Painting quotes: How expensive are painters?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 13, 2022
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What does a painting company cost?

What is a painting quote? Many people wonder how much does a painter cost. Painting yourself is a lot of work, especially if you have never done it yourself. Outsourcing painting work is what many people do. was created to teach you to paint so that you can carry out every job yourself from now on. Despite the information on PainterPret, have you decided to outsource your painting job? Submit a painting job using the form above and receive a free quote from up to 6 painting companies in your region quickly and free of charge. The cheapest professional in your region quickly and easily! The Quotations are completely non-binding and the application takes less than a minute to complete!
This way you are assured that you quickly have affordable professionals   for the painting. Would you prefer a quote from Piet de Vries? Then ask your question on the page: Ask Piet.

Prices painting

The prices of painting are highly dependent on the condition of the project to be painted. Is it an old and damaged surface or is the painting job a job that can be done quickly because everything is relatively new and undamaged. Answer the questions in the painting quote form and click on “Receive quotes“. Your details remain completely anonymous to us and are only sent via an automatic system that sends the quote request to painters in your area based on your zip code and house number. Your data will never be used without your permission for other purposes as described in our privacy policy. After submitting your request for quote, local painting companies will review your details and contact you by email or telephone to propose or agree a price for the painting. It is wise to compare the painting companies before you hire a painting company for the painting work.

Don’t outsource, but do the painting yourself

Have you received a painting quote but do you think the quote is too expensive? You can of course still choose to do the painting yourself! Have you never rolled up your sleeves for a painting job before? Then download the free E-book which is easy as a reference book and right hand! You will receive the E-book for free with the Schilderpret newsletter!

What is a painting quote?

If you need a painter, you can request a quote.
With a painting quote request you simply ask for a quote or price offer / price offer. Usually a request for a quote is free and without obligation. A quote is a business proposal.
Is the painting quote not free? Then this must be clearly indicated.
If you have requested a quote from the painter, you will receive a detailed quote. This way you know before you hire someone where you stand in terms of material, labor costs and time frame.
A painting company’s quote contains prices for materials and labour, plus guarantees and conditions.
There must be conditions and dates in a painting job offer so that it is concretely established how and what. In this way, both parties have something to “hold on” and something to fall back on (possibly legally). Pretty important!

Choose the way of Outsourcing

You can outsource painting work in various ways.
You can request a quote for contracted work (fixed total price) or you can hire someone per hour according to an hourly rate. You also call the costs by means of hourly wage billing “invoice by the hour”.
Unfortunately, experience often shows that “accepted work” is cheaper.
With “Invoice for an hour” you often get a slightly better result because the hired employee takes just a little more time for his work. Of course this is not the case with every painter, but we see ragged paintwork very regularly.

What does a painter cost and what are the generally applied painting rates?

The costs differ per region and season. The condition of the work to be performed also has a major influence on the price. For example, you only pay 9% VAT (reduced rate) for work on a home that is 2 years or older. With a new-build home that is younger than 2 years old, you pay the standard 21% VAT rate.

Of course, the choice of materials (price/quality ratio) and supply and demand also have a major influence on the price of paintwork.
That is why a professional is a lot cheaper in the winter, for example. This is because there is much less work in the winter. In addition to the condition of the work to be performed, the region and the season, it also matters whether it concerns indoor or outdoor work.
Exterior painting is generally about 10% more expensive. The cost of a professional therefore depends on many factors. Requesting a quote from local painters is therefore a free solution!
Below is an overview with a number of tables to get an indication of what an average painter costs.
Keep in mind that a painter usually gives a seasonal discount in the winter months (November to March). With the winter rate you can quickly count on a discount of about 20%!

Because the prices of painting in the industry are very variable, you can only get an indication by calculating the costs based on average rates. Here are some cost tables.

