Non-woven wallpaper best alternative to paper wallpaper & to paint!

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 15, 2022
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Non-woven wallpaper, what is it, and what are the differences between non-woven wallpaper and paper wallpaper.

Pasting non-woven wallpaper is something I like to do.

Non woven wallpaper

This wallpaper consists of 2 layers.

A top layer that can be made of paper or vinyl.

The other side, say the back, consists of a fleece.

Non-woven wallpaper is now available in all designs.

Nonwoven wallpaper is much stronger than regular paper wallpaper.

You can work much faster with it because you don’t have to coat the wallpaper with glue, but the wall.

Then you can simply stick the non-woven wallpaper on the wall.

Another advantage is that this wallpaper does not deform.

This wallpaper is also extremely suitable if you have small tears and holes.

In the jargon this is also called quick wallpaper.

Apply non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper with many advantages.

The wallpaper has many advantages.

We compare it to plain paper wallpaper.

Firstly, non-woven wallpaper is much easier and faster to apply.

After all, you don’t have to coat the wallpaper with glue, but the wall.

This makes it really easy to wallpaper.

Anyone can do this.

The second advantage.

The wallpaper does not deform and does not shrink.

That is why it is simple and easy to wallpaper.

Another advantage is that non-woven wallpaper is much stronger than regular wallpaper.

You can easily move it around and it also doesn’t show any blisters when you put the wallpaper on the wall.

Another advantage!

A third advantage is that you do not need a steamer to remove the wallpaper.

You can take it off dry.

You can also paint this wallpaper.

If you remove the wallpaper, damage will remain on the wall.

What also comes into play is that the non-woven wallpaper is also biodegradable, which is good for the environment.

A tip!

If you’re going to wallpaper, I would like to give you a tip.

And that’s this: Make sure you finish the whole wall in one go.

By this I mean that you use the same pieces of wallpaper from the same roll above door frames and not from a different roll, otherwise you will get a color difference.

Painting non-woven wallpaper
Painting non-woven wallpaper is an option and painting with non-woven wallpaper you can give the wall a different look
Paint non-woven wallpaper

Painting non-woven wallpaper is certainly one of the possibilities to give your room a different color.

Non-woven wallpaper is also very suitable for this.

If you just have wallpaper then that does not go so well.

I have certainly covered wallpaper in the past.

If it fits properly, it will work.

In the beginning you get a lot of bumps.

Later they slowly disappear.

You should check in advance to paint non-woven wallpaper

You can’t just paint non-woven wallpaper.

You have to do some checks beforehand.

By that I mean the condition of the wallpaper.

It fits well in all places.

Look closely at the seams that fit well.

Also, especially in the corners, the non-woven wallpaper sometimes comes loose.

It also wants to let go at the bottom of the skirting boards.

Stick these loose parts beforehand.

Use perfax wallpaper glue for this.

Then buy a small amount of ready-made.

You only ever need a little.

Wallpaper painting and the preparatory work

Before you start, you will need to make some preparations.

First, you are going to clear the wall or wall.

Second, you are going to take off the curtains and sheer curtains.

Then you will cover the floor.

Take a plaster runner for this.

This is a hard cardboard that comes on a roll.

You can then place this in front of the plinth and a few strips next to it.

Secure the stucco runner with tape.

After this you have to make sure you have everything ready: a paint tray, a roller, a brush, kitchen stairs, primer, latex, sandpaper, all-purpose cleaner, tape and a bucket of water.

A primer on is essential

You should also use a primer when painting non-woven wallpaper.

It is always better to use a primer.

Your end result will always be more beautiful and tighter.

It is suggested that a primer is not necessary but I do it just to be sure.

Again you can always see it again.

Keep in mind that you cannot start priming immediately after pasting the non-woven wallpaper.

Wait at least 48 hours with this.

After all, the glue behind the wallpaper still has to harden well.

When the primer has cured, take sandpaper of 320 grit or higher and sand down any imperfections.

After this you are ready to start sauce.

How will you  paint the wallpaper

You can paint non-woven wallpaper with a wall paint.

Apply masking tape along the skirting boards and frames beforehand.

After this you start painting the non-woven wallpaper.

Start at the top of the ceiling with the tassel. Paint 1 meter first.

After this, take the roller and roll from top to bottom.

Make sure you distribute the wall paint well.

First put a W-shape around the wall and then take new latex paint to close this W-shape

to laugh.

And that’s how you work from top to bottom.

Do this in orbits of about one meter.

And that’s how you finish the entire wall.

1 layer is enough.

Provided you choose a light color

You will then have to treat a dark color twice.

The procedure again

  1. Run checks and fix them.
  2. Clear space and cover the floor.

3.Prepare material.

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Lightly sand and finish with a wall paint.

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