Save on your painting costs: 4 handy tips!

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 16, 2022
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The painting is extremely important for the appearance and durability of your home. Professional painting is therefore very important for your home, so it can take some time. Time is often not the problem, but painting is also very expensive. We prefer not to spend too much on the painting at home, so we give 4 handy tips to save on your painting costs.

Save on painting costs
  1. Paint on sale

You regularly see advertising brochures or online advertisements with paint on offer. Normally, high-quality paint is very expensive, but if you wait for sharp offers, the paint can suddenly be a lot cheaper. Is there no paint on offer? Then you can always look for discount codes. Ordering paint online is usually a lot cheaper than at the local paint store. If you also search for discount codes, for example on Savings Deals, then you are completely cheap!

  1. Dilute with water

Diluting with water is not indicated on many packaging, but almost every paint can be diluted with water. However, it is wise to check with the seller in question. By diluting you need less paint and the paint will also penetrate the walls better. This way you save on painting costs and you also have a nicer end result.

  1. Thin Layers

Of course you want to have the painting job finished as soon as possible. This often causes you to apply unnecessarily thick layers of paint. If you take care of thin layers, this is not only more economical, but it also dries faster. Has the first thin layer dried well? Then apply the second layer two days later to get a beautiful result.

  1. Paint yourself

For some jobs it is wise to call in a professional, but not every job requires craftsmanship. When painting your house, decide for yourself what you do or do not want to outsource. Outsourcing is definitely recommended for difficult walls or frames for a good result. But if you have some experience with painting, you can also choose to paint yourself and save a lot of money!

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