Overview costs per square meter (m²) and per hourly rate:

Average price all inclusive


per m²
€25 – €40

Hourly rate
€30 – €45

Plaster spraying per m²
€4 – €13

Sauce work per m²
€8 – €17


per m²
€30 – €45

Hourly rate
€35 – €55

Overview rate painting surfaces:

Average painter’s price (all-in)
Take into account/Depend on

€250 – €700
Highly dependent on condition (e.g. glue residue) and paint quality (scratch/wear resistant)

€300 – €900
Dimensions and height (risk money & scaffold rental)

€470 – €1,800
From 7 m² excl. paint to all exterior frames of one home

Excluding door frame. With multiple doors, increasing advantage

€220 – €1,500
from 30m² to 45 m² incl. entire kitchen (kitchen cabinets)

Overview painting prices materials and paint

Paint type
Price per liter incl. VAT
Number of m² per liter

€20 – €40
8 – 12
Adhesive backing

Stain and lacquer
€20 – €55
10 – 16
color and protective layer

Latex and wall paint
€20 – €50
3 – 16 *
Paint for inside and outside

Overview prices by home type

Type of house
Average costs of exterior painting for the home all-in

€700 – €1500

terraced house
€1000 – €2000

Corner house or 2-under-1 hood

Detached house

When having your home or room painted, you can have the walls and ceiling sprayed or painted or whitewashed.
Sauce/whitewash the walls and ceilings costs on average around €10 – €15 per m², while spraying starts from € 5 per m².
The price per m² includes labor and material costs, latex plaster spraying can provide a major advantage on the total price of the painting, especially for large surfaces (many square meters).

What to pay attention to when making a quote

The content of a painting quote must be complete. Only then will agreed rights and obligations be binding. As a customer you of course have the payment obligation, the professional as executor has the duty to perform the work, but will also have rights when it comes to (extra) expenses, material and labor declaration. Ask for clear advice and clearly state your wishes.

Discuss and prepare the offer

The painter can only draw up a good painting quotation when he knows exactly where he stands. Invite a supplier to view the work and take the time for a clarifying conversation. So go through the work carefully with both parties and record everything that matters.
Do not forget to discuss which (quality) material should be used and how any unforeseen expenses are recorded. It should also be discussed how many layers of (primer) paint, stain or varnish the paintwork should have.

Preparation painting

Before you have a painting quote drawn up by the supplier, it is recommended that you FIRST go through (and write down) what needs to be done, what you have questions about and what you need advice on.
Write down any necessary repairs and specific wishes and ensure that these requirements are also included in the quotation layout. Provide color numbers and samples where necessary. These are often free at hardware stores.

What should be in a painting quote

A painting quote must contain:

  • A description of the work
  • A price. This can be a fixed price or a deductible price. (work contracted or per hourly invoice). The price may also contain a number of provisional items and must be indicated whether it is incl. or excl. VAT
  • Possible discounts and rates (such as the reduced VAT and/or winter rate)
  • A schedule of the activities, indicating the conditions under which the schedule must be achieved
  • The expiry date
  • Requirements. Reference may be made to general terms and conditions, or terms and conditions of organizations such as a trade union or disputes committee
  • A legal signature. In the Netherlands, tenders must be signed by a company attorney-at-law. A power of attorney is an employee who is authorized to sign. This can be checked at the Chamber of Commerce

Benefits of a quote

A painting quote offers both the employee and the customer a bit of guidance. Ideal to avoid any misunderstandings!
In a quotation you record the agreed services, activities, material costs, call-out costs, unforeseen expenses and adjustment costs (costs that have not yet been determined). For example, take into account wood rot or defects that cannot be repaired by the contractor. This way there can be no disagreements about agreements made during or after the job.
So before you agree to a quote, make sure that you have carefully considered whether everything has been properly discussed and recorded. It is therefore best to invite a company to personally assess the work.
When you go through the work in question together, make notes about all the tasks and expenses to be performed. You can have these notes included in the quotation before you conclude an agreement.

