15 Free Tiny House Plans

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 21, 2022
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As the economical problem is rising around the world people are going for stuff that is cost-saving and tiny house is a cost-saving project that helps to cut out the cost of living. Tiny house plans are more popular among the single nesters and the small family. If you are among those who love to live a minimalist life choosing a tiny house is the right choice for you. There are plenty of designs of a tiny house and I would like to inform you that living in a tiny house does not mean that you are living a poor life. There are tiny houses of unique and modern designs that resemble luxury. You can use the tiny house as a guest house, a studio, and a home office.

15 Free Tiny House Plans

Idea 1: Fairy Style Cottage Plan
You can build this tiny cottage for yourself or you can build it as a guest house. If you are enthusiastic about art or if you are a professional artist you can build this cottage as your art studio. It can also be used as a home office. It is only 300 sq. ft. in size. It includes an adorable walk-in closet and you will be happy to know that you can customize this plan also. Idea 2: Holiday Home
You can build this home for using all time or you can build this as a holiday home besides your family home. It is only 15 square meters in size but it’s mind-blowing in design. After a long tiring week, you can enjoy your weekend here. It is a perfect place to enjoy your leisure time with a book and a cup of coffee. You can arrange a small family party or you can make a surprise arrangement to wish birthday to your partner in this dreamy home. Idea 3: Shipping Container Home
You know, nowadays it is a trend to turn a shipping container into a tiny house. Those who have a shortage of budget but still dreams for a luxurious tiny home they can consider the idea of converting a shipping container into a tiny home. Using a partition you can make more than one room in a shipping container. You can also use two or three shipping containers to make a home of multiple rooms. Compared to a traditional tiny home it is easier and quicker to build. Idea 4: Santa Barbara Tiny House
This Santa Barbara tiny house plan includes a kitchen, a bedroom, a separate bathroom, and an outdoor dining patio. The outdoor dining patio is large enough that you can host a party of 6 to 8 people here. To pass the romantic hours with your partner or to pass quality time with your kids the design of this house is perfect. You can also use it as the main house as it includes all the necessary facilities for a single person or a couple. Idea 5:  Treehouse
This is a treehouse but for the adult. It can be a perfect art studio for the artist. Generally, a treehouse remains intact for 13 years though this depends on the construction material, furniture, the way of using it, and so on. If the construction material used is good in quality, if you do not use very heavy furniture, and also maintain the house with the care it can last for more years. If the beam, stairs, railing, joists, or decking become damaged or rot you can remodel it. So, there is nothing to worry about thinking that after 13 or 14 years your tiny treehouse would be a total loss project. Idea 6: Toulouse Bertch Pavilion
The Toulouse Bertch Pavilion from Barrett Leisure is a prefabricated house with a domed tower in its main structure. It is 272 square feet in size and you can use it as a guest house or a permanent house. Cedarwood has been used to build this domed house. There is a spiral staircase for easy access to the loft. The house is designed to include more facilities in a narrow space living much free space on the floor so that you can easily move around. Idea 7: Tiny Modern House
This is a modern minimalistic house with an aesthetically pleasing look. Its design is kept simple so that it can be built easily. You can increase the space by adding a loft in this house. The house is planned in such a way so that plenty of sunlight can enter into the room. You can use it as a permanent house or you can also use it as an art studio or a craft studio. Idea 8: Garden Dream Tiny House
This Garden Dream tiny house is 400 sq/ft in size. Compared to the size of previous house plans this one is larger. You can decorate this tiny house with simple DIY plant stand. If you think that you need more space then you can also add a shed. Idea 9: Small Bungalow
This tiny house is designed like a bungalow. This home is designed in such a way so that plenty of light and air can enter into the room. It includes a loft but if you do not like loft you can go for a high cathedral as an option. This tiny bungalow facilitates its habitant with all the facilities of modern life, e.g. a dishwasher, microwave, and full-size range with oven. During summer you can install a silent mini-split air conditioner with a remote control to get rid of the inconvenience of extreme heat. This kind of air conditioner also works as a heater during winter. You can either make it a moveable house or by spending some more money you can dig a basement and keep this house over the basement. Idea 10: Tack House
This 140 square feet tiny house includes a total of eleven windows. So, you can realize that a plenty of sunlight and air enters into the house. It has a gable roof with dormers in the loft for creating more storage space. If you have a lot of stuffs you will not face any problem organizing those stuff in this tine home because this home includes hanging shelves, hooks, and a foldout desk and table. There is a built-in bench that you can use both as a trunk and a seat. Idea 11: Tiny Brick House
The brick house shown in the image was a boiler or laundry room of a large residential area which was later converted into a 93 square foot tiny home. It includes a full kitchen, living room, dressing area, bathroom, and bedroom. The kitchen has enough space with a wonderful cabinet. From your breakfast to the dinner everything you can make here. The bedroom includes a spacious single bed, a bookshelf hang on the wall, and reading lamps for reading books in the night before sleeping. Though the size of this home is very small it includes all the facilities to live a comfortable and happy life. Idea 12: Tiny Green House
This tiny greenhouse is 186 square feet in size. You can keep a single bed and a bench inside the house where 8 adults can seat. It is a two-storeyed single house where the bed is kept in the upper story. There is a multipurpose staircase to go to the bedroom. Each staircase includes a drawer where you can store your necessary stuff. In the kitchen, a pantry shelf is built to organize necessary kitchen stuff. Idea 13: Tiny Solar House
Nowadays many people are attracted to solar energy as it is green energy and you do not have to pay for electricity every month. So, living in a solar house is a cost-saving way of leading life. It is a 210-square-foot off-grid house powered by a total of 6 280-watt photovoltaic panels. This house is built on wheels and so it is moveable too. Inside the house, there is a bedroom, a kitchen, and a washroom. You can use an energy-star refrigerator to preserve food and a propane stove to cook food. The bathroom includes a fiberglass shower and a composting toilet. Idea 14: The American Gothic House
Those who are crazy about Halloween this is a perfect Halloween house for them. It is a 484 sq ft cottage able to accommodate 8 persons for a party. Since it looks different from all other generic small houses, your friends or a delivery person can easily recognize it and so you do not have to face difficulties to guide them. Idea 15: Romantic Tiny House
This tiny house is a wonderful living space for a young couple. It is 300 sqft in size and includes one bedroom, one bathroom, a nice kitchen, a living room, and even a separate dining area. So, in this house, you can get the flavor of living in a complete house but just in a narrower range.

Final Word

Tiny house construction project can be a wonderful DIY project for men. It is wise to choose a tiny house plan considering your budget, location of building the house, and the purpose. You can either pick a plan directly from this article or you can customize a plan according to your choice and requirements. Before starting the construction work you should know about the local legislation of building of your area. You should also consult the engineers and other professionals for the supply of water, electricity, and so on because you know a house is not just building a room and adding some furnitures; it must have all the necessary facilities that you cannot avoid.

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