Reclaimed wood wallpaper: a new trend

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Scrap wood wallpaper

resembles real wood and with scrap wood wallpaper you can create a beautiful character in your living space.

Scrap wood wallpaper has been a new trend for a while now.

Reclaimed wood wallpaper

The further we get in time, the more developments come in the field of DIY.

I think that’s a nice thought.

New interior ideas are constantly being created.

Combining colors also gives a new look to your living space.

After all, we already had concrete-look paint and now a new wallpaper is added as scrap wood wallpaper.

It is actually the imitation of past situations.

Scrap wood wallpaper comes from the word scrap wood.

In the past, the poor people just had scrap wood against the wall and that was their interior.

This is now reflected in the scrap wood wallpaper.

You can also see the phenomenon in the furniture that changes.

A lot of furniture is already made from this.

They use scaffolding wood for this.

The scrap wood wallpaper is also called scaffolding wood wallpaper.

Scrap wood wallpaper   is a paper wallpaper with a wood print.

This wallpaper is a paper wallpaper with a wood print.

If you apply this wallpaper to the wall, you must do this accurately.

Once the wallpaper is on, it looks just like real wood.

If you adjust your furniture here, you get a completely different interior.

A good idea is to treat your furniture with whitewash paint.

These styles do match.

I would like to advise you that you are not going to stick all walls with this wallpaper.

It depends on how big your room is, of course, but do a wall with this wallpaper.

You just have to paint the rest of the walls in a lighter shade.

Otherwise it will be way too busy.

This way you can keep peace in your living space.

You can buy this wallpaper in a variety of colors.

Just make sure you stick the wallpaper straight, otherwise it won’t look good.

You can buy it anywhere.

On the internet and local hardware stores.

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