Why an “expensive” painting company

Have your friends, friends-of-friends or perhaps family members who are also painters or who want to “come and do it”. These handymen are often cheaper than a company.
However, it is often wiser to hire a professional for a job. Besides the fact that you risk relationships in the event of any misunderstandings, a professional painter will tackle the work faster and more professionally.
For example, you can expect a longer lifespan with work by a professional than with an amateur. Of course, the result (which is just as important) is only better with a professional.
In addition to clear guarantees and a VAT receipt, you can also appeal to a disputes committee at a professional company. All in all, hiring a company only has advantages and guarantees.
You can often also go to a competent company for a maintenance subscription and/or service contract. With a recognized painting company, agreements and contracts will in all probability always be fulfilled.

Choosing the right company by comparison

If you have requested quotes from various providers on Schilderpret, you will receive a quote from a maximum of six companies. You probably already have a preference after the first personal contact. In addition to your personal preference/intuition, it is wise to pay attention to the following things before working with a painter:

  • Online references (Google Maps, Facebook reviews, Yelp)
  • Insured in the event of an accident and/or damage?
  • Are you a member of a Trade Union/Dispute Committee?
  • Travel time (due to traffic jams, travel time and travel costs)

Difference Indoor and outdoor painting work

Besides the difference in costs, there is even more difference between interior and exterior painting. The costs of exterior work are generally higher because the required material must meet certain requirements.
After all, it gets exposed to the elements outside. Exterior painting has a shorter lifespan than interior painting.

Interior painting

On average, once every 5-10 years it is time for a treatment indoors. Intensively used surfaces such as painted floorboards and stairs usually require more attention. Interior painting has a major influence on the appearance of your living atmosphere and interior.
Even if you have so much beautiful and expensive at home without a solid paint layer, a house does not look so nice/clean. Keeping and maintaining the interior is therefore a plus. Always try to maintain (and update if necessary) the following:

  • walls & walls
  • ceilings
  • kitchen and toilet (hygiene)
  • damp rooms due to mold (shower/shed)
  • kick
  • frames, windows and doors

Exterior painting

Due to exposure to the elements and changing weather conditions, exterior work requires maintenance slightly more often than interior work, i.e. once every 5-6 years. Outdoor work is important to perform on a regular basis. Not only does it beautify your home, but it also protects your home! Thoroughly executed work provides a protective layer that prevents, among other things, wood rot and weathering. Good exterior painting extends the life of your home and garden parts and is therefore worth an investment. In addition to the fact that material for outdoor use is often more expensive, a professional often also asks more money for renting an aerial platform or scaffolding. Not all painters like to work on a ladder. So make sure that you clarify how the exact circumstances such as the height are clearly stated in the quotation. This way you avoid unforeseen expenses. You can hire a professional for exterior painting, for example:

  • frames and exterior doors
  • facades and exterior walls
  • buoy parts
  • gutters and downspouts
  • fence and fencing
  • shed/garage/carport
  • garden tiles

Advice, experience and importance of a quote

Always go for a skilled painter. A recognized company gives real guarantees.
Try to plan a job in the winter in advance. A winter painter is 20-40 percent cheaper!
When requesting quotes, do not blindly go for the cheapest painter, but check online references!
Try not to save on paint quality. In this case, cheap is often expensive!
Do as much work yourself as possible (in consultation). Think of emptying, cleaning, filling holes, masking and possibly degreasing or sanding. This can save you up to hundreds of euros on a professional result!
Wait to paint until your home is at least 2 years old and ask for the painter there to use the reduced VAT rate of 9%. This quickly saves hundreds of euros on the total price of the work.

My view as a painter on painting quotes;

  • A quote contains guarantees and conditions
  • A quote for the painting is required to see what the agreements are and you immediately have a guarantee if the agreements have not been fulfilled properly. After all, you want a guarantee on the agreed end result.
  • If you put everything on paper, you can read this and when you complete a certain job you can refer to it and fall back on it. There must be many points in such a quote.
  • I will give you a few points that should always be included: price, warranty period, conditions, which materials are used, VAT (for homes older than two years, the low rate of six percent is calculated), work and payment conditions.
  • That is why it is very important to make a quotation so that you choose the right painting company for your assignment.

