there is a good chance that you will get mold in your bathroom.

Removing mold has now become very easy.

Removing mold has now become very easy by developing new products all the time.

According to the “old” method, you must first apply an insulating paint to it.

After this you have to apply a latex paint twice.

This has now become much simpler.

By launching a new product:

Now remove mold with Sudwest Mold Cleaner.

Affected surfaces now disappear quickly.

The affected surfaces disappear super fast and in a few minutes with this new cleaner.

Mold removal has never been more effective in all these years than with this Sudwest mold cleaner.

These surfaces are, as it were, disinfected, ie these fungi die and are removed.

The surfaces you treat remain unaffected.

Suitable for many surfaces.

You can use this cleaner on many surfaces such as: areas with a high moisture content such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

Also suitable for washable wallpaper such as vinyl wallpaper.

You can also use this cleaner on surfaces such as bathroom tiles, stone and plaster.

Another big advantage is that you can also use the cleaner for a completely different purpose.

Namely for cleaning your furniture, decking and fences.

I highly recommend it and highly recommend this new product.

I hope you find this an interesting article.

Let me know in a comment what you think of this cleaner.

Or do you have a question about this topic?

Let me know.

thanks in advance

Piet de Vries

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