9 Rectangular Gazebo Plans

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 27, 2022
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For relaxing or for passing quality time gazebo is a perfect place. It brings a royal flavor to your home area. There are different types of gazebos. These vary with design, material, size, style, shape, and cost.

The rectangular-shaped gazebos are common in shape but this shape is easy to build and cause low wastage of the material. Moreover, you can accommodate more furniture or decorating pieces in a rectangular-shaped gazebo than other shapes because the rectangular shape allows you to make the most effective use of the space.

In this article, we have picked only the rectangular-shaped gazebo plans. You can either choose a plan directly from this article or you can also apply some of your creativity  and customize the design according to your choice.

9 Wonderful Rectangular Gazebo Ideas

Idea 1


If you like hill you can go for this raised floor gazebo plan that will give you the feeling of passing time in the hilly place. Since it is a high place you can watch a far area sitting in this gazebo.

The elegant structure of this gazebo along with the white curtain brings serenity in the human mind.

It is big enough to hang out with your friends and family members. It is not just wonderful in its look and design, it is also a functional gazebo with a cooler on its floor. The breeze and wind pass through the gazebo will refresh your mind and will energize you with new energy.

Idea 2


A small or medium-sized gazebo cannot accommodate several furniture or big furniture. This rectangular-shaped gazebo is big enough to accommodate big furniture or several furniture.

It is like a big room where you can make a party or pass leisure time with your kids, wife, and parents. Even after accommodating some furniture it also has enough free space where your kids can play.

To enjoy the beauty of nature this gazebo can be the best place. It has a rustic look that gives a flavor of the old home. You also can add a simple porch swing nearby. You do not have to worry about the design of the porch swing as we already have listed free porch swing plans for your review.

Idea 3


If you are a fan of simplicity or if you have a shortage of budget you can go for this simply designed gazebo. From its design, you can realize that it does not cost much and with the help of your friends and family, you can make this gazebo within a week.

It is not elevated from the ground and does not have a railing. It is a perfect place for a barbeque party or watching your children playing nearby.

The wooden beams used in the gazebo are strong enough to ensure the resilience of the structure. You can paint the beam with your favorite color or can make beautiful art on these beams to beautify the whole structure.

Idea 4


This kind of gazebo is called grillzebo because of its exceptional design. This kind of gazebo is perfect for making a party. The floor of the grillzebo is leveled with the ground and it does not have any railing.

You can see that there are two bars with a space in the middle where you can place a barbeque or bar cart to serve your guests.  You can also store drinks and snacks beneath the bar. For the period of the festival, the grillzebo is the perfect place for entertainment.

Idea 5


The beautiful fence of this gazebo gives a flavor of rural areas. This medium size gazebo has two openings with a brick-like roof design.

The layout and design of this gazebo are cool. You can make it more beautiful by decorating it with flower plants, furniture, and curtain.

To pass a wonderful morning or evening with your partner or to gossip with your loved ones this fence railed rectangular gazebo can be a perfect place.

Idea 6


A gazebo beside a pool makes the pool complete. After swimming on a hot day if you get a wonderful shade to relax won’t you be happy?

A cool gazebo beautifies the poolside area of your home and it is a perfect place to arrange a family swimming competition. Those who are not interested in the competition can sit in the gazebo and enjoy the party.

extended bridge

This is not an ordinary gazebo. It is suspended over the pool from where you can dive into the pool and can enjoy the amusement of a commercial swimming pool.


Idea 8

This gazebo is made of the metallic beam and all the beams are beautifully designed. It does not cost much as you can see that you do not have to spend money on making the floor, the roof is covered with fabric and all the sides of this gazebo is open.

Since its design is very simple it does not take much time to build. By changing the color of the metal beam and changing the furniture you can change the look whenever you want without investing much time, effort and money.


Idea 9

An extended bridge from the gazebo over the pool makes your gazebo cool and more interesting. If you love the rustic look you can go for the style of poolside gazebo like this.

You can have some chairs and tables inside the gazebo to relax after or before taking a bath in the pool. In the evening you can pass some time in the shade of the gazebo beside the pool.

Final Thought

It is an old thought that luxury comes with money. You can have luxury at a low cost if you apply the strategy. Both the low cost and high-cost gazebo ideas are shown in this article – which one you will pick depends on your choice and your capacity.

If you have a large space in the yard of your home you can have a big gazebo but if you have a shortage of space you can have a small-sized gazebo. The beauty of the gazebo largely depends on the furniture, curtain, flower plant, color combination of the gazebo structure, matching of the gazebo color with the color of the furniture and so on.

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