In the following paragraphs I will discuss in detail what such a painting quotation should contain, on what grounds you can choose and when the job has been carried out what you should pay attention to.
An offer must contain agreements that are binding
Many things must be described in a quotation from a painting company.
The salutation contains the details of the company such as contact details, chamber of commerce number, VAT number and Iban number. The preamble must also state the quotation date and for how long this quotation is valid.
In addition, a customer number and a quotation number, this is easy for any correspondence.
Under the salutation is the address of the client.
The next chapter must contain a description of the assignment to be performed with a start date and a delivery date, it does not matter how large the assignment is.
After that, the content of the quotation painting is described.
So basically what is executed from start to finish of the command.
You have to think of things such as which materials are used, how many working hours the assignment takes.
The VAT must be stated separately.
21% VAT is levied on the material, 9% VAT on the hourly wage, provided the house is older than 2 years and is used as a home.
It is also very important which conditions apply to the offer.
The conditions I use are stated on the quotation itself.
It also happens that these conditions are deposited, but this must be stated on the quotation.
Finally, there must be guarantees.
This means in the event of default of the assignment or if the assignment has not been carried out properly, that the company guarantees in the event of any imperfections.
I myself have a 2-year warranty on the exterior painting.
I have written exceptions.
Excluded are leakages and natural disasters, but that is logical.
An offer helps you make a choice
When making an appointment for a viewing, you invite three companies to take on the job.
Of course you can also invite all 4. It’s just what you want.
Personally, I think three is enough.
You have them come separately on the same day with an hour in between.
When someone comes to you, you immediately see who that person is.
I always say the first impression is the best impression.
What you also have to pay attention to is what the company car looks like, is the painter neatly dressed, how did he present himself and is he also polite and attentive.
These are really important points.
When he has done a recording, a good company will discuss some things with you.
When the person wants to go home immediately, they already lose weight for me.
Then you will see how quickly you will receive a quote in your mailbox.
If this is within a week, then that painting company is interested in your assignment.
Then compare these offers and cross out 1 offer.
You then invite two painters and discuss the offer thoroughly.
Then you will decide who to grant and entrust the work to.
I always say there has to be a click from both sides.
You can see that right away.
Then make a choice based on your feeling.
Don’t make the mistake of taking the cheapest one.
Unless you click with it, of course.
The quote has been accepted and the job is done
When the professional has completed the job, take the time to check everything with him on the basis of the quote prepared earlier. Ask the painter what he has done and have the quotation ready.
If you now see some things that have been agreed but not implemented, you can still address them.
In case of default, ensure that he still carries out these activities.
When everything has been carried out correctly, a good painting company will give you an A4 with the necessary guarantees that have been agreed.
Now the company can send you the invoice.
If you are very satisfied, transfer the invoice immediately.
The painter also has to feel in his wallet to advance the material.
What I do want to warn you about is that you should never pay an advance to a painter.
This is completely redundant. What a company or painter sometimes does is that he can send a partial invoice halfway through the work.
If all is well, this will also be stated in the quotation.
Then ask when the painter will return for any maintenance.
Did you outsource the painting?
There are three important points after delivery.
Of course it is important that you thoroughly check the work done together with the painter so that you are sure that everything is neatly finished and repaired.
Secondly, you will not wash windows for the first fourteen days. The paint has yet to harden and there is a chance that particles of paint will jump off during cleaning.
So be extra careful the first 2 weeks, because the paint is not yet fully cured and extra sensitive to damage!
The second point is that you clean all wood parts at least twice a year.
In the spring and autumn. This extends the shine and durability of the paint.

Sample quote painting

If you really can’t paint yourself or you don’t have the time at all, it’s better to request a quote from a painter or painting company. A quotation painting example is useful if you know what to look for. If you know in advance what to look for, you can make a faster decision to have the work performed. Always request at least 3 quotes so that you can compare. Then make a decision based on hourly rate, price,
craftsmanship and references.

