Painting your wall VS wall stickers

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 18, 2022
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Are the walls of the living room, kitchen, bedroom or toilet ready for a new and fresh look? And are you hesitating between wall stickers and painting the walls yourself? We give you advice on what is best for you.

Wall paints VS wall stickers

The choice between painting the wall and using wall stickers for a fresh look is always difficult. Wall stickers are often the cheapest solution, where painting the walls can quickly cost a lot of money. Whether you do it yourself or have it done by a painter, painting a wall always costs money.

Giving a fresh and new look to your wall depends on the situation. Do you suffer from rising damp and is the paint affected? Then you have to repair the wall and paint it again. If the wall and the paint are still fine and you just want something different, wall stickers are a good solution. For a small amount you can give the wall a completely new, fresh and stylish look. The choice is yours.


Every situation is different. Take a good look at and consider your options/wishes and list the advantages and disadvantages. This way you will find out what the best choice is for you. If we can give advice, choose both! Painting the wall gives a nice fresh look, where wall stickers give a stylish and unique look. This combination is simply the best.

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