Paint tray: how handy is it?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 16, 2022
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A paint tray is very handy to use when you want to paint, and is also very simple to put together. A paint tray makes it easier for you to take the paint off your brush or roller, without running the risk of having too much paint on your brush or roller.

Paint tray

The paint tray is simple, with a section to pour paint on one side and an elevation on the other. This shows a grid on which you can level the paint roller after you have dipped it in the paint. This grid prevents that there is too much paint on the brush or roller, so that you can make a mess.

Paint in different types

There are different types of paint trays available. You have the regular rectangular variant, which is available in various sizes, but also large square containers. In addition, there are also buckets available with a grid hanging from it. This is especially useful for large jobs, because you can simply pour the paint into the bucket, and you don’t have to work with a small container every time.

It is also possible to purchase a multi-part package. You not only have a paint tray, but also brushes and rollers. Handy if you don’t have anything at home for your job yet, because that way you’re ready in one go.

What else to use besides a paint tray?

If you are going to do odd jobs around the house, it is important that you cover everything properly. Even if you work with a paint tray, it can certainly happen that you mess with paint. So place a tarpaulin on the floor, move furniture far enough to the side and cover it as well, and make sure that you have taped the window frames, baseboards, door frames and the ceiling with painter’s tape. This way you can be sure that the paint only gets on the wall, and you don’t accidentally take half a frame with you.

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