Example quote interior painting

If you want to have an example for your walls, ceilings, doors, and window frames, there must be things in it that provide clarity about the content. There must be the
include the following: Company information. These are important so that you can check on the internet whether this is an official company. The following matters must then be stated: prices of wages, materials, VAT and total price. Pay attention to the VAT rate here. Houses older than 2 years may apply a six percent rate, both on wages and materials. In addition, there must be a description of the work, which products are used for both the preliminary work and the finishing.

Example quote for outdoor painting

In principle, the same conditions apply as for the interior. However, the offer itself must then be a bit more specified. Mainly the performances of the work itself. After all, outside you have to deal with weather influences. The preliminary work is therefore very essential. The choice of paint is also an important point here. This gives you a better understanding of the work that needs to be performed. Also check in advance what the points need extra attention. Write these down on a scrap of paper and check if that company has also mentioned it. At that time on your nice comparison material.

Cutlery of painting

A cutlery is required for the exterior painting. A specification means that every detail is described there. Just to name one example about the pints you noted that need some extra attention. Specifications then describe the procedure to be made to repair these points with the necessary guarantees. Product names and description of the product are also included in the specifications. What is also discussed is the estimated working time, specification materials, date of execution, date of delivery and the warranty is discussed in detail.

A good painting company in Groningen (Stadskanaal)
Compare painting companies in your area?
Painting quote is immediately received a free and non-binding quote
Hire a cheaper painter with the winter rate
Choosing a painting company based on reviews and quotes
Understanding the risk of a cheap painter
Knowing what costs a painter charges on average
Looking for the right painter
Benefits of a winter painter
Painters work with an hourly rate

What is a painter’s hourly rate?

The hourly rate of a painter depends on, among other things:

State of the painting
the region
material use
number of m2 (square meters)
Hourly rate painter

Hourly rate painter how it is structured and how do you calculate an hourly rate painter.

Would you like to receive a free painting quote from some local painting companies?

You can request a painting quote with one request here.

I personally have never had any advice on this regarding hourly rate painter.

I know there are several modules that help calculate an hourly painter.

I didn’t count on that myself.

Of course, it also depends on what you pay per month for, for example, rental business space, telephone costs, car maintenance, transport costs, insurance and any accrual pension.

Hourly rate painter, my personal calculation

For the calculation of my hourly rate painter I have worked very differently.

I have asked myself how much I want to earn net with a 36 hour work week.

To do this, I and my wife looked at how much we need per month to be able to live and also to be able to save.

We had decided together that we wanted to earn € 2600 net.

From that point of view, I set out to calculate an hourly rate for a painter.

So I arrive at € 18 per hour.

Then I added my costs separately and divided this again by 36 x 4 = 144 hours per month.

So my basic hourly wage is € 18 added with all kinds of surcharges.

A surcharge for rental business space, a surcharge for telephone costs: from a history of a year of calling behavior before, a surcharge for diesel consumption: I took an average for this, 80% of my work is in the city canal and 20% outside it, up to a radius of 50 kilometers from the Company Address.

In addition, a surcharge for all company insurance and my accrual pension with BPF painters.

I have also reserved an amount for possible purchase and replacement of tools.

Also a storage for the replacement of my car and finally a storage payment for taxes.

I added all these amounts together and divided by 144 hours.

And so my hourly rate painter comes to € 35 per hour excluding VAT.

If you maintain this method you always know what you earn per month.

Of course, if you work more hours, you will increase your net earnings per month.

In addition, there are other advantages to be gained with your purchase.

So what you should pay attention to is that you actually use those storages for what the storage is intended for.

If you don’t, you could of course run into problems.

So if you know your hourly wage, you can make a painting quote for a specific assignment.

Would you like to have quotes made without obligation?

Click here for information.

It is customary for a client to make at least 3 quotations, whereby the client can then choose a painting company.

I am very curious about other painters how you calculate your hourly rate painter.

Let me know by leaving a comment below this article.


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