Sps Resimat Ec: the best way to prevent stains on white walls

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Stains now easily remove and stains with a cleanable wall paint.

I know from experience that when you remove stains from a wall, you often see that the latex starts to shine somewhat. That is very disturbing and you look at it again and again.

Certainly there are many solutions to realize stain removal. When removing stains, the best solution is still to simply clean with water, provided the stain is still wet.

Sps Resimat Ec: the best way to remove stains from white walls

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Once the stain has dried, it will be difficult to clean. What I have tried myself is to carefully go over the spot with an all-purpose cleaner. I do use a Scotch Brite for this. Of course, do this very carefully and avoid sanding. If this happens, it is best to go over it again with the same latex, provided the latex paint has not been applied long ago. If you see a color difference after this, there is only 1 solution and that is to paint the entire wall.

Tip: washable latex!

Remove stains now with Sps Resimat Ec Wall Paint

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Removing stains is now easier than ever. I am glad that the techniques are constantly being improved. There is now a permanent matt wall paint with great cleanability: Sps Resimat Ec Wall Paint! If you remove a stain with this wall paint, it will always remain matte. So you no longer see a shiny spot on the wall. Amazing, right. If you use this wall paint from now on, you no longer need cleaning products to remove the stains. You can remove stains in many ways with Resimat wall paint. In principle, you can apply this latex on all walls. However, you should think about where you apply this latex. When I look at myself, there are regular stains in the utility room near the washing machine, just to mention as an example. This is also a solution for companies to use this wall paint. This includes offices, waiting rooms for GPs, hospitals and so on. The product itself gives excellent coverage. In addition, it has a great flow and is also scrub-resistant! Another great advantage when applying it is that you can apply it almost splash-free to the walls. The range consists of 1 litre, 4 liter and 10 liter buckets. I highly recommend it.

I hereby ask anyone who has more tips with removing stains. I am very curious about this. Let me know by leaving a comment below this article. You can also start a topic on the new community forum!! BVD. Piet

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